Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another New Investigator!!

Things are really happening here. I love seeing progress in our work. We've gotten a new investigator every week since we started our zone fast.
The new investigator we picked up this week is 배혜민. She was at first taught by other sisters in our zone that used to being over that area. After the ward boundaries changed we were made in charge over that area. However, they continued to teach her. But now that all us sisters are moving to apartments actually in our areas, they are finally referring her over to us. We met her on Saturday and she's awesome! Sadly, the other previous sisters taught way too fast pressuring her to be baptized so we went back to square one and focused on the Book of Mormon and restoration. She had forgotten everything! So sad, but she really seems to like us :) Why wouldn't she now that Sister Holt is around right?

Just within the first 3 days of being companions with Sister Holt we've had a blast together. I don't think I've laughed so much. One time we were on our way to an appointment with a ward member and while on our way to the bus stop, I saw that the bus that we wanted was at the stoplight right next to us. So I jokingly asked Sister Holt if the bus driver would let us on even though it's not at the bus stop. She didn't think so, so I just walked up to the bus door and knocked on it, motioning to him that I would like to get on. Turns out that they actually will let you on. Who'd a thunk? Funny part though was that as soon as we got on we went to scan our bus cards but I didn't have money. So Sister Holt told the bus driver she'd pay for us two. But she also didn't have any money on her bus card. We were laughing of embarrassment and just how awkward it was because everyone on the bus was watching these two white girls act dumb haha. It was so hard to not laugh but we managed to find some change to pay for us both. The bus driver was like counting off the change as we found it telling us like 600 cents 500 cents ...only 100 more. It was hilarious and I'm so glad Sister Holt is my companion. She and I are already making good memories together. I look forward to what fun adventures come next :)

We have a greenie in our zone named Sister Sutton. She is from Wyoming! She seems to be learning a lot and enjoying being a new missionary. She's really cool :) We will go on exchanges with all the sisters after all the moving madness ends with all of us.
We are excited to move. Living in our area will help so much! We'll actually live REALLY close to our progressing investigator 한재희. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and really really likes it. She said people really misunderstand the Book of Mormon and said it's perfectly different from the Bible. It supports it. Not replaces it. GOLDEN! I really truly believe she will be baptized soon.My testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon has grown so much because she's opening up more and more to our message. The real change in investigators is outside of meeting with the missionaries. When they study,prayer, and act on the message all by themselves, they gain their own testimony and are converted. We hope to really touch her heart through talking about eternal families and the Plan of Salvation tonight when we teach her. I'll let you know next week how it goes!

Happy early 4th of July!!! 
Lots of love,
켈리 자매


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