Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Investigator!

Things are starting to pick up here thanks to the zone fast. The Elders in my district have been receiving referrals out of no where and we are meeting so many kind people who are interested. Yesterday as we were leaving the stake center after stake conference, a man walked up to us and starting asking us if we were Mormons but using the old church's name. So, I explained to him that the name was changed but it's indeed the same church. He asked if the members were American or Korean and so I also explained we live in Korea, so there was definitely Korean members haha. He immediately asked if he could go inside and be introduced to one. So, we took him and did exactly that. I have no clue what happened after we passed him on to a Korean missionary serving there, but he seemed REALLY interested and so I give all credit to the zone fast. Things are just happening. It's a miracle!
Remember last week when I mentioned about us getting a phone call about a potential investigator? Well, she's our investigator now and she's GOLDEN! During our first discussion, instead of studying English together she asked us to tell her all about Mormons and what we believe...but in English. And we happily shared with her the unique message of the restoration. She is a devote Christian and has such a strong testimony of the Savior. It was so easy to feel the spirit as we talked. As we shared the account of the First Vision she was impressed and immediately related it back to how Moses and other prophets had similar experiences seeing God. She was so open and accepting of everything we shared with her, including the Book of Mormon. When we introduced it to her and helped her understand where it came from, she said it made sense. Just this morning she texted telling us that she read some more of the Book of Mormon yesterday, and she likes how it is so so similar to what's in the Bible. She really seems to understand the how the Bible and the Book of Mormon compliment each other and together we have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now we just have to wait till the spirit bears witness to her that the Book of Mormon and the restoration are true. I know that anyone who truly seeks to know and asks God with real intent if it's true, they will come to know the truth for themselves.
I should probably knock on some wood for being so excited about her. I probably already jinxed it, but I'll continue praying for her. She's seriously so amazing! I know the message of the restoration will only add to the truths she already treasures.

As for other area news, we ate dinner with Crystal and it was fun. She unfortunately won't be able to be baptized any time soon, but we gave her a general conference issue of the Liahona for her to read. I plan on seeing her at least one more time before I go home. 
We also got transfer calls. Can you believe it? I'm going home in 6 weeks! Insane! I have so much to do before I go home, I'm afraid there isn't enough time to do it all. Sister Mustain will be leaving the area and I will have one last companion. Her name is Sister Holt! She's way cute and awesome :) I know she's going to help me enjoy my last transfer to its fullest. 
I love you all so much! Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf. Your support means so much to me.<3
켈리 자매

We ate JokBal (Pig's foot or leg) with Crystal and it was actually really good :D

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