Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Power of Prayer

Sorry this email is going to be REALLY long. Take pics if you are a missionary ;) and read it later haha.
Because of my new responsibility as Sister Training leader we had a lot go on this week which were mostly meetings. We also have some cool stories to share haha. Last week we had tons of adventures of being late to appointments because we went to the wrong address. One of those times I found out later that while I was too busy stressing out on how we were to get to the appointment within the next 20 minutes searching for a bus or even a taxi, my sweet humble companion was praying for a taxi to show up that we'd be able to take. And turns out it came right when she finished her prayer. After she shared that with me, she and I have been saying more and more prayers and finding out that the Lord is answering them almost immediately after we say them. This one experience is probably my favorite:

So you remember me ever mentioning how grocery shopping works here in Korea when you don't have a car? Well, in case you forgot, I'll explain again. At the store they have different size boxes that you can take and use to pack up all your groceries in. Sister Mustain is the Tetris expert so she organized the groceries into the box. Ideally, you would think we would be able to carry the box easily together to the bus stop.  However, we had more groceries than could fit in the box(mainly eggs that we didn't want to get smashed) So, Sister Mustain carried the eggs and both our bags while I carried the super heavy box of our groceries to the nearest bus stop which was maybe a 4 minute walk away from E-Mart. Not bad, but my arms were already dying from the heaviness of the box. I was relieved to be able to set it down on the bus seat.

 That wasn't all though. In order to make it home we had to transfer to another bus. That's where the fun began. We got off the bus and headed on our way to the next bus stop which meant we had to walk down a street for a good mile or 2. The whole way down the street I think I stopped for a break maybe every 5 minutes because my arms started to shake haha. Every time I took a break my arms felt better, but the box started to crumble inwards from me pushing it against a tree or pole. I couldn't not carry that thing any longer though, however, I knew I had to carry it, because if it was hard for me. I was positive Sister Mustain couldn't carry it.So, I endured. When I got about half way down the street, the box started to open on the bottom and I just couldn't carry it any longer. I just took a squat and let the box down. By that point I was exhausted and I was really wishing we had just taken a taxi. All these other people we staring and watching us, some even commenting on it, as I was just squatting in the middle of the road holding the box on my legs. Just as I began to realize we were helpless, I remembered to say a prayer.
So, I said a quick prayer to myself, later learning Sister Mustain did the same thing and I got up slowly and kept on going. We walked about another good 5 minutes maybe and I had to take a break again, so I set it down leaning it against a pole. That's when we got the answer to our prayers. I really do believe and know that the Lord knows us and what we need. He will always answer our prayers, but not always in the way that we think He will.
Completely out of nowhere, this maybe 80 or 90 year old harmoni comes up and offers to help. Yep! The Lord sent us an old grandma to help us. What she actually said was to give her the box and there was no way I was ever going to let her take it or even let her help me carry it. But she wasn't taking no for an answer. She came up with the idea of carrying the eggs so that Sister Mustain could help me. Which was just what we needed. When we arrived at the bus stop, we told her thank you a bunch of times, and bowed to her to show her respect and then she went on her way. While waiting for the bus I watched her as she walked away and was humbled to see that she was sorting through the garbage looking for things to recycle. I was so thankful the Lord answered our prayers, but I was humbled by the fact that He sent us someone else who was in need. I guess it's true to say that those in need and are truly humble are the ones willing to answer the call to be Christlike. That harmoni really taught me something that day.

Some other news is that I did my first exchanges with some of the sisters in the zone on Wednesday. Then on Thursday we had Zone training where we all decided that we would exercise our faith and fast as a zone so that we each companionship could find one new investigator a week. That's a big goal to shoot for here in this mission, but we know anything is possible with the Lord's help. Like Elder Maynes said, "if we want extra-ordinary results, we must have extra-ordinary prayers." I know that to be true from the experiences that I've had with prayer. So,  I know that if we continue to work hard to find, fast, and prayer extra-ordinarily then the Lord will bless us.
Sister Kelly

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