Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fasting To See Miracles

This week was pretty great. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. Birthdays on the mission are seriously like every other day, but the elders in my district helped make it a special day for me. We all went to an In-N-Out wannabe which was fun, but it's nothing compared to the real stuff. All it did was make me want to eat In-N-Out even more.
I witnessed a bunch of tender mercies that I am so grateful for every day. Last Tuesday we had a full day going from appointment to appointment. Each appointment was a meal with a sister in the ward and then we did a practice lesson afterwards. We were so full by the end of the night, I thought I was going to puke!
Each one of them gave us some really good advice for how we should teach non Christians and helped us figure out the right way to say things in Korean. I always love receiving help from members. On top of that though, one of them said that she would love to have a dinner with the less active Ritchell we have been working with. It was such a good offer and I was super excited about it. Then we also had an offer from two other families to do family home evening with Ritchell and her non-member husband. Awesome right? Well, here is the bad news. On Thursday Ritchell texted us telling us that she is going to visit her family in the Philippines for 2 months and doesn't return until August 8th. She said it was just for vacation but I'm positive it has to do with MERS. -_- Also, when I realized that the day she comes home was the day I will be going home I was so sad; but I know the ward loves them and is so willing to fellowship her when she returns.

Other news is that we went on exchanges with Sister Nebeker and Sister E'e. I went with Sister Nebeker to their area and Sister E'e went with Sister Mustain in our area. Their apartment is so nice! I felt like I was staying over night in a hotel. While on exchanges, Sister Nebeker and I taught one of their investigator about service which seemed to go better than their lessons usually have in the past. She asked us some really good questions and we were able to share our testimony about how the gospel helps us keep an eternal perspective during hard times. After the lesson we went and visited their other investigator except she wasn't home so we just left a gift and note at the door. Sister Nebeker was pretty worried about her, because she hadn't been answering her calls for 2 days and wasn't home. She had an addiction to coffee and was trying to hard not to drink it, but with it being the week of her baptism all our worst fears came to surface. She wasn't even my investigator but I too felt worried that she wouldn't be getting baptized that weekend.All is well though! She was baptized on Saturday and everything was ok. :D

On Friday, we sorta received a new investigator. She's at least new to us. Elder Ely and Elder Picard in my district were teaching a girl in her 30's named  강문선(English name Rachel I think) With it being difficult to have a man be present during the lesson, they referred her over to us. I just gotta say I LOVE HER! She's so funny! We made friends so easily! I'm really looking forward to teaching her from here on out.

On Sunday was our day to fast for the zone fast, so right after church we went and visited a former investigator and 2 less-actives. We really wanted to work diligently trying witness a miracle. Most of the newer apartments have security doors, but surprisingly we were able to get into some. The others we had to call through the intercom. One moved, the others weren't home, so we went home and called some other former investigators. We feel good about that system and found it to be effective so we plan to visit more less actives and former investigators and then do calls or tract some doors in the same apartment complex( that's IF we can even get passed the security door haha) I'm sure the Lord will help us find someone who is ready to join the fold or even someone who is ready to return. We ended our fast having not seen any miracles... but just before it was time for bed we got a call from Sister Nebeker who had gotten a call from a woman who wants to do the family english program and she lives in our area. YAY! Maybe we'll have a new investigator after all! We meet her on Tuesday so I hope things all go well.

Lastly, we have an update on Crystal. She is working really late nights, sometimes till about 11:30pm. That makes me worried about her, so we've been keeping in touch as much as she can. I mentioned to her on Sunday that we had a present for her (hoping she would give us her address and drop it off there) but she replied saying that she most likely can meet on Wednesday and we can have dinner together. MIRACLE!! Well, at least it will be when we actually meet with her again. I'll keep you posted!

Life is good here I think. Sister Mustain might be feeling a little scared about what changes are coming her way for transfer calls, but I'm trying to reassure her whatever happens is what the Lord has planned for her. I am noticing the difference as I continuing to strive to make a good example and talk to more and more people. I'm still not perfect at it, but I am progressing and that brings me joy :)\
Love ya!
Sister Kelly

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