Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 8: Easter Sunday and Last P-Day in the MTC

Sunday, April 20
Hey y'all!
I am so thankful for this amazing day today. What a blessing it was to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection. I can only hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. I sure had a great experience here at the MTC. One I'm never EVER going to forget.
The Spirit I've felt today was so powerful. I wish you all could have been here and experienced what I have. As a missionary I am constantly teaching others about Christ and bearing my testimony of Him and that He lives. Sundays are a special sacred day. It's the Sabbath. The day to rest from our labors and to focus on and worship God and His Son Jesus Christ. I love Sundays because I can attend church each week and renew my covenants I've made when I partake of the sacrament. Today we had the opportunity to have sacrament as missionaries all together in one room. Probably about 600 plus missionaries... or maybe closer to 900. I don't know. Just know there's a lot. haha It was great though. Surprisingly we finished passing of the bread and water around the same amount of time in a regular sacrament meeting.
What made it even more special was our special guest who came. :) Our Easter Mission Conference was wonderful! It was the highlight of my whole MTC experience. The spirit was SO strong. The special guest was... President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. No joke! (This is not a lie this time) haha. What a great memorable experience it was to have a member of the first presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints come and speak. He gave an amazing talk. I love it so much that I thought I'd share a few things he said.
First, I wasn't lucky enough to get a super close seat, but I did get a close seat. It was on the aisle though. Every time President Uchtdorf's eyes seemed to scan across the crowd, right when he made eye contact with me, I felt the Spirit. How amazing it is to just look at someone and feel the spirit? He is indeed called of God.
I really felt like this was a talk I needed to hear, especially with me preparing to leave to go to Korea this week. President Uchtdorf first talked about Christ's atonement and wonderful resurrection. Then he talked about the apostle Peter. He related it all to us as missionaries.
Each day I put on my name tag, it's an honor. I truly am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am His representative.
He taught that we shouldn't just take a few sips from a straw but we should drink it all and make our bodies full. Meaning, let the goespel of Jesus Christ enrich our lives. Let all our worries and fears go, just focus on serving with all our might to the best of our ability and potential.
The minute I steop off the plane in South Korea, I want to devote all my time and energy to serving the Lord. To being bold and outgoing by talking to everyone I can.
President Uchtdorf shared a story about an Elder and his senior companion. The elder didn't like the fact that his companion was just so outgoing and talking to everyone and being bold and not being concerned that people may think he is strange or get annoyed. One day he asked his companion about it. Saying he didn't agree, the senior companion's reply was, "I fear no man!" Days or maybe weeks later the senior companion said to the elder, "I know we don't get along and I know why." The elder, of course was curious to know more. The senior companion asked him, "Who are you?" the elder replies with the normal primary answer, "I'm a child of God. Duh, I know that." That's when the senior companion taught that elder a good lesson. He said to him to read 3 Nephi 5:13: "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been acalled of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." I am like this scripture. I too am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I fear no man! :) Another thing that Uchtdorf said was this, "If you want to punch Satan in the mouth, preach the gospel." Ain't that so true?! The last thing Satan wants is for us missionaries to share the truthfulness of this gospel.
After the closing prayer President Uchtdorf announced that he'd walk through the aisle (where I was sitting) and make his way around the room. I am so grateful for today. I instantly thought of the Savior as I saw President Uchtdorf begin to walk down the aisle where I was, stopping to shake missionaries hands. I feel so blessed to have been sitting on the aisle seats because I did indeed have the once in a lifetime chance to shake a member of the First Presidency's hand. I almost thought I wouldn't because he went to the other side of the aisle. Thankfully, he turned around and with a big smile he shook my hand and said, um I think "Hello Sister." I was a little busy crying and soaking up the whole moment that I don't quite remember. But boy! I sure felt the Spirit so strong as he shook my hand. I felt not only his love but also the love of the Savior.
As soon as he walked on and we all watched as he went around the room, I just couldn't help but cry. I was overwhelmed by the Spirit. I leaned over to Sister Johnson and whispered, "The Church is true." And it is! I know this because of the Spirit testifying it to me. And the Holy Ghost testifies of truth. (John 14:26; John 15:26; Hebrews 10:15; Jacob 4:13; Moroni 10:3-5)
I've come to realize that "the Church is true" has become my phrase or slogan. I've grown so much while here at the MTC and whenever I have those moments where the spirit is so strong I've noticed I just sigh in relief saying, "The Church is true." Because each and every time I feel the Spirit it's just continually strengthening my testimony. When I watched The Restoration movie about Joseph Smith's life--The Church is true. When I sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again with the natives--The Church is true. When I see my investigators progress and gain their own testimony--The Church is true! You get what I'm saying?
This is without a doubt, whole-heartedly the restored church of Jesus Christ. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a testimony that it is true from experiences I've had. I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ along with the Bible because I read it-all of it. From cover to cover. And while reading I knelt and prayed to God asking if it was true and I received an answer. I felt the Spirit testify to me of the truthfulness of this gospel. I felt warm and peace, even and outpouring amount of love in my heart. (D&C 8:2)
I have grown up in the Church so I just wanted to gain my own testimony. And I am so happy to say that my prayers were heard and I did receive an answer. (Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew 7:7-8; 3 Nephi 14:7-8)
I am now serving a mission. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I have been called by God to teach and share Christ's gospel. (3 Nephi 5:13) Why on Earth would I be doing this and putting my life on hold for 18 months if I didn't know for myself that what I am and will be teaching is true?
Today was so wonderful. I met a member of the First Presidency. My testimony was strengthened and I am ready to go to South Korea. I know I will struggle--mostly with the language--but for my Savior I would do ANYTHING!
I know the Lord lives. I know that it is only through Him that we can be saved. Because of Christ's atonement and resurrection, He broke the bands of physical death. Everyone who has lived on Earth and will live will all be resurrected.
I testify that that is true. And I know that God has given us agency. (2 Nephi 2:27-28; Joshua 24:15) He respects our agency. We all have the opportunity to choose to repent of our own transgressions or not. Christ paid the price of sin, but I will testify that it is our choice whether or not to accept that payment.
All the Savior asks of us is to come unto Him. (John 6:35-38; Matthew 11:28; 3 Nephi 12:20; 2 Nephi 28:32) To repent and keep His commandments. He wants us to be baptized, make sacred covenants and then endure to the end. (1 Nephi 14:14; D&C 98:14; D&C 136:4) Is that too much to ask? NO! We owe all we are and have to our Savior and Redeemer. I testify that is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you all,
Kelly 자 매

Thursday, April 24
Well, this is it. I wake up at 1:30 in the morning to head off to South Korea. Can you believe how fast 2 months went by? It's already time for me to head off and into the mission field. To be honest I actually am excited. I have completed change my feelings about going to South Korea as compared to when I first opened my mission call. I couldn't be more excited to go somewhere! It'll be hard, especially I only know a little bit of the language, but I am so ready for the adventure. I've such a great time here in the MTC. I've had the blessing of having 3 apostles (Neil L. Andersen, Dallin H. Oaks, and president Dieter F. Uchtdorf) come and speak to us! I even shook one of their hands! How often does that ever happen? It's been such a great experience. One I will never ever forget. I know I will look back on my experiences from my mission for the rest of my life. So far, it's been good right? I've been able to tell you some great stories. Hopefully I will have much better ones once I'm in South Korea though.
I haven't packed yet unfortunately. I needed to wash all my laundry. Don't worry mom I shouldn't be overweight. There's a scale in our residence hall so I can weigh my luggage. I hope you aren't mad that I kind of splurged. I bought some white undershirts here at the MTC. Sister Johnson and Sister Van Weezep were getting more garments and when I saw the shirts I decided I needed them, I guess I kind of convinced myself. Hopefully that's ok. It's not like it was super expensive. However, I also had to buy a new journal because I finished the one I brought. I thought I might just wait since I have a few days left, but I already know that I will want to write in it because Elder Holland might come on Sunday. If not Sunday I think he is coming on Tuesday. Hopefully he comes on Sunday so I will be able to see him. That would suck if he came just after I left. What a bummer.. ok let's not think about that...
This week actually went by a little slow. Each day we were busy doing stuff, but it's been slow for some reason. Maybe because I am so stoked to finally leave to go to Korea. Who knows?! haha On Sunday was a special Easter mission conference that was broadcast to all the MTCs all over the world. Then on Tuesday night we had Elder Dallin H. Oaks come. I was 3rd row and straight on few for his talk. It was awesome. Then yesterday I hosted for my very last time. We also got 3 new sister missionaries. They are all going to Busan, Korea. It was nice getting new sisters but I feel bad not really having a chance to get to know them. It sad them coming right before we are going to be leaving. I realized I haven't talked much about our natives this time. I love them a ton! The two sisters are so sweet. Kind of quiet, but so nice. The elders are cool. I wrote Dad about how Elder Holley's dad is a famous comedian in Korea. He is such a cool guy. His parents even sent us all donuts! It was so nice of them. Elder Ostermiller's parents are also so nice. They sent every single of us in my district a easter package with candy and treats. It was nice, but I didn't end up eating much of it. I'm still trying to cut back on the sweets. On Tuesday we said goodbye to the cambodian missionaries. It was so bittersweet. I loved them! Thankfully we all got some pictures today. Also, on Wednesday I had the chance to be the missionaries who go and demonstrate How To Begin Teaching for all the new missionaries who came that day. It's that teaching experience thing I talked about that I did on my first day. So it was cool being on the other side of it. It was actually very short and brief but it was still a good fun experience. This Friday we have our in field orientation. So I'm pretty excited about that. I'm more excited about being about to call you all from the airport. I'm sure I'll end up only talking to mom though because it's so early in the morning. That's really annoying but at least two weeks later I can skype home for mother's day. I'm thankful for you all and your support. I can't wait to call you! Only 3 days till Korea!!!
Take care!! I love you!!
Sister Kelly 자 매

All of tried to match our clothes

Me with my itinerary for South Korea!

Us as a district praying. In Korea we kneel for almost all prayers.

We visited Elder Steadman (Cambodia) He got his tonsils taken out. Sadly the day before he was suppose to leave. So he is delayed two weeks. We like to go visit him in the health center since his district already left. He's hanging in there.

Us and Brother Perriton. He is in the branch presidency. He's awesome!!!!

Sis VanWeezep and I

My Zone

My sister met up with me at the temple on my last Sunday at the MTC

My District

Saturday, April 19, 2014

MTC Week 7: Annyeonghasayo Everyone!

My branch
Letters #1 & 2 (4-11-14)

I am feeling better.  Michelle’s medicine she gave me helped.  I sometimes cough but I feel fine.  The elder who I think was the one who got me sick isn’t doing good.  He always says his throat is really sore. Yesterday he didn’t have a voice even.  So, thankfully I’m better.  My throat was never sore.

So right now is gym time.  Even though I’m feeling better I still don’t want to workout.  It is still a little hard to breathe.  So I’m listening to Sister Gooch while she practices the piano.  She will be performing in the Departing missionaries devotional on Sunday.  She’s so good at piano.  I love just listening to her when she practices or even Elder Ostermiller or Elder Robinson.  They are all good.  Sister Gooch is the best though.

So you asked if on service days we keep the same assignment or not.  Our assignment is 19M (the gym) so whatever the MTC worker needs done we do it.  Some weeks we do the exact same thing, others it changes.  So far I have vacuumed, mopped the stairs, cleaned toilets and mirrors, emptied trash, and mopped bathrooms and cleaned water fountains.  They are all easy jobs. 

The Elders haven’t said anything to us about our outfits being the same. I have no clue if they have noticed.  We let Elder Robinson in on the secret since he isn’t in our district and he said he never noticed. Tomorrow we will just end up telling them I guess.

Today we got to teach an actual Korean in Korea over Skype.  I was way nervous because it was last minute that they told us it would be on Skype.  But after we finished I realized it was actually really cool. We taught a super nice member named Michael Shin.  He was way cute too1 It was a cook experience and next week we get to do it again.  Exciting right? Yup!

I love you!

The David Archuletta TV special got cut off for us too but they recorded it for us so we watched it once conference was ended.  I saw Elder Stoker in it and when they show everyone I’m in the stands on the right.  Look for red hair, I’m there:)  No one stopped me because I’m sneaky.  Actually its because I was too far away from leaders or any supervisors to see.  I filmed it for proof because I know I fibbed about the prophet coming.

We hang out in the hallways on our brake from class and studying but not like that in our residence halls.  That was just our pass down ceremony.  Unfortunately, the other district ruined it for us and now President Yost said we can’t do pass downs.  “It’s distrating”.  Yeah, whatever.  Basically we can’t have fun in the MTC anymore.  The other district was too open about the pass downs and talked about them a ton!  So for them it was a problem.  Not the rest of us.  But oh well!

Now wow!  I really am an airhead.  I haven't a clue why I mixed up those two holidays.  I didn’t in real life thankfully but when I told you about April Fool’s Day somehow my brain decided to include St. Patrick’s Day.  Sill me. I’m dumb.  I admit it.

I really enjoyed Conference.  I was super excited to watch it.  I’m even more excited about Easter Sunday.  I know for sure an apostle has to come.  They are making a huge deal about it so why wouldn’t it be an apostle?  I hope its Elder Holland.  I’d love to hear him speak.  We are all planning on going super early just so we can get front row in front of the pulpit.  Because how cool would that be?  Especially if it was an apostle? Yay! I’m excited.

My Korean is coming along. Which is surprising with this airhead brain of mine.  I’ve figured out a better way to study for my lessons.  I’ll write out my sentence in Korean without looking and check it until I can memorize it.  So far it has helped.  Before I was just learning it right before I taught and always ended up having to read off my notes.  So now I can be better so that’s good.

With lots of love, your daughter,

Letter # 3
Hey there! So, it's here. I officially have one week left in the MTC. I can't believe how fast 2 months has flown by. We haven't received our flight plans yet unfortunately so I can't tell you when we will be at the airport and what time I'll call you, but everything about calling collect and using my debit card seems to make sense. Except for the fact that I don't know how to call using collect haha. So... what do I do?
On Sunday we had the great opportunity to hear the BYU Men's Choir perform. My branch president volunteered us to be ushers for that devotional so we got to do that. Which was awesome because we got seats reserved for us and they were in the 3rd row. GREAT VIEW! And let me tell you they were amazing! And like I told Michelle, there were lots of very attractive guys in the choir. Sister Gooch and I couldn't help but giggle over them. There was one that she pointed out that was 7 guys from the right in the back row. So, as I was pointing and counting he totally winked at us! It was hilarious! I remember I turned and whispered to Sister Gooch asking if he just winked and she was like, " I thought I just imagined that!" Great right?

On Tuesday night we had the chance to have our first apostle come and speak to us. It was recorded and will be broadcast to all the other MTC's around the world. It was Elder Neil L. Andersen. Awesome right?! His wife shared a beautiful testimony to us about her husband being called of God and about the importance of reading the general conference talks over and over again. Did you know that general authorities go through about 15 rough drafts of their talks just to make sure they get it just right and that they are saying exactly what they Lord wants them to. They reflect and give such time and effort into writing their talks, so how even more important it would be to cherish their talks. To read and reread their talks. They are each called of God and their words are the same as if coming from the Lord himself (Amos 3:7). So, we must cherish them and give the talks the worth and importance they deserve.
When Neil L. Andersen spoke, he reminded us that we should have the doctrine of Christ engraved on our hearts so that even after our missions we will strive to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.I loved how he bore testimony of the importance of using the scriptures when teaching. He emphasized the importance of using the Book of Mormon. The Bible is amazing scripture and testifies of Christ. But it's true, the Book of Mormon is more in depth of the Atonement. I love that! I love the Book of Mormon! His whole talk he talked about the different passages of scriptures in the Book of Mormon where it talks about the doctrine of Christ. Alma 7, 2 Nephi 31, Mosiah 31... The list goes on and on. I loved everything about his talk. It just makes me that much more excited for this coming Easter Sunday where we will be able to hear from either part of the First presidency or  another apostle. I'm really excited. I had a great seat for Neil L. Andersen's talk. I was like 5 feet away from him. So, I'm counting on getting a great seat for Easter mission conference as well. I'll let you know who ends up coming. :)

To answer your questions I don't miss playing the piano. I wish I was just talented with singing though. The other sisters say I can sing, but I don't think so. I'm just ok for singing in like a group or choir. By the way, we haven't gone to choir in forever. We just didn't care much for having to go to practice and skipping our companion study time. I don't think I need my inhaler. I'm fine. Sister Van Weezep is from Farmington, Utah. Sister Gooch is from St. George, Utah. And Sister Johnson is from West Jordan, Utah. So... I'm surrounded by Utahards. Hahahah just kidding! I love all of them so much!
This morning we did inititories instead of a long session. I loved it! We got down a lot sooner than the session so that was also way nice. We have enjoyed having extra time. We might take a trip over to West campus today just for fun. Maybe not though. We aren't sure yet. I love you all though! Miss you and can't wait to call you in a week! :)
Oh wait! Did you know that they are filming The Avengers 2 in Seoul Korea right now? and one of the native elders' dad is famous in Korea. Pretty cool, huh?

Sister Kelly 자 매

Us Chilln' with the natives

Because of Him

Thursday, April 10, 2014

MTC Week 6

Letter # 1
Mom & everyone else!

So I actually just got your recent Dear Elder RIGHT after I finished emailing so lucky you!  You get a letter from me as well.

Next Sunday will be the beginning of our 7th week. This means we wear the same outfit all week long.  The other sisters did this and asked us to do it.  We are testing if the Elders will notice at all or how long it takes them to notice.  The other sisters’ elders didn’t notice till like Wednesday and they stared on Sunday  So I’ll let you know how that goes.

I have to tell you what Elder Bryner said  Speaking Korean is like “Inception.” This past week was so hard because we learned how to say longer sentences. That might sound easy but it’s not.  TRUST ME!

Cool story:  Sister Peterson went home (she was in the other district) because the lst week she had promptings to go home cause she was suppose to get married  Long story short her Zone resource teacher Brother Christensen thought she was cute.  She ended up going home and had a friend request from him.  She emailed us today saying they already have 2 dates planned.  So we are excited because we think the reason she was suppose to go on a mission was to meet him and now hopefully they will get married.  We all are going to tell the next sisters on "Pass-downs" that the man’s watch I got is about them. haha Cute huh?

Anyways, I love you!
Kelly  자매

Letter # 2
These natives are the BEST so far. We laugh all the time with them. Sadly, I like them even more than the 1st natives I met. These sisters and Elders are more outgoing and have shared pictures and stories. I feel I got to know them better. Sadly, they are all going to Daejon or Pusan missions. :( So I may never see them again. But we get new missionaries on Wednesday. Americans! I think 5 new sisters so I can't wait! :)

 So today has been so good, but also crappy. Last night I hardly got any sleep because I got this cold. Now today it got worse so I have felt like blah all day. General Conference was great and all but my favorite part was saying goodbye to the natives. They are the sweetest! I will miss them all so much! They sang As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman and all together we sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again. All in Korean. Loved it! I took videos of it so I'll have to send those to you. Probably when I feel better...

Kelly 자매

Letter # 3
4-4-14 Before General Conference

Thanks for the Dear Elder.  To answer your questions.  Elder Ostermiller broke his elbow like I thought. The radial head? I don’t know bones very well. He is not going home, but is getting delayed 2 weeks.  I  am  praying he’ll heal fast and will still leave with  us to Korea April 28.  But he is such a guy! Even though he broke his arm/elbow, he still is playing foursquare during gym.  Made all us sisters mad.  He’s dumb.

(editor’s note:  another ‘DUMB BLONDE” moment for Sister Kelly)
No April Fools’ Pranks.  No one really cared about it.  I woke up and put my green dress on and Didn’t even realize it was April Fools day until I was in class and wrote the date.  So, my brain knew but the rest ofme had no remembrance of it ha ha.No pinches for me, thankfully!

Hosting the new incoming missionaries was good. I noted two international girls.  I think I told you this in my last letter. But I’m hoping we get to host this Wednesday so we can meet and host the new sisters going to Korea :)
That’ll be so fun. I think we are getting 5 sisters.

I don’t think I am spoiled about getting mail.  I now will only get emails once a week with like no letters overall but that doesn’t mean I can’t be sad when I don’t receive them.   It was just different last week that because I normally have one from at least someone in our family.  It’s okay.  I know you’re all busy.

I hope you enjoyed General Conference. I wish I could have sugared up on the couch and watched it with you, but technically we did watch it together just in different states/  Next Conference we’ll be in different countries! Crazy!

Speaking of South Korea.  The older district emailed us and they are doing great.  They mentioned they went and did the “bath house but yeah…They take all the new missionaries to those bath houses.  It’s basically a huge hot tub but everyone is naked. Why would they take the missionaries to do that?  Sister Gooch said its just to get you
immersed in the culture.  AWKWARD!

Also, tell Tyler that I’m sorting hating the “Frozen” movie too.  The sisters in the other district sing it ALL the time.  The “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” songs make me want to pouch a wall! I still like them but not when they sing them all loud and obnoxious. Ugh!  Or if they sing it like everyday.  So, year, I know how he feels.

With Conference I wish I could relax on a couch instead on the bleachers in the big room.  They said no blankets so sadly I could never get comfortable. We sit WAY too much ugh!

I”m excited at the same time though so that I can experience conference while at the MTC.  As a missionary shouldn’t be that much different but still cool.

I just wish I could go to actual conference and be there when all that drama “Ordain Women” is going on.  It’s crazy they all think their opinion matters but the Lord’s church isn’t a government where we get to vote and stuff.  It’s the Lord church.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  So the Ordain Women Movement is so totally against the way the Lord runs His church.  They will NEVER see results.  Women’s role is to be a nurturer and a mother not to hold the Priesthood.  We have an even greater purpose: to create life.  We are like God who created our spirits.That’s beautiful.   We can create LIFE!  And men can’t!  Why on earth would we need more responsibility?  The men have the Priesthood to measure up to our great worth. Why do think we and the world never talk much about a Heavenly Mother.  I know and believe we have one.  Especially because families are ordained of God.  But Heavenly Father holds her sacred and doesn’t want people taking her name in vain like so often  people do with his and Jesus Christ’s name. How those supporter don’t understand that I have no idea.  But I so badly wish that I could be there in Temple Square singing hymns as a missionary against the protestors.  I remember when we went to General Conference back when Pres. Hinckley was still alive, I remember walking by the protestors.  One said, “Mormons worship Joseph Smith!”  Then we just walk barely a foot or two and there were missionaries singing in a line together a beautiful hymn, “I Believe in Christ”.  I’d LOVE to do that! Ha!  In your face protestors.  I know what I believe is true.  You can’t change it.  This is the Lord’s church and NOTHING  cam stop the work.  Same with gay rights….don’t quite understand.  But once again, we AREN’T a GOVERNMENT. This is the Lord’s Church.  The prophet receives revelation directly from the Lord himself.  Don’t they know that?  I do!

I wish I could help everyone see and believe what I believe.  To find joy and happiness in what the gospel brings and blesses in our lives.  Can you tell I’m a missionary? haha I can’t wait for Conference.

Saturday after Conference

I’m not feeling too good.  My throat isn’t sore but I feel all connected in my chest.  If I try to cough it hurts so hopefully mucunex will help. I’ve really like the talks so far.  Neil Anderson’s was my favorite along with Hollands, of course.

I feel hot but Van Weezep has felt my head and I don’t have a fever so that’s good.  I just don’t get why I feel like this. :(

Sunday before Conference

I woke up feeling worse.  Didn’t get much sleep last nigh.  Don’t worry.  I’m taking medicine and my vitamins so hopefully I’ll already feel better by the time you read this letter.

The natives leave tomorrow morning.  They were just practicing singing As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman Medley in Korean.They are singing for us tonight I think and so Sister Good, Sister Johnson and Sister VanWeezep and I all listened.  The spirit was so strong.  I love Koreans! :)  They sang so beautifully and I have no rout this church is true  It has to be!  The restored gospel is all over the world. I’m doing to South Korea!  It’s true and I love it!

Before Bed after Sunday Conference
My cold or whatever is getting worse.  I feel all gross and sore in my throat too.  Chest still congested.

General Conference was so great.  Besides me trying not to fall asleep and feeling weak and exhausted.

The natives are so sweet.  They sang for us officially and then afterwards we all sang “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”.  In Korean of course.  It was very spiritual.  I love each and everyone of the missionaries in my branch.  I cannot wait to finally go.  I partly wish we could leave with them.  Sadly, I still have 3 weeks left.

Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon. I’ll keep you updated.  My inhaler might be needed.  Don’t send it though.  I’ll be okay.  My chest just feels so congested.

I love you.  I can’t wait to hear back from you!

Lots of love,

Letter # 4
Hey there! Well, I have good news and bad news. What do you want first?
Good news? Ok, I'll give you the good news first no matter what you were just thinking.. haha.
So, yesterday we got our lovely new missionaries. 5 sisters and 1 elder. One sister and one elder is from Australia! Awesome right?! I love their accents!! The Sister from Australia is also Samoan so her last name is hard to pronounce, but she's way nice and super funny. I loved her right when I met her. As for the others, I haven't really had a chance to talk to them yet. I hosted Sister Amatuanai (Australian sister) yesterday so that's how I got to know her.
I'm really excited to get to know all of them though. Oh and just a side note yes, the Elder won't have a companion. He is a solo missionary. So he gets a lovely sticker on his name tag. Cool for him I guess. Except he is the only elder in his class/district haha. Poor guy!

Now for the bad news... I'm sick. Well, no need to worry I am feeling better right now. On Sunday I noticed I was congested in my chest and so I took muccinex( however you spell that) thinking that would help. It didn't. I woke up Monday morning feeling like all sore and tired. I got maybe 4 hours of sleep. I didn't eat much for breakfast because I didn't have much of an appetite. Knowing my mother would want me to be eating something, I did my best to eat a banana and yogurt to tied me over till lunch. When I got to class, I felt super lousy and I just knew I had a fever. I had everyone check my head and some said I was normal, some said I felt hot. I didn't know I was doing this until my companion told me. She said she was super proud of me. Even when I was feeling terrible and our teacher Brother Campbell said I could just relax, I still was the one participating the most in class. As soon as it was lunch time I went straight to the health office to make an appointment. I wanted to know if I had the same virus that these other two elders had. Maybe they gave it to me. So, I made my appt. for 4:20pm because I didn't want to miss my lesson. I soon rejected it only because during class with Sister Allen I felt even worse. My head felt like those walls that get closer and closer together and squish whatever is in between it. Of course I had to teach too huh? Just my luck! I told Sister Van Weezep she would do all the talking and I'd just pray and bare my testimony of what she is saying. Except, I surprised myself and ended up saying a lot. I felt the spirit prompt me to say things so I did. I was able to endure the lesson and it really was a good lesson I think. I didn't use any notes, I spoke korean directly by the spirit. It was great. Besides, the being sick part. After we taught I had to endure till 3:20pm which was then gym time. I just sat in class right next to the air conditioner, hoping it would help. It didn't. I just hurt. As soon as class was over, Sister Gooch offered to go with me to the doctors early
since she didn't want to go to gym and Van Weezep did. I was praying they would take me early. Thankfully, they had a free nurse who was able to help me. She called me back and then took my temperture... turns out.. yup! I had a fever! She didn't tell me the temperature, but  either way it hurt my head and I was feeling exhausted. She then noticed I coughed and asked how I'm feeling. I told her I had congestion in my chest so she took me to a examining room and said she was going to do a strep test. While she got everything ready, I couldn't help but let out tears. I felt so sick and my head hurt. I just wanted to be home. When the nurse saw me she then comments, "I know it's hard sweetie not feeling good and being away from home." That didn't help me one bit! She at least gave me a tissue before she left the room. I really wanted my mommy. I needed you so bad mom. Thankfully, I got through it. When the nurse came back I had composed myself and she gave me medicine for the fever. She then told me to go wait out in the waiting room till they called my name. Ugh! I was waiting there forever!! They ended up calling me at my original appt. time. Where I then waited a whole other 10-15 minutes waiting for the doctor to come in the examining room. Turns out my fever was just my body's reaction to viral bronchitis. He just said to get rest and not work out until I feel better. Oh and take medicine for the fever to keep it down. Tuesday and Wednesday I had a really bad runny nose and felt worse, but everyone was so nice and offered to give me medicine. So that helped. Sister Gooch gave me her cough drops. So amazing how that's actually really help. She also has been letting me use her DoTerra esstential oils. (Emily knows what those are haha) They helped some. I just asked Michelle to give me medicine so I'm not using the other sister's medicine. I feel bad. So, thanks Michelle for getting that for me. You're so nice! I love you! I still feel a little sick, but I'm thinking it will go away very soon.

My investigators both watched conference. Thank goodness! I was worried they might now. I'm teaching Yusoyoung about the law of chastity next. It's been interesting and very funny learning those vocabulary. haha, but yeah we have to teach her it before she is baptized on Saturday so that's that. My other investigator is having a tough time. He just got evicted! Crazy twist right there! Haha but he said he will come to church this Sunday so that's great. Which then I felt the spirit remind he needs to know the address of the church. I asked him if he knows where it is, of coarse he said no. Sister Van Weezep and I just looked at each other, trying to figure out how to explain in Korean where to go. While she was figuring out how to write a fake address (only because this investigator is pretend remember. we wouldn't really give a fake address lol) I was trying to figure out places in Korea that I could say. Of coarse, the only one I know is McDonald's! Ha! So, what did I do? Yup, I asked him in korean if he knew where McDonald's was. He said yes! Sister Van Weezep and I smiled in relief. I knew the spirit helped guide me to figure out what to say. I then told him McDonald's was next to the church and we will meet him there. It was great. So, yeah hopefully he goes. It would really help him progress. He needs that. I just know it. He still won't pray for us of course, but I'm hoping coming to church will help with that. We'll see.

The natives are gone now, but we get more next week I think. I'm super dooper excited to go to Korea. I'm thinking of filming myself saying something in Korean so you all can hear me. I figured you all might like that. I almost know the first vision so maybe I'll do that haha. We'll see. Elder Ostermiller is doing better. He says he can move his arm a lot better now. I'm praying he can heal fast and still leave with us. We'll see. 


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Pamphlets I use ALL the time to teach!
Me and the Natives. I'm wearing the pass down sweater from the traditional pass down ceremony

In the Narnia hole
Companion study... I always end up sitting on the floor
Right after our revenge prank on the other sisters

In class!

Tired of studying so we too pictures

Service day- Ghostbusters vacuums

Thursday, April 3, 2014

MTC Week 5

Letter # 1
There's been some drama happening with the other district. A note to an Elder was found and so now we've all learned writing short thank you notes isn't okay. We just though writing letters back and forth was bad but an encouraging note was good. I never wrote any, but I've seen other do it and thought it was nice to show love and support when someone is feeling down... but we can't do that. We should be hearing about it from the presidency during church today... what fun! I don't argue with the rule, but, oh well. I never broke it either so I'm ok. :)
Oh. And we got our new name tags today! I took a pic to show you!

So, David Archuleta is off his mission. You know how I know? He came to the MTC tonight to speak at our devotional. He got back last week. Today was his homecoming talk in church. Also, Brother Richard Elliott, the organist of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, also spoke and played. He was such an awesome missionary! And it was a great experience to have someone who is famous to the world just feel like a fellow missionary or Brother in the church. The spirit was very strong as he spoke. He also sang. :) He is so talented. He definitely has a strong testimony of missionary work and it was so cute when he got a little emotional about it.

I know this church is so true. We have so many members and also so many missionaries like me and also David Archuleta who are going out and sharing the fullness of the Gospel. The fact that David put his career on hold for 2 years to serve the Lord shows how strong his testimony of the gospel is. We have the fullness of the Gospel! The Holy Bible AND The Book of Mormon work together. We have a prophet! This is totally the Lord's church. I have no doubt in my mind.

Also, we watched the Legacy movie tonight in Korean. Kind of funny but I still felt the Spirit testify that the saints who crossed the plains didn't do that for some silly book written by some random crazy guy. They had strong faith that I feel I can never truly have. They went through so much! People even died! They gave up so much!

I truly know that Joseph Smith saw God and His son Jesus Christ. He did indeed translate the gold plates to make what we now have... The Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith was called of God. He restored the Lord's Gospel again onto the Earth. He was given the priesthood authority and now... Look at me! I know all this and now I'm serving a mission. I'm happy! I want to serve the Lord and He has called me to teach people in Korea of the truthfulness of His Gospel. This work is truly amazing! Today was a great day! I love you all!

Letter # 2
You all are in huge trouble! I only received ONE EMAIL this week and it wasn't from any of you. My own family. Made me sad. Mom has at least written me dear elders and Michelle sent me a package so what is everyone else's excuses?
Oh, well. Based off of mom's dear elder I assume you got my latest letter about David Archuleta coming to our Sunday night devotional. Our Tuesday night devotional was just as great. Elder Whiting of the seventy came and spoke. I felt very spiritually uplifted afterwards. I had been feeling a little down lately. The Korean is getting a little harder and more complicated to understand. I have been feeling a little home sick. I miss just being able to relax at home watching movies or maybe playing some ticket to ride. I miss my friends, especially one in particular. I miss you-my family- all the time. Eating dinner with all of you would make my dreams come true. I HATE the MTC food now. I would love for some Taco Bell or In N Out right about now. But I'm doing alright. Sister Van Weezep and I have invited all our investigators to watch general conference so that's exciting. I'm super stoked about being able to take a break from learning and studying just to hear the apostles and the prophet speak this weekend. It'll be so good.
Elder Ostermiller was the tall blonde that was playing the piano. The other one was Elder Robinson. He is one of the new elders that came in about 2 weeks ago. I gave Michelle a list of descriptions of my pictures so hopefully she shared that with you. I don't have them anymore so I have no way of figuring out what picture you were asking about.
Yesterday after gym, Elder Ostermiller hurt his arm. The health office was closed but the front desk called him a doctor and prescribed him some naproxin. He can't move it and he has a lot of pain in his elbow. Hopefully today they can go to the doctor and find out what's wrong. It was really sad seeing him in pain. When he told us the story of how he hurt himself Sister Gooch was laughing her head off practically. Sister VanWeezep was balling like a little baby for him. And I was just concerned he might go home if it ends up that he broke it. Here's what happened though:
So after gym the elders were walking back to their residence hall and Elder Ostermiller decides to jump over the little ropes that they have surrounding the grass so no one will walk on them. Well because it was a spontaneous decision and he is also super dooper tall he ended up tripping on the rope some how and landed on the concrete pretty hard. So, yeah the elders in my district are great missionaries but they are still guys and they still do stupid things.

Well, I guess that's about it.. This week really flew on by. So I don't have much left to say. I love you all. Thank you for everything you do! Sorry no pictures this week. Talk to you all soon!

Letter # 3
 We get to watch the Women’s broadcast this coming Saturday during the priesthood session. So that’ll be nice to watch.  Any drama happening with the “Ordain Women”? Hopefully not.

Wow!  Money from Sister Alcantar.  She doesn’t even know me personally so why?  She is so nice.  Tell her I said thank you and she will definitely be blessed for supporting the Lord’s work.

Our lesson with Patrica (random MTC guest) went great.  She had a lot of questions  and I found myself being the one answering them haha.  I tried lettering the other 3 sisters have a chance to speak but when the Spirit guides…you just do.  "In this case…say” haha.  I told her about the plan of salvation and then also the priesthood. Sister and Gooch & I also taught about the Book of Mormon.  These all seem like separate topics/lessons but they all flowed and the Spirit was present so it was great.  However, I do believe she is a member already.  Her story is exactly like the story Sister Allen told us her other previous students told her.  It was still a good experience.  I just give her props for her acting.

My 1st or 2nd day here we had a teaching experience with different volunteers.  On Saturday, we saw Cheeto again and he told us he went to church.  And he loved that we all remembered his name.  He asked if something looked different as he pointed to his neck/chest area.  My stupid self said, “Oh! Did you shave?” I assumed he had a hairy chest but it wasn’t hairy so yeah I’m dumb because that wasn’t it. We all had a laugh though.  He actually took off his cross necklace.  As soon as he said that I remembered.  He said when he went to church he saw that no one else was wearing one so he stopped.  That testified to me that he NOT a member.  At least not yet.  Which that makes me so happy because I said a lot of prompted by the Spirit things to him when we go to teach him on that lst or 2nd day.  The Spirit was so strong.

Now if only my 2 “fake” investigators Yu-so-young and Ha-ta-wahn could be as great. Yu-so-young is actually good.  She set her baptismal date so that’s great and we committed her to watch General Conference.  As for Ha-tay-wahn he is so stubborn.  He just will not pray! Vanweezep and I pray for him all the time but he won’t commit to praying.  He is reading the Book of Mormon thankfully.  So I’m hoping on Wednesday when we teach him I can give him something to pray about at least.  I hope it works but I know his problem is he is too lazy to pray.  He always says he has no time but yet he has time to read the Book of Mormon.  Iffy right?  It also could be he doesn’t think God wants to hear his prayers.  We’ve taught him over and over about God loving him.  And just simply praying to ask for the chance to feel God’s love/forgiveness.  Somehow we just aren’t getting through to him.  It is not just us either, everyone has been struggling while teaching him.  Gooch and Johnson at least got him to pray in his mind for them.  We can’t even get him to do that.  Oh well. I have faith that we will get through to him soon.

No we don’t have language assessments every week.  That was just our halfway mark.  We will have just one more one week 7.

It’s never a letdown when I don’t get any mail because usually at dinner I know I’ll at least get a Dear Elder from you Mom or Michelle.  Sometimes both at once. haha  But there have  been some days I get absolutely nothing.  But I never cry over it.  Alejandra wrote me a letter so I got that today.  Tell her thanks.  I will write her back.
I have been feeling a little homesick.  Not so much that I cry.  But I just miss watching movies or playing board games. I also miss driving a lot!  Even if you don’t like it I love driving.  It’s relaxing.  Going for nice drive would be a nice break from all this studying.

And I miss you and Dad of course.  You feeding me.  MTC food is getting REALLY terrible.  Sister Vanweezep eats so healthy so I’m copying her and I’ve started doing the same.  And we do workouts together.  It’s helped with energy.  I don’t feel as tired…still tired but it’s better.  Anyway, I love you!

With Lots of Love,
Sister Kelly 켈리 자매