Thursday, April 3, 2014

MTC Week 5

Letter # 1
There's been some drama happening with the other district. A note to an Elder was found and so now we've all learned writing short thank you notes isn't okay. We just though writing letters back and forth was bad but an encouraging note was good. I never wrote any, but I've seen other do it and thought it was nice to show love and support when someone is feeling down... but we can't do that. We should be hearing about it from the presidency during church today... what fun! I don't argue with the rule, but, oh well. I never broke it either so I'm ok. :)
Oh. And we got our new name tags today! I took a pic to show you!

So, David Archuleta is off his mission. You know how I know? He came to the MTC tonight to speak at our devotional. He got back last week. Today was his homecoming talk in church. Also, Brother Richard Elliott, the organist of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, also spoke and played. He was such an awesome missionary! And it was a great experience to have someone who is famous to the world just feel like a fellow missionary or Brother in the church. The spirit was very strong as he spoke. He also sang. :) He is so talented. He definitely has a strong testimony of missionary work and it was so cute when he got a little emotional about it.

I know this church is so true. We have so many members and also so many missionaries like me and also David Archuleta who are going out and sharing the fullness of the Gospel. The fact that David put his career on hold for 2 years to serve the Lord shows how strong his testimony of the gospel is. We have the fullness of the Gospel! The Holy Bible AND The Book of Mormon work together. We have a prophet! This is totally the Lord's church. I have no doubt in my mind.

Also, we watched the Legacy movie tonight in Korean. Kind of funny but I still felt the Spirit testify that the saints who crossed the plains didn't do that for some silly book written by some random crazy guy. They had strong faith that I feel I can never truly have. They went through so much! People even died! They gave up so much!

I truly know that Joseph Smith saw God and His son Jesus Christ. He did indeed translate the gold plates to make what we now have... The Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith was called of God. He restored the Lord's Gospel again onto the Earth. He was given the priesthood authority and now... Look at me! I know all this and now I'm serving a mission. I'm happy! I want to serve the Lord and He has called me to teach people in Korea of the truthfulness of His Gospel. This work is truly amazing! Today was a great day! I love you all!

Letter # 2
You all are in huge trouble! I only received ONE EMAIL this week and it wasn't from any of you. My own family. Made me sad. Mom has at least written me dear elders and Michelle sent me a package so what is everyone else's excuses?
Oh, well. Based off of mom's dear elder I assume you got my latest letter about David Archuleta coming to our Sunday night devotional. Our Tuesday night devotional was just as great. Elder Whiting of the seventy came and spoke. I felt very spiritually uplifted afterwards. I had been feeling a little down lately. The Korean is getting a little harder and more complicated to understand. I have been feeling a little home sick. I miss just being able to relax at home watching movies or maybe playing some ticket to ride. I miss my friends, especially one in particular. I miss you-my family- all the time. Eating dinner with all of you would make my dreams come true. I HATE the MTC food now. I would love for some Taco Bell or In N Out right about now. But I'm doing alright. Sister Van Weezep and I have invited all our investigators to watch general conference so that's exciting. I'm super stoked about being able to take a break from learning and studying just to hear the apostles and the prophet speak this weekend. It'll be so good.
Elder Ostermiller was the tall blonde that was playing the piano. The other one was Elder Robinson. He is one of the new elders that came in about 2 weeks ago. I gave Michelle a list of descriptions of my pictures so hopefully she shared that with you. I don't have them anymore so I have no way of figuring out what picture you were asking about.
Yesterday after gym, Elder Ostermiller hurt his arm. The health office was closed but the front desk called him a doctor and prescribed him some naproxin. He can't move it and he has a lot of pain in his elbow. Hopefully today they can go to the doctor and find out what's wrong. It was really sad seeing him in pain. When he told us the story of how he hurt himself Sister Gooch was laughing her head off practically. Sister VanWeezep was balling like a little baby for him. And I was just concerned he might go home if it ends up that he broke it. Here's what happened though:
So after gym the elders were walking back to their residence hall and Elder Ostermiller decides to jump over the little ropes that they have surrounding the grass so no one will walk on them. Well because it was a spontaneous decision and he is also super dooper tall he ended up tripping on the rope some how and landed on the concrete pretty hard. So, yeah the elders in my district are great missionaries but they are still guys and they still do stupid things.

Well, I guess that's about it.. This week really flew on by. So I don't have much left to say. I love you all. Thank you for everything you do! Sorry no pictures this week. Talk to you all soon!

Letter # 3
 We get to watch the Women’s broadcast this coming Saturday during the priesthood session. So that’ll be nice to watch.  Any drama happening with the “Ordain Women”? Hopefully not.

Wow!  Money from Sister Alcantar.  She doesn’t even know me personally so why?  She is so nice.  Tell her I said thank you and she will definitely be blessed for supporting the Lord’s work.

Our lesson with Patrica (random MTC guest) went great.  She had a lot of questions  and I found myself being the one answering them haha.  I tried lettering the other 3 sisters have a chance to speak but when the Spirit guides…you just do.  "In this case…say” haha.  I told her about the plan of salvation and then also the priesthood. Sister and Gooch & I also taught about the Book of Mormon.  These all seem like separate topics/lessons but they all flowed and the Spirit was present so it was great.  However, I do believe she is a member already.  Her story is exactly like the story Sister Allen told us her other previous students told her.  It was still a good experience.  I just give her props for her acting.

My 1st or 2nd day here we had a teaching experience with different volunteers.  On Saturday, we saw Cheeto again and he told us he went to church.  And he loved that we all remembered his name.  He asked if something looked different as he pointed to his neck/chest area.  My stupid self said, “Oh! Did you shave?” I assumed he had a hairy chest but it wasn’t hairy so yeah I’m dumb because that wasn’t it. We all had a laugh though.  He actually took off his cross necklace.  As soon as he said that I remembered.  He said when he went to church he saw that no one else was wearing one so he stopped.  That testified to me that he NOT a member.  At least not yet.  Which that makes me so happy because I said a lot of prompted by the Spirit things to him when we go to teach him on that lst or 2nd day.  The Spirit was so strong.

Now if only my 2 “fake” investigators Yu-so-young and Ha-ta-wahn could be as great. Yu-so-young is actually good.  She set her baptismal date so that’s great and we committed her to watch General Conference.  As for Ha-tay-wahn he is so stubborn.  He just will not pray! Vanweezep and I pray for him all the time but he won’t commit to praying.  He is reading the Book of Mormon thankfully.  So I’m hoping on Wednesday when we teach him I can give him something to pray about at least.  I hope it works but I know his problem is he is too lazy to pray.  He always says he has no time but yet he has time to read the Book of Mormon.  Iffy right?  It also could be he doesn’t think God wants to hear his prayers.  We’ve taught him over and over about God loving him.  And just simply praying to ask for the chance to feel God’s love/forgiveness.  Somehow we just aren’t getting through to him.  It is not just us either, everyone has been struggling while teaching him.  Gooch and Johnson at least got him to pray in his mind for them.  We can’t even get him to do that.  Oh well. I have faith that we will get through to him soon.

No we don’t have language assessments every week.  That was just our halfway mark.  We will have just one more one week 7.

It’s never a letdown when I don’t get any mail because usually at dinner I know I’ll at least get a Dear Elder from you Mom or Michelle.  Sometimes both at once. haha  But there have  been some days I get absolutely nothing.  But I never cry over it.  Alejandra wrote me a letter so I got that today.  Tell her thanks.  I will write her back.
I have been feeling a little homesick.  Not so much that I cry.  But I just miss watching movies or playing board games. I also miss driving a lot!  Even if you don’t like it I love driving.  It’s relaxing.  Going for nice drive would be a nice break from all this studying.

And I miss you and Dad of course.  You feeding me.  MTC food is getting REALLY terrible.  Sister Vanweezep eats so healthy so I’m copying her and I’ve started doing the same.  And we do workouts together.  It’s helped with energy.  I don’t feel as tired…still tired but it’s better.  Anyway, I love you!

With Lots of Love,
Sister Kelly 켈리 자매

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