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MTC Week 7: Annyeonghasayo Everyone!

My branch
Letters #1 & 2 (4-11-14)

I am feeling better.  Michelle’s medicine she gave me helped.  I sometimes cough but I feel fine.  The elder who I think was the one who got me sick isn’t doing good.  He always says his throat is really sore. Yesterday he didn’t have a voice even.  So, thankfully I’m better.  My throat was never sore.

So right now is gym time.  Even though I’m feeling better I still don’t want to workout.  It is still a little hard to breathe.  So I’m listening to Sister Gooch while she practices the piano.  She will be performing in the Departing missionaries devotional on Sunday.  She’s so good at piano.  I love just listening to her when she practices or even Elder Ostermiller or Elder Robinson.  They are all good.  Sister Gooch is the best though.

So you asked if on service days we keep the same assignment or not.  Our assignment is 19M (the gym) so whatever the MTC worker needs done we do it.  Some weeks we do the exact same thing, others it changes.  So far I have vacuumed, mopped the stairs, cleaned toilets and mirrors, emptied trash, and mopped bathrooms and cleaned water fountains.  They are all easy jobs. 

The Elders haven’t said anything to us about our outfits being the same. I have no clue if they have noticed.  We let Elder Robinson in on the secret since he isn’t in our district and he said he never noticed. Tomorrow we will just end up telling them I guess.

Today we got to teach an actual Korean in Korea over Skype.  I was way nervous because it was last minute that they told us it would be on Skype.  But after we finished I realized it was actually really cool. We taught a super nice member named Michael Shin.  He was way cute too1 It was a cook experience and next week we get to do it again.  Exciting right? Yup!

I love you!

The David Archuletta TV special got cut off for us too but they recorded it for us so we watched it once conference was ended.  I saw Elder Stoker in it and when they show everyone I’m in the stands on the right.  Look for red hair, I’m there:)  No one stopped me because I’m sneaky.  Actually its because I was too far away from leaders or any supervisors to see.  I filmed it for proof because I know I fibbed about the prophet coming.

We hang out in the hallways on our brake from class and studying but not like that in our residence halls.  That was just our pass down ceremony.  Unfortunately, the other district ruined it for us and now President Yost said we can’t do pass downs.  “It’s distrating”.  Yeah, whatever.  Basically we can’t have fun in the MTC anymore.  The other district was too open about the pass downs and talked about them a ton!  So for them it was a problem.  Not the rest of us.  But oh well!

Now wow!  I really am an airhead.  I haven't a clue why I mixed up those two holidays.  I didn’t in real life thankfully but when I told you about April Fool’s Day somehow my brain decided to include St. Patrick’s Day.  Sill me. I’m dumb.  I admit it.

I really enjoyed Conference.  I was super excited to watch it.  I’m even more excited about Easter Sunday.  I know for sure an apostle has to come.  They are making a huge deal about it so why wouldn’t it be an apostle?  I hope its Elder Holland.  I’d love to hear him speak.  We are all planning on going super early just so we can get front row in front of the pulpit.  Because how cool would that be?  Especially if it was an apostle? Yay! I’m excited.

My Korean is coming along. Which is surprising with this airhead brain of mine.  I’ve figured out a better way to study for my lessons.  I’ll write out my sentence in Korean without looking and check it until I can memorize it.  So far it has helped.  Before I was just learning it right before I taught and always ended up having to read off my notes.  So now I can be better so that’s good.

With lots of love, your daughter,

Letter # 3
Hey there! So, it's here. I officially have one week left in the MTC. I can't believe how fast 2 months has flown by. We haven't received our flight plans yet unfortunately so I can't tell you when we will be at the airport and what time I'll call you, but everything about calling collect and using my debit card seems to make sense. Except for the fact that I don't know how to call using collect haha. So... what do I do?
On Sunday we had the great opportunity to hear the BYU Men's Choir perform. My branch president volunteered us to be ushers for that devotional so we got to do that. Which was awesome because we got seats reserved for us and they were in the 3rd row. GREAT VIEW! And let me tell you they were amazing! And like I told Michelle, there were lots of very attractive guys in the choir. Sister Gooch and I couldn't help but giggle over them. There was one that she pointed out that was 7 guys from the right in the back row. So, as I was pointing and counting he totally winked at us! It was hilarious! I remember I turned and whispered to Sister Gooch asking if he just winked and she was like, " I thought I just imagined that!" Great right?

On Tuesday night we had the chance to have our first apostle come and speak to us. It was recorded and will be broadcast to all the other MTC's around the world. It was Elder Neil L. Andersen. Awesome right?! His wife shared a beautiful testimony to us about her husband being called of God and about the importance of reading the general conference talks over and over again. Did you know that general authorities go through about 15 rough drafts of their talks just to make sure they get it just right and that they are saying exactly what they Lord wants them to. They reflect and give such time and effort into writing their talks, so how even more important it would be to cherish their talks. To read and reread their talks. They are each called of God and their words are the same as if coming from the Lord himself (Amos 3:7). So, we must cherish them and give the talks the worth and importance they deserve.
When Neil L. Andersen spoke, he reminded us that we should have the doctrine of Christ engraved on our hearts so that even after our missions we will strive to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.I loved how he bore testimony of the importance of using the scriptures when teaching. He emphasized the importance of using the Book of Mormon. The Bible is amazing scripture and testifies of Christ. But it's true, the Book of Mormon is more in depth of the Atonement. I love that! I love the Book of Mormon! His whole talk he talked about the different passages of scriptures in the Book of Mormon where it talks about the doctrine of Christ. Alma 7, 2 Nephi 31, Mosiah 31... The list goes on and on. I loved everything about his talk. It just makes me that much more excited for this coming Easter Sunday where we will be able to hear from either part of the First presidency or  another apostle. I'm really excited. I had a great seat for Neil L. Andersen's talk. I was like 5 feet away from him. So, I'm counting on getting a great seat for Easter mission conference as well. I'll let you know who ends up coming. :)

To answer your questions I don't miss playing the piano. I wish I was just talented with singing though. The other sisters say I can sing, but I don't think so. I'm just ok for singing in like a group or choir. By the way, we haven't gone to choir in forever. We just didn't care much for having to go to practice and skipping our companion study time. I don't think I need my inhaler. I'm fine. Sister Van Weezep is from Farmington, Utah. Sister Gooch is from St. George, Utah. And Sister Johnson is from West Jordan, Utah. So... I'm surrounded by Utahards. Hahahah just kidding! I love all of them so much!
This morning we did inititories instead of a long session. I loved it! We got down a lot sooner than the session so that was also way nice. We have enjoyed having extra time. We might take a trip over to West campus today just for fun. Maybe not though. We aren't sure yet. I love you all though! Miss you and can't wait to call you in a week! :)
Oh wait! Did you know that they are filming The Avengers 2 in Seoul Korea right now? and one of the native elders' dad is famous in Korea. Pretty cool, huh?

Sister Kelly 자 매

Us Chilln' with the natives

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