Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Here

Well, it's here. We all know this is it. It's the moment we've all been counting down to, the time you've been patiently waiting and others not so patiently waiting for. The time has finally come. It's time for me to announce that my real name is Fat Patricia. HAHAHA! Anyone get that? I'm just joshin' ya'll! You can stop your counting down because in a blink of an eye, I'll be home! :)
This past week we weren't able to meet with any investigators again. Well, we met with 한재희s but she "broke" up with us telling us she felt pressure to join our church. We invited her to our English class but she kept saying no. Funny thing is though is that we were planning to drop her as an investigator because we weren't meeting with her regularly, she wasn't progressing and is a little crazy we think. She talks too fast and I swear she has A.D.D. Either way, she made our break up a whole lot easier for us. She said she wanted to see us because I am going home so to end our friendship, we went to this cool water show together. It wasn't nearly as cool as The World of Color at Disneyland, but it was cool having not seen anything like that in like 2 years! While watching it I was wishing I could see it with Tyler. He would have liked it!
Our other investigator 배혜미s doesn't answer our calls or texts so we ended up not being able to meet with her. Then her and her brother had other things going on so they didn't come to church or the stake music fireside. I know Sister Holt will figure out a better way to build a relationship with her.
With the lack of investigators and me going home, I updated a bunch of the records with information that I know so Sister Holt will fully take over when I leave. While I did that Sister Holt called a couple former investigators. We got an appointment with one of them tomorrow so we're excited about that. We also got a referral from a random member of another ward for their friend who wants to do the family English program with his family. Contacted him and it sounds pretty promising that we'll meet. I'm not sure if I will still be here when they meet but I know Sister Holt will do a great job teaching them.
This past week I also met with Sarah Cha and her kids for the last time. Cute little Thomas made me a thank you card telling me what I think says that he will pray for me. Little kid writing haha! It was sad when I left because I know I'll most likely never see them again, and in about a week or two they won't even remember me :(  I'll have my own cute nephews to play with again though so the break up will be bearable haha.
Yesterday we had lunch with a ward member who's daughters all live in Orem, UT so I can go visit haha. We had a good time getting to know them, however we realized that we had to leave rather quickly because we only had an hour until the stake missionary music fireside was going to start. Sadly, we were 40 minutes late because that family lived all the way by the airport on an island and it took and hour and a half just to travel to the stake center. We made it eventually though. Worst experience though was we both looked gross and sweating and had planned to go home first but didn't have time so we had to show up all ugly looking. After the fireside I had my exit interview with President Morrise. He gave me a lot of good advice, and helped me figure out how I can bring home "Sister Kelly" with me. Speaking of going home, can you believe it's finally here?! My last PDAY! Soon to be my last day in Korea! I'm almost done packing, and I have no clue as to what to wear on my way home. I'm not looking forward to the long plane ride, but I'm super dooper excited to see all of you again. I call dibs on holding little tucker!
I love all of you sooo sooo much! Thanks for being the greatest support to me!
Love ya,
Sister Kelly