Monday, June 1, 2015

Staying Busy

There is no better feeling than seeking the Lord's approval. When you're doing everything He asks, you can feel that He is proud and I wouldn't trade that for anything! The Lord will never stop raining down blessings. He loves us and wants to bless us. I've come to realize fully how true that really is. If the miracles have stopped then that means our faith has stopped or is at least lacking. Not the Lord.
This week strengthened my faith for sure. Some time this week we found out our dinner appointment with a ward member had canceled just as we were on our way to that area. Sister Mustain and I were both not familiar with Gajeong area so we saw this an opportunity to explore. We walked around the neighborhood, talking to people as we went. Turns out there really aren't that many people out in that area. However, we ended up walking by a park where we saw like 10 kids all playing and some old harmonis sitting and talking. As we walked by I thought nothing of it, but then a woman-a mother- sitting on a park bench caught my eye. We hadn't really had any real conversations with the previous people we said hello too, so I knew we should go talk to her. Turns out Sister Mustain was thinking the same thing and me indicating to her that we should was a sign to her that it was the spirit guiding us. 
 I encouraged Sister Mustain to go up and talk to her. She hesitated but did as I asked her. What an obedient cute junior companion she is huh? :) haha Well, after Sister Mustain broke the ice, I took over and asked the mother if my newly come to Korea companion can practice her Korean. She laughed and said we could. Then all of a sudden this old harmoni comes holding about like 20 little packs of something (tissues or wetnaps I assumed) and I knew instantly she was from another church. She came up, interrupted me as I was in the middle of talking and started asking me something in Korean that I couldn't understand. I told her I didn't understand she ended up just saying Do you believe in Jesus (in Korean still) and so I confirmed to her we do and she got mad and told me we didn't and we are liars and started going off on us. I knew then that this meant we really were meant to talk to this mother in the park that day. The mother told the harmoni how we all believe in Jesus. It doesn't matter and to just go away. I was impressed that she kind of stood up for us as this harmoni was trying to pick a fight with us. She left but came back 5 minutes later and asked if we were mormon and I corrected her and told her the churches real name: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but she just got all disgusted by it and saying Oh dear! Oh dear! as she walked away. Anyways, we ended up talking to the mother for about a 25 minutes or so until she had to leave. It was awesome! She introduced her son and daughter to us, we told her who we are and what we do as missionaries. I was able to talk about the importance of families with her as we watched her kids play and tell her what we believe. And She actually seemed interested! :D She had a lot of interest in her kids learning English as well so I was happy we actually talked to her. She left in such a hurry, we unfortunately never got her number which I regret; but she had ours and said she would come to English class on Friday.
Well, Friday came around and she never showed up :( BUT! We can always go to that park again and see if they are there. I felt the spirit as we talked with her so I know it wasn't just by chance. So, I'm praying we can meet her again.
As for other news, we had more practice lessons with members this week. A total of 7 lessons this week actually. Which is 2 more than we had last week! Yay! We are progressing as missionaries! haha Seriously, it feels good seeing results and knowing that we are improving. However, with that joy has come a lot of stress. Two different times these week we were late to an appointment because we went to the wrong address. Both being because of the records not being updated. How irritating is that huh? I'm starting to learn what happens to me when I'm under a lot of stress. I still keep my cool, but my sense of directions goes out the door. I was really thankful that Sister Mustain could help me out with that. A taxi ride and a couple headaches later we made it to our appointments just fine. And when we got home we made sure to update those records! One of those lessons we had with a member was at a little small restaurant and it was amazing seeing how amazing the members are. Since we were the only ones there, Sister Kim (김미선) invited the owner to sit in as we taught, but the woman declined saying she had to clean the dishes. However, we taught the Restoration with some pretty loud voices. I'm almost positive she had to have overheard. So, Sister Mustain and I will have to pay a visit sometime to that restaurant and say hello to her again. I am just so impressed by how Sister Kim just straight up invited her without hesitating.
Directly after that we went straight to the stake center to meet with the Sister Reed and her companion 죄은영 자매 to do some of our mission teacher improvement program. 죄은영 자매 evaluated with me (her STL) and I was so impressed with how well she teaches in English. Awesome!
We also had a combined Seoul and Seoul South mission conference where President Ringwood, and Elder Maynes of the First Quorum of the Seventy of the church came and spoke to all of us. It was really, really good and I left with an even greater desire to work hard. Elder Maynes talked about the importance of saying extraordinary prayers and how that changes the outlook we have on different missionary opportunities. He also talked about the importance of teaching the nature of God, the eternal Father, and His Son Jesus Christ to non-Christians. I learned quite a bit that I didn't know before so that's always good.

So this is just a glimpse of our really busy week. This coming week we have lots of appointments as well so hopefully your week is less stressful than ours haha.
Love you all!
켈리 자매

P.s. My birthday is in 7 days!! Woohoo! :D

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