Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July From Korea!

We celebrated by moving! Our district leader Elder Dewey and his greenie Elder Corona came over at 9:30am along with the office elders to help us move all our stuff. Sister Holt and I tried to help, but the elders did pretty much all the work taking everything down the elevator to the mission van. We finished moving around 1pm. As the office elders drove our stuff to the new apartment, we had some fun with some pop-its we found as we packed up the apartment. So, we went out on our patio and had fun throwing them on the ground as we waited for the office elders to return. During the process of taking everything down, Elder Dewey left the vacuum outside the elevator in the hallway because we couldn't fit anymore in the elevator with us. We live in Korea where no one steals anything (so we thought!) Well we came back like 10 minutes later after loading the van and it was stolen. So, someone has a nice blue vacuum now haha

After moving, Sister Holt and I realized we hadn't eaten and were starving, so we went and got some lunch before heading over to a wedding of a sister in the ward named 이지선. She and her husband were sealed in the temple maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, and they were finally doing a reception on Saturday. Let me just tell you, Korean wedding receptions are so fun! They were a lot more showy than ones we do in America. They had a long runway with lots of singing and dancing and it was over in just a half hour. I was impressed.  At the end everyone went to a buffet to all eat together. I made sure to take lots of videos and pictures so I'll send those next week. I forgot my card reader :(

As for area news, things are still going well. However, this past week we didn't real do much of missionary work because we had to pack up our apartment before Saturday. Our investigator 한재희 had us over for dinner with her husband last Monday night. We read out of the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 2 with her and discussed about the Fall of Adam and Eve. She really understands that the Fall was part of God's plan. She also mentioned how the Book of Mormon gave a deeper understanding and she liked the way the verses were written. We commit her to continue reading the Book of Mormon Alma Chapters 40-42 but most importantly we told her she needs to pray about the Book of Mormon. She said she knows it's God's word, but we want her to receive that confirmation through the Holy Ghost and to have that experience of praying to know for herself. She said she just reads the scriptures whenever she has downtime. When she prays she says a quick sentence over her food like "I'll eat well God. Amen!" So we've found out she really needs help with praying sincerely to God. I know prayer is crucial for finding answers and having a close relationship with God, so I hope we can help her see how important it is.

We didn't meet with our newest investigator 배혜미 this week because we moved and had the wedding, so we were hoping to just see her and her brother at church. However, they were both no shows :(  So, we'll have to see what's going on there. 
Also, because I'm returning home soon, I've been in contact with a couple of my former investigators like Crystal, 차해라 from Ansan area (21yr old), and an investigator 손순옥 that I found with Sister Chao back in my greenie days. The sister missionaries serving in Anyang right now mentioned to me that 손순옥 still remembers me and wants to see me before I go home. So, I'm excited that the people I worked with actually liked me and appreciated when I served them. I plan to visit with them and a couple members all one last time before I go home. 
Today there's a big get together of everyone I was in the MTC with from when I entered and the ones who came with me to Korea. It's my group and our "older" group haha. It's going to be a fun reunion! Only about 30 days! EEK!
켈리 자매

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