Sunday, July 19, 2015

기적 (Miracle)

This week I've learned quite a bit about humility. When we're humble, that's when the spirit can help us understand why things are happening the way they are. Last week I believe I mentioned the mission goal of member present lessons. Our zone's goal was for every companionship to have at least 1. As leaders, Sister Holt and I decided that we wanted to set an example and planned for 3 lessons. Also, thinking we should plan for extra in case an appointment cancels. Well, all 5 we planned canceled. When one canceled we immediately tried to reschedule. We also had contacted a few potential investigators so we had those appointments too. However, one after other canceled on us. I feel like we broke the mission record for how many member present lessons we put a lot of effort into making happen, and then having each investigator cancel on us. This was a good reminder of how members here are so great! They are so willing to help us, and fellowship the investigators, but it's just the investigators that aren't interested or progressing. Even when the investigator canceled the member was willing to still meet and practice a lesson with us. Aren't they so nice! I know things will pick up when it's time. The Lord definitely can count on the members of 청라 ward.

Sister Holt's friend in Ecuador wrote about how they weren't able to have a baptism for a whole family but there was a city power outage so they couldn't hold the service. But there was no way those missionaries wanted to delay the baptism. It's so special and important for those investigators. So everyone gathered together and offered a pray to God pleading to Him for help. Immediately after the prayer was finished the lights of the city turned back on. GET THIS! STARTING WITH THE CHURCH BUILDING'S LIGHTS! Now that's a miracle! I know of plenty of other missionaries serving in different parts of the world who probably have seen more success or bigger miracles than I have. But everything I've learned here in Korea has strengthened my faith and the miracles were BIG miracles to me.
This past Saturday Sister Holt and I were stressing out about getting a member present lesson. We had only one appointment left. An appointment with a potential investigator who had rescheduled for Sunday. Which meant we only had the night and church to ask a member to come. We had been talking about her friends' mission miracles, which we totally believed and wished we could experience the same. So we decided to exercise some faith and fasted Sunday morning. We were really trying to show the Lord how badly we wanted to meet this goal. Well, long story short. A member was willing to go with us. So our prayers were answered again.Only that lesson turned out to be outside of our area. Which we could've gotten permission to go to, but decided that wasn't really the best. HOWEVER! The real miracle was that our investigator 배혜미 and her older brother came to church! I remember just before church was to start, I turned and saw them walk in. It was the best feeling! Completely surprised us! They stayed for all of church. ALL 3 HOURS! haha The talks were great during sacrament meeting, only the last speaker went on and on about stuff NONE of us could understand and church went over 10 minutes. When church ended they looked exhausted! :( We of coarse wanted to sneak in a member present lesson with them there at the church but then we felt like we were starting to focus more on numbers and not on their needs. We can't count the great sunday school lesson we had with them as a member present lesson in our stats for the week, but Sister Holt and I feel good about our efforts and know that it all counts in God's eyes.
I know the Lord knows us each individually and gives answers to our prayers, usually in ways we weren't expecting Him to. But He ALWAYS answers. <3
켈리 자매

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