Sunday, November 30, 2014

It Was Snowing!!

It's finally December! I've been waiting and waiting. As soon as it finally comes BOOM! Snow comes too. We had the first snowfall of the year. I was just sitting at my desk studying and heard something outside so I looked out the window and IT WAS SNOWING!! It's not sticking to the ground yet though, so  I'm hoping I get my winter boots soon because my feet are freezing in these flats.
Whenever transfers come around you can tell how much you are loved by how many meals you are invited to. Sister Jeong had a ton of members who asked but we only had room in our schedule for 3. On Sunday we had a meal with the first counselor and his whole family. Super fun. Then on Monday night we had one with the Bishop, his family, and 3 youth from the ward. The Bishop's children are the cutest! They made Sister Jeong and I some letters and gift boxes. And little 준서 (Joon So) had a nerf gun and he had fun shooting it at the sliding glass door. One of the young men decided to tease him and he put the nerf bullet all the way at the top of the window. Watching Joon So trying to get it done was hilarious. In his cute little korean voice he kept saying, "I don't need help. I don't need help."
On Tuesday night we had our last meal at a fancy restaurant with two of the relief society women. I don't know what exactly I ate, but it felt like Thanksgiving turkey to me so I was happy. Then Wednesday was my half way mark!! Yay for 9 months! I celebrated by going to transfers and that's pretty much it. I also met with the zone leaders so I could finish the first lesson in our mission language program. My goal this transfer is to finish it all so I can go to President Morrise's home and have brunch with them right after Christmas. So far I'm off to a good start.

My new companion Sister Carter is hilarious! We broke the ice real quick when she farted in front of me. So yeah we're getting along great. She's from Virginia somewhere closer to Washington, D.C. She is 21 and like ridiculously talented. She can play tons of instruments, can sing, speaks like fluent Korean and just is really funny and a movie nerd. So, she fits in our district perfectly.

On Thursday we walked to the service center because we were like literally BUTT POOR! We had lots of fun there. Because Sister Carter was new there, the woman who work there asked her to sing for all of the elderly there. It was so fun. They even asked me to sing. The only english song I could think of was once there was a snowman haha. It was fun. While there I had a man tell me in in Konglish that I have a nice body haha and we also witnessed an old man flirting with all the old ladies. It was hilarious. In korean he was like, "oh are you done eating" implying he'll take their trays and then one of the old ladies slaps his butt and laughs saying, "stop! you know i'm not" Sister Carter and I just busted up laughing. Then later we say the same way flirting with another old women. She was sitting in her walker laughing and yelling for him to stop as he pushed he completely down the hall. The best part was after he pushed all the way to the other side he laughed and just walked away leaving her there. So funny! I love elderly people. 
For Thanksgiving dinnner we went out with the elders to a buffet called Ashley's. Cheesecake is normally about $18-$20 so we wanted to go there because it's only $12.90 for the buffet and they have endless cheesecake. I ate soo much! We had a really fun time spending thanksgiving together. Nothing replaces thanksgiving dinner at home though. For me it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving, but we tried by saying things we are thankful for. Because I didn't have any cash on me I tried using my card, but it declined for some reason. So I'm grateful for the elders. they ended up paying for me. I hate the end of pay periods -__-

Today we got more money though so we're finally not poor! On Saturday we only had like a spoonful of rice left so we went to the elders begging for some rice. I felt like Oliver Twist "Please sir may I please have some more?" haha Elders pretty much had no rice after they gave us some so hopefully a miracle of endless rice happens to them because they fed the servants of the Lord before themselves haha.
Anyways, I love you all. Glad you all had a great Thanksgiving! If little baby Tucker is born this week please make sure to take pictures and videos for me. I'm bummed I can't be there for it.
Stay warm!!
I almost forget to tell you!! We had a miracle this week well I guess two miracles. So on Wednesday we have our English class, and this was the first time in a long time that a ton of people came. We had our usual students but then we had at least 4 new faces. And it was really fun! And we made sure to have them all commit to coming this next week. I'm praying they do. Our English has been so sad lately with only 2 coming sometimes just one student. So having a ton was great. Sister Carter says she's the reason lol but whatever the real reason I don't care just as long as they come! :D Then last night we got a call from a former investigator. She is the wife that Sister Jeong and I randomly ran into at a cafe and one of the Sister Training Leaders Sister Stout used to serve here and she taught this family so I guess she called them and on Thursday we have an appointment with them when Sister Stout comes for exchanges. So that's awesome because I haven't been able to get into contact with them and having Sister Stout coming back here helped a ton!
켈리 자매

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