Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of things happened this week. It went so quickly. Another investigator dropped us. So now we only have one. I had an awesome visit to the temple on Thursday where I got to see my MTC companion Sister VanWeezep. LOVE HER! Had some really cool experiences where I could tell the Lord's hand is in missionary work, I did Kim Jang again, and got transfer calls!!! My new companion is Sister Carter! :D Yay! She is currently serving with Sister Johnson. Sister Jeong will be transfering to yeonsoo (not sure if that's how it's spelled hehe) she will have a korean companion so that's great for her. I'm super stoked to have Sister Carter though. She's hilarious and I think we'll get along pretty well.
As for the miracles I saw this week.. On Tuesday Sister Jeong and I were visiting some less active members. More like trying to visit less actives. We had planned the night before who we would visit so they all lived near one another. So we visited the first one, a family... no one was home :( Then we tried looking for the 2nd one, but the address has been changed to the new address system so it was confusing for us to find where it was. My companion stops at this building that didn't look anything like an apartment so I questioned her at first when she started to walk in. "Is this even an apartment," I said. She said, "no... I don't know" and immediately I felt this curiosity to want to see what my companion was doing and so I followed her up the staircase. We got to the 3rd floor where this door was open. My companion asked a woman who turned out to be working there and she said she'll help us find the address. Well turns out the address we were at was indeed that address we had for the apartment. However, the less active doesn't live there because no it's a service center. As much as that sucked, we witnessed a miracle. As we were talking to her, she began asking us so many questions and eventually she started asking if we can teach English there as a service and also be friends with her daughter. She asked for our phone number and gave us hers and her daughters! She was only English interest but it was amazing! We left just in awe, just letting it all sink in. We had planned on looking for a less active member, but the Lord instead had other plans for us. Then after we visited the other less actives one of them included Sister 길은희, the woman who we always visit and I had the wonderful experience of prayer with her. Well, we visited her and her daughter answered the intercom and said her mom wasn't home. We told her to  tell her mom we came and we'll visit another time, and just as the intercom was about to turn off we heard her mom in the background! I was so mad! She told her daughter to lie to us! Ugh! My companion rationalized saying it wasn't her, but it so was. It really makes me wonder what happened. She was talking about going to church with her daughter but now she won't even let us visit.
On Friday we had a really spiritual lesson with Sister 유인순. Our plan was to talk to her about coming to all of church and not just sacrament meeting and teach about the importance of that. WE started about by reading from the Book of Mormon about the prophet Lehi's vision. We focused especially on 1 Nephi 8:31. After reading my companion talked about how should strive to be like those people and continue to "hold to the rod" and do what we can to endure to the end. As my companion was teaching I had a thought go through my head as quickly as you would see a feather blow by."Ask her what changes can you see in yourself from when you were baptized to now?" If one wasn't in tune with the spirit you'd miss it. Thankfully, I was. Without even thinking, I just asked her. In the past I always worried about figuring out if I even know how to say that but I just knew that question was inspired so before I could even let myself doubt my faith, I asked her. And as I said it I felt the spirit insistent become stronger within my heart. Because of my inspired question she shared an experience she had with prayer that week and it was an amazing experience she had! Later, after the lesson, I asked my companion about that question asking if I said it right. And she said it was perfect Korean! I couldn't believe it! The gift of tongues really worked! I've been studying and studying and I'm finally seeing the miracles of the gift of tongues more. And for the first time she actually understood my Korean and my companion didn't have to repeat for me. Complete miracle!
And last I got to help make some kimchi with the Anyang stake. Back home we do tree planting, but here we do stake kimjang haha. It was way more fun than the first time too. It was raining, but we were in the underground parking of the Sanbon church so it was great. I took more pictures this time so enjoy looking at those.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity to serve a mission and be in Korea. I love you all so much!
Take care!
Sister Kelly 켈리 자매

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