Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brrr... It's Getting Cold!

I miss California weather. I will never ever complain about Utah and California weather ever again. It's so cold here and it hasn't even snowed yet! I don't know if I'll make it this winter. Everyone here also keeps saying that because this summer wasn't too hot that means the winter will be super cold. I want to go home!!! WAH! I don't want it to snow!!
Despite the cold I had a pretty alright week. On Monday we, us and the elders, ate sushi with our ward mission leader and another ward member. So good! I wasn't brave enough to eat a lot of raw fish though. If I was back home I don't think I ever would have tried it, but I'm more used to asian food so it wasn't too bad when I did. Then on Tuesday we had lunch at a less active family's home. So good. It was nice having a nice home cooked meal. Afterwards, we walked to different less active members' apartments in the freezing cold. The wind didn't help at all. It was pretty disappointing walking around in the cold only to find out that they weren't home. When we got home though we got a random call from another less active who we haven't been able to visit for a couple weeks. So the next day we visited her and she gave us some cold squid to eat. Wasn't very good. After we visited her our 30/30 investigator 소정연 (Anna) who didn't have any gospel interest texted us telling us she can't meet anymore. So that was sadly a little bit of a relief. We were going to have to drop her soon, but she dropped herself for us.
Thursday was the coldest day of the week for sure. There's a myth here that says that when 수능 (similar to SAT and ACT) comes it's super dooper cold. And I believe it! I was freezing! Maybe it didn't help that I was outside helping preparing some kimchi to be made though haha.We went to Geumcheon to help with what's called Kim jang.(pronounced kim j-on-g). Every year around this time everyone starts making new kimchi. So we helped make some for a service activity. It sounded fun at first, but touching cold wet cabbage in the freezing cold didn't really make it easy to enjoy myself. They filmed it though and I was actually interviewed so that was pretty cool. I probably looked so dumb. They asked me and another sister to talk about how it's fun and all I could think to say was how I was sorting through the trash. They wanted to get as much kimchi as they could from the cabbage so I had to go through the broken ones on the floor and find the good leaves of it. Normally that wouldn't be called trash but on tv I called it trash haha my bad! They told me it aired on NBC so if you want to try finding it search geumcheon kimchi NBC maybe.. On Friday they continued the Kim jang but we are so busy on Fridays so we couldn't help. Sadly, we missed out on the fun part of making the kimchi. Oh well. Now I just said we were busy on Friday but actually all our plans seemed to fall through this week. Both our two other investigators canceled on us, but we were able to meet with both the recent converts. And they were really good lessons. 최금자 is preparing to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and so we are in the process of helping her get a temple recommend interview with the bishop for that. As for 유인순 and her daughter, they too are preparing, but have a much longer time until they are ready it seems. It was a really good lesson though taught about revelation and feeling the spirit and how those go together. On Saturday we had a planned appointment with the 21 year old girl 차해라 except she never showed up and later after an hour since we texted her she replied saying she didn't see it. So that wasn't so bad as her just not showing up, but she doesn't seem to interested it seems because it's super hard to make a 2nd appointment with her. We invited her to church like usual, but she didn't show up. Our less active did though only because we made an appointment with her after church though. Either way she came! :)
Temple is this Thursday and transfer calls are this Saturday. Super excited! This week will be a good one. I am hoping I leave, but if I stay in Ansan I'll be ok. I'm just a little nervous about what changes will happen. I don't think I'm ready to be a trainer, but everyone keeps saying I just might be training the new Korean that is coming. Guess we will see.
Love you all lots!!
Sister Kelly 켈리 자매

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