Wednesday, December 10, 2014

21 Days of Trunky Christmas

Sister Carter and I had a less eventful week this week. Almost all of our appointments fell through and there's not much of miracles to share. :(
On Monday night though we did family home evening with Brother 유상대 (second counselor in the bishopric) and his family. His wife Sister 이금희 made us some spaghetti just like all Koreans feed us missionaries. Except she had garlic toast too! :D I love spaghetti though so I'm not complaining. Their 11 year old daughter is adorable. She really wants to have a puppy so her mom made a deal with her that if she read the whole Book of Mormon she can have whatever she wants.  On Monday she was currently at Ether and yesterday at church she said she finished  all of the Book of Mormon and showed us a picture of her new beagle puppy. Just made me laugh because she reminds me a lot of myself. I'll have to tell her mom to have her read the whole Bible. It's a lot bigger hehe.
 Anyways, for family home evening Sister Carter and I shared the message of Christmas and together we all made a paper link chain. Each link we wrote a scripture about Christ's birth on it so that every day as a family they can read a scripture together and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. However, members here in Christmas don't really need to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is a lot less worldly than it's become in America. After the lesson we played a fun Korean game called Oh-Moke (not spelled correctly.) It's similar to connect 4 but on a game board and you have to get 5 in a row. After watching everyone play I figured out the strategy pretty quickly. Haha I beat the son 3 times in a row! He was getting so butt hurt and kept wanting a rematch. Every time I see him now I ask him if he is practicing. I'm not sure if I can keep my winning streak, it might have just been beginner's luck, but we'll see.  
Our English class still had a good amount of people show up. We even had a some new faces too. The elders are even meeting one on one with one of them too so that was awesome!
We also had exchanges with the sister training leaders this week. Sad to report that I didn't really witness any miracles this time. I think the new sister training leaders are bit more serious and make it awkward. As soon as exchanges were over Sister Carter said she had missed me a lot haha. I love having a fun missionary companion. Missionary work doesn't always have to be serious you can have fun with it :) So, I'm grateful we only had to do that for one day.
Our district leader Elder Gordon is going home at the end of this transfer so we came up with an idea of 21 Days of Trunky Christmas album. Every day we sing a trunky Christmas song for him. So far we've come up with All I want for Christmas song "All I want for Christmas is to go home", Oh Christmas tree song "Oh airplane ride or airplane ride how soon I will be flying", I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus song "I saw president with travel plans" and today's is Feliz Navidad song "i packed all my bags. I packed all my bags. and sent them to the mission home."

Last night we all had dinner with a member who has two less active children one is in young women's and the older is now almost done with high school. So they invited all of us missionaries over so that we can become friends with them. Seriously, I have been trying for like two months trying to be friends with the daughter but Sister Carter is so great that as soon as she meets her she has her laughing. So I'm positive Sister Carter was meant to serve here in Ansan. The members just love her and compliment her on her Korean. Haha last night they said you are just like a Korean who can't speak Korean. We think that's a compliment...maybe? haha Either way they love her!
On our long bus ride home, we all began talking about miracles that we've seen and how when people talk about missionary work it's a lot different than what you experience on your mission. Yes those amazing miracles of having the spirit guide right to a prepared person who is ready to receive the gospel into their life does indeed happen, but for all of us at least, we probably have those type of miracles happen like 2 times in a year. So far, I haven't had that happen. We all shared our experiences of little  miracles we've seen. Miracles of having an investigator read the Book of Mormon without us evening asking them to or like my miracle where 길은희 prayed after she hadn't prayed in so long!  Yeah those all don't really sound like miracles when you asked about what happened to them now, but they were tender mercies to us in our eyes. There is no way those things happened without the Lord's hand being in our work.
I hope you all can try finding those little miracles or tender mercies in your life.
Love you and miss you all!
Sister Kelly 켈리 자매

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