Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This past week was so great!! On Tuesday we had a Christmas mission conference where we received a lot of training and also had a lot of fun. I saw all my missionary friends and It was just the best way to spend Christmas here in Korea. We all play apart in the hastening of the Lord's work. Each one of us has different abilities and talents that we use to help other people. I really liked how we did this really cool activity where we went from the beginning of our mission to the transfer that we are in now and we were able to see how each one of us is connected to each other and we all play a role in this mission.
The main celebrating of Christmas that we did was the mission conference. The Lord's work doesn't stop so we don't stop working hard either. Plus, Christmas eve and Christmas are like the best day to go out and find people in Korea because it's more of a "date night" than a stay in with family kind of thing. So Christmas day we walked to Mc Donald's for lunch. We tried to be somewhat American on Christmas haha. While we were on our way there, we got a surprise call from our ward mission leader inviting us over for lunch at 1pm with him and his family. Being the fatties that we are though, we still went and ate McDonald's still and then ate more at his house.
I love how I teased Tyler for eating too much McDonald's but I've probably eaten it more in this past two weeks than he has. Shame on me.. so embarrassing.
Christmas Evening we attended the ward Christmas party. The primary children played some bells and sang and us missionaries put on a little musical for them as we sang Christmas songs. I didn't get that filmed sadly. So I'll have to ask around if a member has it. I think the Bishop got it so I'll ask him later.
On Friday I skyped home and saw my awesome family. That was probably the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. I miss you all so much!!<3 Sadly, that short time was just not long enough.I can't wait till I can talk to you all again on Mother's Day. But no one's counting... hehehe
Friday night we had a lesson planned with our recent convert and her coworker that we usually meet with twice a week, but she was running super super late so we had to cancel on her sadly. Then we hurried to our next appointment that's about an hour away by bus and met with our 30/30 program investigator. It was our 11th time meeting so after English time we had to kind of "break up" with her and remind her about our program and see if she is interested in our gospel message... she totally isn't which we already knew but we asked her anyway, and so next week will be our last time meeting with her. After that we will have no investigators. :( It's really interesting how when I first came to Ansan I had picked up a ton and was teaching a lesson or two daily but now we have like no lessons practically. Really sad... But we still have been working with the ward and a lot with the young women. Sister Carter and I have taught young women's every single Sunday and done the young women's activities so we are at least still doing something with our time. The young women are all mostly less-active though so it's been a real stress for us because there's no one helping us really. :( This week is transfer calls though, so I'm eager to find out if I'll be leaving Ansan finally or not. If I stay, I'll be happy cause I love the ward members, but I'm going to go nuts with all this stress. Bleh! Let you know next week!

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