Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Wow, once again another holiday I'll be missing. That's okay though. My companion Sister Chao and I are planning on doing something to celebrate. We aren't sure exactly what, but we plan on doing something. Might just end up listening to the Star Spangled Banner song by Voice Male that Michelle put on my ipod. I'm annoyed by that song now, but it's for the 4th of July! I have to be patriotic some how. The days seemed to go by a lot slower this week. It probably had a lot to do with how many times we were being rejected. We had the awesome opportunity again to go to the Seoul temple. I'm starting to think that's my favorite time of each transfer. It's such a blessing having a temple close by. Not all missionaries are able to go like us. After the temple we went to a really cool buffet with a bunch of other missionaries in our mission. It was nice being able to see familiar faces from my district or zone in the MTC. I didn't see all of them, but of the few I saw they sure seemed to be doing great. This week started out really hard, but towards the end of the week, things started to pick up. We first went back to Homeplus to visit this girl who we met who works in the make up department. She is moving and so we had been going there every week trying to talk to her before she left. It wasn't until Friday that we finally saw her. Like always, we had the best conversation with her. Seriously, I feel like I'd be friends with her even off my mission. Our goal was to ask her to hang out outside of her work before she moved, but she once again rejected us. and throughout the conversation we reassured her we just wanted to visit with her not preach to her. But yeah we left after being rejected 4 different times in 4 different ways. She is just so cool and nice, it's sad that she is so against anything relating to church. She told us today is her last day of work so we may or may not go visit her. So after visiting her, we went home feeling depressed. It was just a bad day. I remember praying that night after daily planning for us to just be able to meet the people the Lord has prepared. To be able to see some sort of miracle or progression in our work. That next morning we received an answer to that prayer. We got a random text from a referral we had contacted that never answered. It was just so out of the blue. She had told us to call her at 2pm which we planned on doing but around 12 we received a call from our district leader saying she was there at the church looking for us. Turns out she and her family wanted to come to church the next day. Crazy right? And they want to learn more about the Book of Mormon and also learn English. It was a miracle!! That changed our mood completely. We left our apartment that day just ready to share our beliefs to everyone. It was awesome. Sunday then came and we witnessed another miracle. The family came. It was a woman about 60 and her husband, their daughter and her two little cute sons. We greeted them happily and helped them go to their classes since our sacrament meeting is at the end of church (so weird to me). It just happened to be that the lesson in relief society that day was about Joseph Smith's life. Which then turned into all the women helping to explain the Book of Mormon and who Joseph smith was. It was amazing!! Then in Sunday school the ward members continued to be such good missionaries and it was just a miracle witnessing it all. I felt the spirit so strong. It was great to see the whole ward working together to help our investigators. I know that the Lord has truly prepared this family. I can't wait to continue to teach them more this coming Thursday. Yesterday we also received another referral, so we are just on a spiritual high right now. I know the Lord is blessing our efforts. It's definitely reassuring to me when I recognized that.

Also yesterday I had another spiritual experience I'd like to share. I have to type fast because I'm running out of time, but we went with a member to go visit her old sick mother. When we got there I was surprised to see this old fragile grandma laying on a yo on the floor. She could barely talk it was so sad to see. But we began to sing hymns for her. And even though we don't sing very well, I felt this overwhelming familiar feeling of peace. I knew grandma and grandpa were there. Maybe all our relatives but the whole experienced reminded me of when grandpa was getting old and I remember before he passed away all us grandchildren said goodbye to him and his last words to us were so precious to him that he decided to share the most important thing to him and I've never forgotten it. It was his testimony of Joseph smith and of the Book of Mormon. I remember him telling me to never fall away and to always remember my testimony. So feeling their presence was very dear to me and it's definitely been the support I needed. After singing with her, we just sat and told her random things. I told her all about my family and random things I could think of. I hope she wasn't weirded out when I began to cry. I just couldn't help but start to think about one day having to take care of my own parents. It's sad to think about so I won't talk any further about it, but this.. I know I love you both so dearly and I will gladly take care of you. It was seriously beautiful seeing the daughter and her brother take care of their mother like that. I definitely plan on visiting her again.

Anyways, time is up and I must get off. I love you all and wish you all a happy fourth of July!
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