Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life's a Climb, but the View is Great.

"Life's a climb, but the view is great." This week was rough. Definitely when it got to Friday I was exhausted physically and mentally. For P-day we went and played soccer with a bunch of other missionaries. It was blazing hot, but I actually had fun playing. I like to think of myself as athletic but I suck at playing soccer. Maybe it was the fact that I wasn't allowed to be touching the Elders as I played. That made it more difficult haha. But it was way nice whenever I got the ball because none of them wanted to touch us sister missionaries haha.
The next few days were pretty good. Our investigator 손 선 옥 is now officially a progressing investigator. I was so happy to see her finally keeping her commitments. Because without her acting and keeping her commitments we can't help prepare her to make sacred covenants and promises with God. So that was great. Then we met with our favorite ward member 윤 우 열. I think I will always look forward to the times we get to meet with her. We always laugh a ton together. Like this week I was offering the prayer before leaving and because she is learning English we say the prayer in English and then in Korean. And because prayer is easy for me in Korean, It ended up being a really funny experience. I ended up asking God how today is going? Like Hi God, how are you doing? As soon as we all realized we started busting up laughing. It was just impossible to recover from there. I think it took me about 4 tries till I finally got through the prayer without laughing. It might sound a little disrespectful but I know God was probably laughing at my mistake as well. He must have haha
Because this week has been so crazy it's all a little bit of a blurr now. But I had a few times where Sister Chao and I kind of were a little tense. Usually those were around dinner time when we were needing some food. As soon as we ate we were back to our fun loving unified companionship haha.
So on Tuesday we received our mission money and so we went shopping. So I never ended up using personal money that I had taken out on Monday. Grocery shopping has never been a favorite thing to do for me, but it's a fun time as a missionary. Because we don't have cars, we walk everywhere. So just imagine two weak sister missionaries caring a box of groceries down a few blocks... possibly several blocks haha. We saw that they were selling watermelon for super cheap so we bought one and ended up getting a second one for free. So Sister Chao and I carried all that laughing our heads off because it was all heavy. Taking rest breaks here and there. I don't know why we seem to always think we can make it all the way home. I guess we are just too cheap to spend money taking the bus lol. It's ok though, at least my arms got a work out haha.
You all sound like you had such a great 4th of July! Sister Chao and I celebrated by eating American food. No surprise there ;) haha We ate at KFC for a change and boy do we regret it. It was so terrible! Nothing like the ones in America haha. And it's also more expensive too, so it wasn't worth it. I don't think we'll be going there ever again haha. Then we ended the weekend by going on a hike with our newest investigator. It made me miss hiking so much. It was probably the prettiest hikes I've been on. So fun!
The weekend was the worst though because we had to do weekly planning. I hate weekly planning only because it reminds me of how hard we are working but there's no success. When I first came the work was so great. So many investigators were progressing and now we are just down to 1. It's just hard, but that's when Sister Chao and I break out my ipod and we listen to inspiring music. I've noticed Sister Chao has really become fond of the Miley Cryus song the climb. She puts it on repeat a lot. And I understand why.I was reading in Alma 29 (or maybe it was Alma 26) about Alma glorying in the successful missionary work that's been happening. I felt like it applied to me so much. We are in a rut right now, but when we start to see those miracles and God blesses us with success we will be able to look back and see the joy in all the hard work we put in.
Anyways, sorry this is so long. I know I tend to run on and on about different things haha. Just know that even though this week was rough I am excited to make this coming week much better. I love you all! Have a great week!
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