Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Transfer calls are an exciting time but also a sad time. This week went by so slow. Probably because Sister Chao and I knew transfer calls were coming on Saturday. We had a really good week together though. We tried to make it worth while because we knew it might be our last together as companions. We had a really great lesson with 손 순 옥 (Mary). Ever since I first met her I had always wanted to teach her the plan of salvation. That lesson is the most important to me and I felt like it would really help her as well. And it was. She asked a lot of very good questions. Questions Sister Chao and I anticipated she might ask, and so I was so relieved to be able to help her find her answers because I knew where the scriptures were and had role played with my companion. It was such a great spiritual lesson. It was mostly in English but we tried our best in Korean but she speaks English well so it wasn't so bad. I felt like she actually understood what we were teaching her. When I told her about what the Celestial Kingdom and what eternal life really means, I felt the spirit so strong. She told us she did too and I just know that the plan of salvation is just what she needed to help her increase her faith. I'm really sad that'll I'm leaving Anyang though. I will miss her. I hope she will one day accept the fullness of the gospel into her life and be baptized. Her family would be so blessed I just know it!
So yup you read right, I'm transferring. On Saturday night while I dyed Sister Chao's hair to pass the time, the phone rang and we found out the news that had been on our minds and the topic of all our conversations all week long. Sister Chao and I had talked about our desires to leave. I'm pretty sure she wanted to leave just as much as I did, but she never really told me the truth until after she found out she was really staying. She's been here forever so I kinda wanted her to go too so she would be happy, but at the same time the investigators in Anyang are tough and you know me, I like change. haha and I was praying that I'd get sent to areas where they have the army base, or english wards. I would love that! But nope! The Lord has a sense of humor and once again he is humbling me.
 Beginning this Wednesday I will be serving in 안 산시 (Ansan). My companion is 정 혜 민 자 매 님. Yup I will have my very first Korean companion. I will still be serving in the same zone though. I met her at Zone conference she was super shy and sweet. Sister Chao told me it's her first time being senior companion so I will have to be very good for her and help her open up. She was way nice though. However, if you know me at all you know this may not have been my first thought when I received my transfer call. I had a sign of relief when I found out I was leaving, but when I learned that where I was going was in the same zone bugged me and a Korean!!! How scary is that! She doesn't speak much English and I don't know enough Korean. I hope we won't just be quiet around each other. How boring is that? haha. And she will make me have to eat Korean food! However, yesterday when I gave my "goodbye" talk in Sacrament meeting I felt the spirit as I bore my testimony. Have you seen the New testament movie? Sister Chao and I watch it a lot.
At the end of the movie when Christ is visiting with the Nephites in America, the main characters are talking (father to son). The son feels terrible that his father can't see Christ because he became blind because he was saving him. But the father, Helam, says to his son that it's fine and he's just happy that he (his son) can see Christ. Just as he says that, Christ touches the shoulder of the son and says, "Helam!" and then he realizes it's Christ's voice and the music sings Hallelujah in the background as Christ heals his eyes and he can now see Him. Well, I tell you this because just as I was baring my testimony that I know this church is true, I heard, "Helam!" and knew it was for me. I was immediately overcome by the spirit and I tried my best to bare the rest of my testimony in tears. We all know I don't look so pretty when I cry haha. But my fears about having a Korean companion were swept away. It'll still be hard but I know I'm suppose to be her companion and the Lord is going to help me in every way I need Him to. It's sad to admit that the first thing that I worry about is if there's American food there. But I know the Lord knows me better than I know myself and I know he'll help me be able to start eating more Korean food and to be able to pick up on learning Korean more quickly. I'll definitely need it. I think my first couple days with my new companion will be pretty quiet though. haha Maybe we will just watch the New Testaments movie in Korean together :) I'll let you know how it goes next week!

Sister Kelly

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