Tuesday, July 15, 2014

기적들은 생길수있어요 (Miracles can happen)

기적들은 생길수있어요 (Miracles can happen)

I am so grateful for this week. So many amazing things happened. My companion and I witnessed at least one miracle each day this week. It was great! Our progressing investigator opened up to us a little more. We learned how we can better help her needs now so that's good. I definitely know that asking inspired questions is important because without having the spirit tell me what question to ask and how to ask it, our investigator wouldn't have opened up in that way. Last week I said I don't like weekly planning. Well, I still don't, but this week was different. On Friday during weekly planning we received referrals from other missionaries. I think all of them are English interests but I have hope that at least one of them will have been prepared by the Lord to receive the fulness of the gospel. The young single adult activity was once again a fail this week. But there's progression. Sister Chao and I were able to hang out with one of the girls. She is so cool. She offered to do our nails. Sadly, I will have to wait till next week for her to do mine haha. I already had nail polish on so only Sister Chao got her nails done. Afterwards, she took us to a restaurant to eat. Where I ate a really really hot jalapeno pepper. Seriously, my mouth was on fire! I figured since I have been good with all the other spicy foods here I could eat that no problem. Boy! I was wrong haha. The YSA and my companion sure laughed about it. She then bought us some ice cream to help with my burning mouth haha. That ice cream was so good! It was called shooting star from Baskin Robbins. Yum! But it was so humid outside that as sister chao and I walked home it melted all over our hands. I don't think I've ever seen ice cream melt so fast before. It was delicious though  :D

Yesterday was the best miracle of all. My companion and I were waiting for an investigator and their family to show up to church yesterday. We waited and waited and waited some more. They said they were coming the day before so we figured they were just running late (we were just trying to stay optimistic) lol while we waited we each prayed silently. Eventually relief society was starting we decided we needed to go to class. Relief Society and Sunday school went by- still hadn't showed up. It wasn't until the middle of Sacrament meeting that another family showed up. This was a former investigator named Grace and her daughter-in-law and cute little grandson. It's the same investigator that we went on a hike with that I sent pictures of when I first came to Korea.

 We were so surprised but so happy to see them! I had only met this family once before but I already felt like I loved them. The ward members already knew the investigator so they were super happy to see her as well. It was like one grand reunion. My companion later told me that she hadn't just prayed for that certain investigator that we were waiting for to show up she just simply prayed for a family to show up. And her prayers were answered! After thinking about it my prayers were answered to. During weekly planning I had always prayed for this investigator Grace to have a spiritual experience that would open her heart more to the gospel. I'm sure when we meet with her this Saturday that we will learn that something sparked her desire to come to church yesterday.

Another miracle was when we were coming home to end our hard days work. We stopped to chat with our favorite security guard of our apartment complex. While we talked, a old man about 89 or so walked up to us and just started talking to us. He asked about why we are here, where we are from, what church we are missionaries for. You know the usual lol. He told us lots of things about him. He told us he served in the army and that he just started going to church again and a bunch of other things. Eventually he said his goodbyes and walked away. He seemed like a really nice man, but I was revealed to have him finally walk away. He smelt a little like he had been drinking.
We continued our interrupted conversation with our security guard, then said goodbye. As Sister Chao and I walked to our apartment building entrance, the old man called out to us and we knew he was drunk so we hesitated but went over to talk to him. He thanked us for talking to him and wanted to see us again. He gave us his phone number and then asked for our. But then mentioned how we are beautiful women asked us personal questions like what floor we live on and stuff. We eventually got him to say goodbye and we quickly went to our apartment. After daily planning and getting ready for bed, he called us 4 times. The first time Sister Chao answered and he just thanked us for talking to him. So that helped me realize we were blessed and how thankful I am to have such a loving caring security guard who thinks of us like his own daughters. The whole time we had talked to the man he was there with us or watching us from afar. We may not have priesthood holders in our apartment but it was comforting to me to know that the Lord has blessed us with another protective figure, our security guard.
So that's just a few of the miracles that happened this week. Most of the others were just simple little things that we knew weren't our doing. Definitely the Lord's. I love you all so much and I invite all of you to look for miracles that you see happening in your day to day activities. I'm positive the Lord is blessing each one of your lives in some way or another.
Sister Kelly

P.S. My companion is constantly laughing at how ridiculous I am. If one of us is transferred I know she will miss me haha. One of the things I like to point out while we are traveling around our area is the many random statues we see. Here's a pic of one where this random statue is just squatting and looking out of the bushes haha. We just had to take a picture with it. So random.

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