Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Almost My Birthday!!

Wow! It's so weird that it's already June! Boy is it starting to get hot in Korea too. Thankfully, today we had some rain which I just loved! So very refreshing!
 On Saturday we had a joint mission conference with the other Seoul mission and Elder Quintin L. Cook came and he shook every single missionary's hand-mine included! It was awesome! He and his wife are hilarious and I was a cool experience. Not as cool as when I got to go to the Korea seoul temple this past Thursday though.It was exactly 1 month of being in Korea so it was honestly the best way to celebrate. It was also the day Kyle entered the MTC so I thought about him as I was at the temple. I sure hope he likes the MTC. I know he will be a great missionary.The Seoul temple is
super dooper small, but way pretty inside and out! It was definitely a spiritual boost I needed, because my companion and I had to drop our first investigator this week. It was super hard, but we had to. That lady is crazy! Every time we met with her I wish I could tell you all about it. She really wants to go back to America and always talks about Obama wanting her to come to the white house.I also had lots of dumb "Amanda moments." Man! I'm so embarrassing. My companion and I had always seen this flyer for a cat cafe near where we proselyte. So, on Monday I wanted to find it just to go check it out to see if they really did have a bunch of cats in the cafe. We struggled finding it on our own so we asked their mascot who passes out the flyers to show us. He ended up walking us all the way there. When we got there we felt bad and were kind of forced to go inside and pay. I paid for my companion and myself because it was my idea and I figured it'd be super cheap. BOY! was I wrong! It was $16 for both of us. And all they gave us was 2 small cokes! So yup I had a coke with a room full of old lazy cats.
 haha then on saturday my other dumb moment happened. I turned on my straightener and set it on the floor and I had the thought that "oh maybe i should move that so no one steps on it." but i didn't move it haha. Then later while I was getting dressed I stepped on my straightener with my bare foot. Man! It hurt so bad. So now I have a blister shaped like straightner on the bottom of my foot. I'm dumb right?
At English class this week we didn't teach the teenagers this time because we had a new visitor come and she was female so we had the resposibilty of teaching her and then the elders who normally teach basic english taught the teenagers. I got lots of compliments from her and other students who ended up coming saying that they love the way I teach. I don't do much other than talk slowly haha and read off the paper that has the words and have them repeat. Super easy but they seemed to really like me. Maybe I should be a teacher someday? We'll see about that haha. Also, the teenagers and little kids love my hand sanitizer i have it hanging on my bag so they see it and always want it. I don't know how to say hand sanitizer in korean so i nicknamed it magic soap. They love it. It's crazy that they are so impressed by it because it's really just hand sanitizer.. nothing special but yeah they sure like it. So thanks for sending me more! I will definitely put it to good use!

Also, on Saturday after conference sister Chao and a bunch of other missionaries and I went out to eat at a place called Ashley's. On our way there we discovered an H&M! So that was way cool! Nice cheap clothing to remember in the future to shop there whenever we need to. Then we also found a taco bell! That made me sooooo happy!! My companion said that when I'm good she will let me go there haha. I sound like a little kid but I so am going to be a good girl. I miss taco bell so much!! We don't have members feed us too much but they do give us food all the time. Just this morning a member gave us watermelon (about $11-15) and milk and meat and lots of Korean melons ($5 each) so we are so grateful when they give us food. They seem to love us. We haven't gone to McDonalds in a while. We did go to a little cafe. (I took pics and sent them to you) called Ann's Cafe. We want to go back there. It's a great place to go to weekly plan. Oh and this past Sunday we didn't have the chance to go to primary it made me sad but I will again hopefully this coming Sunday. We just had a surprise visit from our investigator and so we were with her in other classes. (she is in my pic i think that i sent. she's the mentally not all there one) We sing lots of primary songs with her so that's been nice. I've memorized I am a child of god in Korean now haha cause we sang it so much with her.
I love you all!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and for the birthday package! I appreciate it a ton!! I love you!! <3
Sister Kelly

Cafe for planning

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