Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Well here there again! So Taco Bell was amazing! I had the best birthday. We spent our p-day in Gangnam. So the pics I sent home are of us in Gangnam mostly or on the bus haha. When we first got to Gangnam we weren't that hungry but when we saw a Burger King we couldn't help ourselves. Boy! it was so delicious! So much better than McDonalds! haha Then later after going shopping and walking around in Gangnam we went and at the amazing Taco Bell. That was the fanciest taco bell ever! I loved it. Then afterwards we went back to beautiful Anyang and hung out with our investigator 오해 진. We went to a park and I just had to take pics because at pretty much every park you can find this silly exercise things. And people actually use them. but they have seriously no weights so it's not going to help at all, but we had fun trying them out haha.
I finally got my packages. All 3 came on the same day!! Thank you so much!! I loved all of it! I will forever make these worth the money spent on sending them. Kara and mom you're the best!! <3
We also love our ward members because they give us lots of food. We have loads and loads of watermelon now. I'm thankful that's a type of melon I don't mind eating. Otherwise Sister Chao would hate me haha.
So we never ended up having a lesson with 오해 진 because she ended up wanting to go on a man hunt. Yup, she asked the elders all for their phone numbers and they politely declined and tried to explain why they can't give it to her. Then we figured ok she's fine, let's head on over to the church for a lesson with her. On our way there we decided she wanted to go to the 7 eleven and so yup.. she starts wanting our help and we had a struggle with her trying to explain we aren't allowed to help her do that and told her we'd have to go. And she was being so stubborn and I was getting annoyed so I just began whining to her, stomping my feet. EXCEPT ALL IN KOREAN! haha Sister Chao could not take me seriously and kept laughing haha. I laughed a little too but it was working.. until she saw another cute guy and said no to go to the church. haha So that was that. We decided we had to let her go and we would do something else. Ever since then she's still wanted to find a boyfriend, she's so innocent and cute. I'd love for her to find one, but we can't help her with that :( So now whenever we see the elders while with her we pretty much have to distract her so she doesn't ask them again for a date or their phone numbers. It's amazing how bold and courageous she is.
On Tuesday we met with our same investigator. And we actually taught her the first lesson about the restoration of the gospel. It was hard at first, because she asks lots of questions and she wants to know everything right now. Talking about the apostasy and the restoration was rough because I struggle with keeping it simple, but as soon as we began talking about Joseph smith and the story of the 1st vision, I tried my best to help her and it really seemed like she was able to relate to Joseph smith so that was great. I felt the spirit so strong when I bore my testimony to her of the book of mormon and of this church. I really hope she did too. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it, but she said she first wants to research about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints first. So we told her to go to and We're hoping she did it because I can truly see that she has a desire to know the truth and receive the fullness of the gospel into her life.
The rest of our week was filled with meeting with members to practice teaching. Where they also fed us so that's great. We love the members, everyone is so funny and so nice. I can tell they like us as well and really want to see our missionary work succeed.
On Saturday we had our first Young single adult activity and it went terrible. No one showed up except a recent convert. A boy of coarse so that meant we weren't allowed to stay since there wasn't an adult female present. So yeah we plan on making the activity on the 28th be sooo much better. The elders have somewhat gotten on our nerves lately. They are so bad at planning, but we don't mind taking charge. What are sister missionaries for right? lol
Since we left early we just ended up going to Emart to print some pics because we didn't have much time to really meet with anyone. So while there we saw they were selling Korea world cup shirts so my last pics is me wearing the shirt. I did buy one for Steven or Ryan.. I seriously don't know if it'll fit them though. I got the largest size and it's iffy still.. haha I'm sorry dad couldn't get one. I bet it'll fit Ryan and not Steven so Ryan's it is!! haha I won't be sending that yet. I want to wait till I have more to send first so it's worth sending.. no what I mean?

Anyway, today Sister Chao and I are planning on going to 안 상. I think that's what it's called.. but yeah we are going to surprise Sister Johnson and Sister 김 윤 하. The live in more country side sooo there might not be much to do there but it's ok. We don't mind just playing a card game or something with them haha.
I love you all so much! I pray for all of you every day!! Thanks for the support. Write you next week!
켈리 자매

Burger King

Red Carpet visit to Taco Bell

Random exercise equipment in the park

Packages from home!

World Cup T-shirt

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