Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's Getting Hotter!

So last Monday we didn't end up surprising Sister Johnson and her companion. Turns out I had another "Amanda moment." I emailed Sister Johnson my weekly email and she read it. How dumb can I be! Hahah at least I can laugh about it though. We had a fun time seeing their area and their cute little apartment that makes our seem like a mansion. Haha (We love our mansion now) We also went to a meat buffet and a cafe with them. Lots of fun! :D
On Tuesday we met with our usual investigator like normal.. Not keeping her commitments but we talked about faith so it was still a good lesson with her. We also met with a recent convert in our ward who is music producer. She owns a music studio and said she will let us see it. She's hilarious and just so awesome. Her daughter is going to U of U. So she showed us lots of pictures. So when we come over to teach her English I'm sure our visits will always be fun :)
On Wednesday we had district meeting and English class like usual. The teenagers still always make me laugh. One time we tried teaching them how to say the word sheet, and well we had a lot of laughter Sister Chao and I... we've learned that Koreans can't pronounce E's with T's. It always came out as the bad word. We tried our best but eventually had to just let it be. So English class will always be fun I think.
I don't really remember Thursday and Friday for some reason..but on Saturday with the ward we did a deep cleaning of the church building. And while cleaning it just started pouring harder than ever!! Last time when I said it rained hard.. this time was even more hard! It was like rain drops the size of CHINA! So much! So it was funny to see the 1st counselor pruning the trees/bushes and having the ward clerk hold the umbrella. All the little kids loved being able to go outside in the rain too. After cleaning we had a big dinner together. It looks disgusting but it actually reminded me of the meal that mom cooks with the chicken legs and rice.. Do you know which one I mean mom? This was just a little bit more soggy is all. As for the other foods I took pictures of.. I got away with not eating those.. It was all gone before I even finished my main dish haha. I didn't even get my kimchi for the day haha. That's okay though. Sister Chao and I have had lots of American food it seems like but at the same time the ward members have been feeding us a ton! Both of us noticed that we have rice face now from how much rice we've had. My face is forming a really ugly dubble chin it's gross! So exercise will be much needed haha. Thankfully I haven't gained any weight.

On Sunday I saw a miracle happen so I'd love to share it with all of you. So every Sunday before church starts and people are arriving us missionaries and the bishop greet people when they walk in. While we did that I constantly was saying a prayer in my mind that our two young investigators would come to church. We hadn't seen them in 3 weeks! So we were planning on just randomly going to their house later that day, but they came!!! It was the greatest thing ever!! I love witnessing that the Lord has answered my prayers. So since Hiyoung came we wanted to get her to go to young womens. Sister Chao went to primary and released that was sadly an environment where we knew that she wouldn't ever feel the spirit. The kids are so crazy and loud and wild. I love them all so much, but there just aren't enough teachers to help control them all. It's just the primary presidency that's it. I also noticed they only sing like 2 songs. One that they let the children choose (Follow the Prophet of course because they wanted to learn it again in English) and then one that goes along with the topic of the lesson. So that day it was the song The Priesthood is Restored. What a bad song! It was super hard to sing, even in English. I don't like it. So it made me sad when I realized that primary was always so fun for me when I was little and that they just don't have enough help to make it the same in this ward.
Because we took Hiyoung to young womens. The primary president came up to us later to tell us she can't go there.. so it made us feel guilty and bad, but we had permission from the young womens president so we thought it was fine. After going to ward council we asked the young women's president to talk to the primary president for us. Only to find out that she went and talked to her right then and there! So awkward and scary!! We didn't want to offend her :( But anyway everything is good now. They both said it's okay. So yay!! Prayer once again works! haha
I am sorry for emailing later than usual today. We had interviews with our lovely mission president, President Morrise. He's amazing! I'm glad he's the mission president. He always leaves us with such good things or scriptures to ponder on. I love it. As for later today we will be delivering invitations to the young single adult girls in our ward. I bought some cute paper and ribbons and made them :) Very cute. Our first activity was a fail, but this time we are going to be going bowling and having pizza so hopefully more people will go. It's this Saturday so cross your fingers that people show up. Otherwise I wasted money on making those invitations haha. Just kidding it's all worth it!
I love you all and sounds like everyone is just doing great. You're all amazing!
Sister Kelly

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