Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's My Birthday!

Yup, so it's still my birthday back in America so my companion and I are still celebrating. Thank you all for your wonderful emails. I feel bad not being able to reply to each and everyone of them, but I loved reading them! I promise I will write those of you I mentioned some personal hand written letters to make up for it :)
So first let me tell you about this past weeks adventures. My week was pretty awesome. We went to a popular park here to try finding people. And I noticed these two little kids playing and their mom just sitting on the bench watching. I felt a little like I should go talk to her so I just walked over and sat down and started talking to the woman. I just started by introducing myself and asking about her little kids. She then just asked why I'm in Korea. So I told her we share the gospel, but I also mentioned we teach free English because usually people are more inclined to talk to me when I say that. She immediately told me to teach her. It caught me off guard when I learned that she meant the gospel. So yeah I had my very first street lesson. It was half in English though because she spoke English well. So whenever I didn't know how to say it in Korean I said it in English. I remember I shared my testimony of families and of the book of Mormon a lot. I tried to give her a copy of the book of Mormon, but all she was willing to take was the restoration pamphlet. I also gave her our number and told her we'd love to teach her more... soo far.. nothing. No calls or texts. So that bums me out. It's frustrating to have this awesome spiritual experience happen but then nothing. So I've been praying a lot hoping that she'll call or we will at least see her again.
Other than that, my week has just been the same as every other week. My investigators are progressing very very slowly, but it's still progression. That's all that matters. Last p day we went and spent the day with Sister Johnson and her companion. We had a blast because we really don't see them that often cause they live so far from us. I took some pictures of the food we ate that day. Then, on Tuesday it was a rainy day. A really really rainy day. I don't think I've ever seen it rain so hard or for so long before. We had our little cheap daiso(dollar store) umbrellas, but our feet were soaked! So soaked that my feet turned blue from the black material. Also.. you can see my nasty flat iron blister in the picture I sent lol. So, I will be in need of buying some new shoes because all my shoes aren't rainy weather appropriate. All are cotton, and leather.. so either send me my boots or I will be buying some shoes here that will be good in the rain. Sister Chao is thinking of doing the same. Seriously there were puddles everywhere!! Then I also sent you pictures of our investigator and us at a restaurant that's right down the street of the church. So we tend to go there a lot. It has the best 김 밥 (kimbop) so good! Then I also sent pictures of Sister Chao's and my adventure yesterday. Since it was my birthday we figured we should take some pictures. We both look hideous so I apologize haha.

On Thursday we had Zone training. We followed up about our past goal of trying to be more consecrated missionaries. I wish I could say I succeeded at telling you all about that, but I will tell you now  about our new goal. After Elder Cook's visit, President Morrise is now saying that we can work with the wards more. So that's fantastic! Because we've been trying to do that. We still will have investigators and do the normal finding and teaching, but it's also important to help the ward members and support them. So Sister Chao and I plan on visiting the members more now. This week we already have 3 meetings set up with members. So that's awesome! Our other goal is to share our testimonies every time we talk to people. We want to leave people feeling the spirit when we talk to them, so we want to do our best to find ways to share our testimony every chance we get. Elder Cook taught us that WE ARE THE MESSAGE. Every time people see us they see that we are missionaries. LDS missionaries are well known all over the world. I used to think they were only know in America, but even here in Korea people all know who we are and spread rumors about what we do and believe. So we are striving to be as Christ-like as we can be so that when people come in contact with us they don't just see us.. they see Christ through us. If there's anything I really want to do, it's that. I want to be able to talk to people and have them feel God's love through me. I'm going to study Preach My Gospel Ch. 6 because it's all about Christlike attributes. I know the more diligent I am at trying to be like the Savior, the better my mission experiences will be.

On Saturday night we had transfer calls... and they forgot to call us :( so we ended up having to call them Sunday morning to ask them about it. I'm still staying in Anyang with Sister Chao. Expect one elder in my district (Elder Campbell) is leaving :( so that's a bummer. He made me some cute little muffins for my birthday though and the rest of the elders surprised me by bringing candles and candy and everyone sang happy birthday to me. We also had a stake representative come and speak at church so that meant yay!! lunch party!! Yup, the relief society women brought food and everyone ate together after church. It was secretly my birthday party though ;) haha Then Sister Chao and I visited less actives and members and brought them some delicious banana bread that we made together. (seriously it's so good. I can't stop eating it haha)
At the last member's house that we visited she gave us her homemade drink. it has lek and the Korean famous little yogurt drinks. It is supposedly really good for your health. I was hesitant to drink it but it actually wasn't too bad. EXCEPT she gave us more and we ended up going home with some pretty smelly breath haha.
When I got home I received a couple phone calls from other missionaries saying happy birthday. But here's the best part.. I decided to shower because I felt gross from being outside all day, and while shampooing my hair, Sister Chao just starts yelling through the door (over my church music that i have playing) telling me I have to get out right away. So in like less than one minute I quickly got out, and turned out to be a call from President Morrise wishing me a happy birthday. So that's a memory I will never forget. I talked to my mission president on my birthday in a towel. At least he couldn't see me hahah that would have been a worse experience. hahah
As for today, Sister Chao and I are going to being celebrating my birthday by going to TACO BELL. YAY!!! I am so excited!! I'll make sure to take pictures of that very memorable moment. I mean who else can say they ate Taco bell in Korea.. Not you haha.

I love you all and wish you all a fabulous week!
Sister Kelly
Lunch with one of our investigators

Sister Kelly and Sister Chao

Birthday package with lots of Hot Cheetos.

Stepped on an iron and got a nice blister and blue feet from shoes getting wet in the rain.

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