Sunday, October 26, 2014

Miracles, Miracles, and More Miracles!

I just want to start off by saying that I LOVE exchanges with the sister training leader. Every single time I go on exchanges, miracles happen. Zone conference was great.We learned more about feeling the Holy Ghost, making goals and finding by the Spirit. It was great. After zone conference I began exchanges with Sister Hoffman, who is also a red head. YAY for ginger power! haha. Anyways, this time I got to leave AnSan and went to GimCheon (I think that's how it's spelled in English). We did some street boarding with the elders and it was really cool. The board had different life questions like "where do we go after this life", "how can I find happiness", "why do we have trials", and "which church is true?". We then just ask people on the street as they walk by if they would like to put a sticker under a question. Of coarse not everyone stops, but whenever people did. They would put the sticker under the question they want the answer to. Then we would hand them one of our pamphlets that would help them find their answer. It was actually really fun. But so difficult because I kept forgetting how to say to put a sticker in Korean haha. That night we got a call from Sister Hammerl and my companion saying that we had received a referral from the Seoul Mission. It's a woman and her husband and they love members of our church and they want to be taught about baptism and they are interested in baptism. Amazing!!
The next morning Sister Hoffman and I were walking on our way to a park near the apartment and we met a woman who recognized us as missionaries and she is an English teacher and she has been to our church before when she lived in America. So that was awesome! So Sister Hoffman is keeping me updated about that.
After that we went to the park, only to be met by another church who then tries to preach to us about their beliefs. We just kindly listen and then they kindly listened to us as we shared our beliefs, and then we left. So, that was like that other bible bash. It was very sophisticated and polite. That's how it should be, but yeah we talked to lots of people and then exchanged back. 
By the time I got back to Ansan I was so relieved. It felt good to be back in my own "home". On Friday we met with a new investigator who was a referral from another zone. She lives about an hour away from us, so we actually got home at 10pm because our appointment with her went a little over. By a little I mean a whole 30 minutes over. But she's so nice and also an English teacher haha. Pretty much all my investigators are English teachers it seems.
This week all our appointments seemed to either not go well or they were canceled. The 21 year old girl didn't even come to church or our lesson. Wonder what's going on with her?? But we had a random woman come to the church after church who was curious about our beliefs and so we gave her a little lesson and gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Hopefully she calls us. Other than that we are in the process of contacting that referral we received.
Sorry this email kind of jumps around.. I love you all!! take care!
Sister Kelly

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