Monday, October 6, 2014

I Think I Can... I Think I Can...

So this week started off with me feeling homesick and just feeling stressed. Almost like I was a train or car going up a steep hill but I just couldn't go up. However, by Friday I was reminded that I can do this and I just need to be patient and continue trying and eventually I'll get over the hill and make to where all the miracles and great things happen for missionaries.
So let me tell you how I went from feeling like going home to a "I think I can" missionary.

On Tuesday we met with our investigator 박미연. For English, we talked about history and science. We talked a lot about the creation of the universe and through the guidance of the spirit I started teaching her the Great Apostasy and about why a restoration was needed which then led to us having prophets on the Earth today. I can't recall how exactly that all flowed together but it was perfect and through the guidance of the Holy Ghost I just knew what to teach her. My companion and I actually planned on dropping her and talking to her about that, but instead I taught her a lesson all by myself. Sister Jeong would have helped but I was on a role with the lesson so I guess she decided to be quiet? I don't know, but that was a good lesson.
박미연 still doesn't really want to pray at all so we still have to help her with seeing why it's important and to have a desire. However, on Wednesday, with our other investigator we finished teaching the Plan of Salvation and she ended up telling us that she knows believing in God,and praying is important, and she said she wants to but it's hard for her because her mind tells her that it's not real. So basically she has no faith. I felt so happy after our lesson because we finally got her to open up to us. We went from a lesson where she was practically closed off to hearing my testimony to now she knows she should believe and kind of sorta has a desire to believe. So, that really started getting me to feel like my hard work is paying off. I'm finally seeing some results.

Our recent convert 유인순 and her daughter are reading the Book of Mormon!! And she fasted yesterday and paid her tithing for the first time. Super super happy for her. We also had a meal with the relief society presidency and 유인순 so it was so great. Having support from the ward members truly helps us and helps 유인순. She needs as much support as she can get. I am so eager for when she continues to meet her goals so that we can get her to the temple :D

Also, on Friday we had interviews with President Morrise. I was not really looking forward to it, just because it's awkward, but meeting with him helped me so much. It was only a 20 minute meeting, but it was a much needed 20 minutes. He reminded me of how well I really am doing and that I truly can do this. Yeah, I'll probably have other hard times with investigators but I just have to keep pushing myself through those hard times and I'll make it to the top of the steep hill.
And I'm happy to say that after changing my attitude, things really are starting to look up. We received 2 referrals. One is from Daejon mission for a 20 year old girl named 차해라 and the other is a family! Both my dream investigators is coming true!! We met with 차해라 on Saturday and she has truly been prepared by the Lord. She has been to church with the famous member Brother Holley two times and she also has friends who are members of the church. When we met with her we learned so much about her and she has a desire to want to come to church with us every sunday and she might even watch general conference this coming sunday. And she wants to continue learning about the gospel. AMAZING!!! Although, she did have a box of cigarettes fall out of her pocket, it doesn't matter. We can teach her about the Word of Wisdom and all will go well. I seriously love her and I'm so happy that she's my age. I really want to become like her friend and not so much like I'm just some strange foreign missionary. As for the family, we haven't met with them yet. They are busy this week so we will contact them again later.

So, as you can see, I'm trying... and as soon as I remembered to keep a positive attitude, things started to look up. I got a new investigator and a referral for a family. AMAZING!! Total blessing!! My prayers are being answered!! <3
I hope you all enjoyed watching General Conference. I would wake up Sunday and this morning and laugh that I slept through conference. I can't wait to watch it this weekend. It'll be like the superbowl! Oh and I will also get transfer calls. I highly doubt I'm leaving AnSan but my companion might. Guess we will see won't we?? LOVE YOU ALL!! God bless<3
Sister Kelly

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