Saturday, October 4, 2014

Transfers Almost Over Slope

So this has been the longest transfer. 7 weeks! Too long! But just like all other normal 6 week transfers, we have hit the dumps. My companion and I are feeling a little stressed. Our investigators aren't progressing, just when we thought they were... they really weren't. So that's discouraging. I also had my same cold symptoms come back so this week I rested a lot. Today, I still have a cough, but I'm feeling better. The temple was really nice, as always, but I was sick so it wasn't as enjoyable as I wish it could have been. I think my medicine makes me sleepy because I was falling alseep during the session.
So, with all the rest that equals less time out talking to people. We did a little bit each day. I wasn't going to be a complete bum all week long. I still want to be a diligent missionary. However, when we would go outside trying to talk to people, there was hardly anyone around. I've come to realize Ansan isn't really a good place to just talk to people on the street. We have tried going to places where people are but that's the shopping mall, where everyone is with their friends, boyfriends, and their shopping. No one wants to talk to you when their shopping haha. So, yeah that place doesn't work. So when we walk around it's literally just walking around trying to find at least one person who will stop and talk to us. I don't even want to think about what it's like when it's snowing. That'll be torture! I'm sure we'll be knocking on doors then. So that'll be a first for me.. totally not excited..
Besides all that though, we had a really really good lesson with 유인수 who is our recent convert.
A little background on here is that she was originally an English interest. She began the 30/30 program and ended up wanting to know more about the gospel. To be honest, she doesn't really seem to care to learn English at all. She just can read that's it. She doesn't know what it means or care to study.. haha but I love her she's hilarious. She is a sales consultant for Amway so she always tries selling products to us. Just soooo expensive so I just politely listen. She, initially, wanted to learn more about the church and join it because it's just like what she does for her work. Not quite sure how but she can go on forever talking about it. So, sadly I don't feel like she was really prepared for her baptism as well as she should have been. We meet with her twice a week and there's stuff she doesn't know or was never taught. So it's good we have to reteach everything anyways, because she needs it. Anyways, back to the great lesson...
I have had constantly on my mind since probably the second lesson I taught her that she doesn't have a testimony of this church. She wants to believe it because she likes it, but she's never read the Book of Mormon. She is really good at praying daily, but she struggles with different things still. So these past couple weeks we have been reading scriptures together trying to show her how to study the scriptures. So, she can do it on her own daily. So, this past lesson with her and her daughter, we really emphasized the importance of daily scripture reading. Majority of the things I said I didn't plan.  It was completely by the spirit and the korean just flowed, or more like skidded, out of my mouth. So I was able to ask her inspired questions that really helped my companion and I know her needs. We commitment her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it and bore our testimonies to her. It was a really spiritual lesson. I can't wait till she gains that testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and that it witnesses that Jesus is indeed the Christ.  She has such a good heart, and I love her so much. I can already picture her in a white dress going to the temple. Now I just have to help her see that for herself.

Sorry if this email doesn't make much sense. Still sick and my mind is jumping from different thoughts. I love you all though and hope you all enjoy watching General conference. Don't spoil it for me hehe
Love, Sister Kelly

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