Wednesday, October 22, 2014

6 Months!

Hey there everyone! On Tuesday we all went to the Bishop's house for dinner. It was their sons birthday party and the  Bishop's wife had been wanting to feed us since they couldn't for Cheosok. It was super fun and the food was amazing! I took pictures so make sure to look at those. Then on Wednesday we met our new elders. The greenie Elder Evans is super smart and already knows a whole lot of Korean. It's insane. And the other one is Elder Steel. He's being greenie broken by Elder Munk. Both of them seem like they will fit in just fine in our district. We went and did english class advertising together as a district and seeing Elder Evans try to talk to every single person possible brought back memories of my greenie days. I wish I could help him more, because I know exactly what it's like being new and not knowing anything. And that's when it hit me that by the end of this month I will have been in South Korea for 6 whole months!! Ridiculous! I always say time flies, but really... it's go soooooo fast! I've been here 6 months! By Thanksgiving I'll be at my half way mark already. So crazy! But enough of that.. If I talk more about it I'll get trunky haha.

So the miracles from last week seemed to kind of lessen this week. Our investigators aren't progressing AT ALL. The 21 year old girl 차해라 didn't even show up to church or our lesson like she said she would, and we received a Book of Mormon back from that the Harmony that we had given service to. She said she can't read anymore, but was still very grateful for our service. We tried our best to get her to keep it. Saying it's a free gift and she can just  give it to someone else who might want it. But she insisted we take it. So that was a little disappointing to have the what I thought was a miracle really not be. However, even though I had some disappointments this week, I still had some miracles. On Thursday, after our service activity I was still hungry so I asked my companion if I could go get a churro or donut on our way back home. But then I had a thought about this waffle cafe close to our house and decided I wanted that instead. Well, turns out the Holy Ghost was guiding my stomach and taste buds. Because if we hadn't had gone to that Cafe then we never would have met with two former investigators. It was a husband and wife who are super dooper smart. He has his masters and she was a nurse for 50 years. We ended up sitting with them talking for about 30 minutes until we had to go. So hopefully we can start getting in contact with them again.
Then on Friday we got a referral from another sister missionary whose area was closed down because of the lack of sister missionaries coming to our mission. So she was referring her investigator to us and we now have an appointment with her this coming Friday. Super excited about that because she is really good at English and also has some gospel interest. Hopefully all goes well :)
Yesterday, we also visited a less activity family who we've never met or seen before. When we got there the mother was super nice and just welcomed us in. She is a professor at two different schools I think... with the lack of Korean I couldn't really understand all. And so while there she had students come over to practice for a debate. We just sat talking to the 25 year old daughter. She seems super cool. She is in her last year of college and has gone to America before for school and just traveling. She said that when she went to Utah she stayed with a family that are members and they reminded her that she needs to go to church again but never did when she came back to Korea. But now she said she will :) And we made an appointment to visit her next Sunday :) So it's a start at least. The whole family is members but all less active so maybe with the help of the elders we can get them all coming to church again.
That's about it for this week.
Silly quotes of the week: During companionship inventory of weekly planning, I said to my companion in a sarcastic way, "Do we have any challenges that are keeping us from... " and then Sister Jeong cut me off and said, "EATING!" haha yeah I guess we eat too much.
If you saw me and my companion together you would see how well we get along so that's why we don't take companionship inventory too seriously haha. We don't really need it.
On another day my companion was whining like a baby trying to annoy me because I told her she can't haha, so while she was doing this I tried to say you're a baby in Korean but accidentally called her a demon instead of a baby. We had a good laugh.
Anyways, stay tuned in for next week where you'll get to hear about Zone Conference  and exchanges with the Sister Training Leader!!
Love ya and miss all of ya!
Sister Kelly

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