Saturday, May 16, 2015

President Said What?

Another Transfer has come and gone, This one came with a big surprise!

Sister Kelly has been called as a sister training leader for her last two transfers. EEK! Another change is that since our new ward boundaries were made, we are now over Gajeong area. Which is part of the Incheon airport. We won't really be over Bupyeong anymore,but some of the ward members live there so we will be able to visit them. The new changes of boundaries also resulted in our district changing from 4 missionaries(2 companionships) to 10 missionaries (5 companionships) SO weird! It'll be a lot of fun serving with more missionaries now. I'm glad all these elders are pretty solid and are fun to work with. I'm really surprised to be given the responsibility of sister training leader, but mostly because I don't feel worthy of it. While waiting for transfer calls, I mentioned to my companion that if it's a dun dun dunDUN! ringtone then it's President Morrise calling which means some BIG news is calling. Because she still has one transfer of training left, we both assumed there wouldn't be any changes. To our surprise we heard the dun dun dun DUN! ringtone and President Morrise shared with me that I'll be sister training leader. All I could think was 헐! What is he thinking?!haha But I am so grateful the Lord has given me this opportunity. I have some leadership experience from being ASB president, but it was never with spiritual matters so it's a little intimidating. However, I think it will help push me to be better like I want to be; because I really do want to set a good example for the other sisters. So, I'll be helping the zone leaders now with all the zone trainings which means I'll have to train in English AND Korean. FUN!

Good area news is that our fasting and prayers were answered and we were able to meet with Crystal this week. We also picked up a new investigator who wants to do the English program. Her name is Lisa Kim. We've only met once, but we'll be meeting weekly now :) When we met with Crystal we taught about keeping the commandments and focusing on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy in the best possible way she can. She has to work on Sundays so we showed her how she can try keeping it a special day by not shopping on Sunday and reading her scriptures when she's home. She still has a lot of question(most were all deep doctrine questions) so I'm grateful we were able to have a member present. I don't know when we will meet her again, but she said she is thinking of quitting her part time job, because she'd like to come to church. The Bishop has a really good relationship with her as well, and helps answer all the questions we can't really answer well in Korean. So, I'm really grateful for that. This Wednesday night she said she will go to the BYU wind symphony with us, so that'll be really great. The Asia area presidency has asked the missionaries to try to invite everyone we can to the concert. We invited a former investigator, Ritchell, Crystal, and even Sarah Cha. Sarah can't go but all the others said they want to go. So, I hope they actually go! I am super excited about it. Just wish Dad was there to experience it with me, since that's kind of "our thing" to listen to music like that.

 This past week, after setting some goals for myself, I actually felt very good at just having conversations with people. While on exchanges I mentioned to Sister Telford(STL) my new goals and desires; so being accountable for those helped push me to talk to people as we traveled. I ended up giving a woman a restoration pamphlet. I remembered it really is easy. I had forgotten that feeling. My hardest part is just opening my mouth more and get the conversation started. I have always talked to people when they talk to us or notice us first because I don't like being a "전도사"(a preacher or evangelist I guess who forcefully tells others to repent kind of thing). Lots of Koreans have a negative feeling or view about them so I try to avoid that.

This past week though, Sister Mustain said she was willing to be pushed to open her mouth and start the conversation, which is all she can do and then when it got to the point where she didn't understand, I would keep the conversation going, which is what I can do. So far, that method has been working for us. We even gave 가가호호 a try.Which is tracking door to door. I know of other missionaries who have had success with that, so I wanted to try it out again.  Nothing special there. Everyone didn't answer or didn't even open the door, but I felt really good about it still. So, I'm looking forward to doing that a little more. We plan to choose less actives to visit and then tract that same apartment complex or outside near it.
I am really liking that the Lord is confirming my desires/answering my questions through all the recent training we've had. It's exactly what I've been studying and it's only inspiring me more and more to be a more diligent "PMG" missionary. President Morrise has started saying,"obedience brings blessings; Diligence brings miracles." I know that to be true.
Well, that's all I have for this week; thanks for all the emails and support! 사랑해요!<3
켈리 자매

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