Sunday, May 17, 2015


Not much to update on this week besides that on Wednesday we got to attend BYU Wind Symphony. Crystal and her mom came and even a former investigator name 지성. I invited 지성, but her scedule seemed really busy and hard so I assumed she couldn't come. So that was a miracle in itself that she and her husband came. They really seemed to like it and Crystal and her mother as well. Crystal is texting us practically daily so that's great. Just yesterday we were talking about how we want to stay friends forever and she still believes it's a miracle that we met and she's just so happy. Thanks dad for emailing her back. She really liked that. :) We still haven't been able to meet with her in order to help her prepare for baptism. So, it looks like her date will be pushed back sadly. But I'm still praying and fasting for her. I know that if she were to have the opportunity to come to church and meet she would so I know the Lord can provide a way for that to happen. We just gotta' keep prayin'!
We had dinner as a district with our new ward mission leader and his family yesterday. With our district being so big we were all crowded together around two small tables on the floor. I should have taken a picture. After dinner we had a mini testimony meeting and shared about what role prayer has played in our lives. It was wonderful; hearing everyone's testimony strengthened my testimony for sure. I am so grateful for prayer. Through prayer we can speak to our Heavenly Father and I know He always answers our prayers. It may not be how we expect or how we want, but He always does and He always shows His love to us. It's just our job to look for how He is blessing us and answering our prayers.
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