Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hey everyone! Last week was so crazy busy. So I'll try explaining it day by day.  From Monday to Wednesday morning, Sister Chestnut and I had a really stressful 2 days. I'm used to a busy schedule that's not what made it stress. What was stressful was that we didn't get our missionary funds until April 1st (Wednesdau) and we were running really, really, REALLY low. On Monday we became a three some with Sister Mortensen so that was cool. Her companion went home early for personal reasons and so we all had to go to the bus terminal to send her home on a bus home. However, I had no more money. So thank goodness mom sent me $40 in American dollars, because I really needed it. Every chance we got we would check to see if our missionary debit cards had funds yet, but every time it wasn't there. So, I got $20 exchange at the Bank to Korean currency. (I wanted to save the other $20.) So, now I know how to do that. Real easy actually haha. So, I was able to travel just fine. EXCEPT! I was dumb and bought gifts for all my former companions who are going home so that left me with about $5 dollars or so. What a dummy I am! I was really pushing it.
On Tuesday we had our service activity at the local library teaching English to a couple women. Because we were low on money we walked. Right afterwards we walked to a members house so Sister Chestnut could say goodbye them before we went to a dinner with the Elders and another member. We only had enough money to pay for our travels or for that dinner meal. I knew I still had $20 in American money so I brought it just in case I needed  to exchange it and use it.  We spent a little bit too long at the members' home mostly because we had to wait for something they were putting together for her. Because we were running late, the wife  came up to me and whispered to me as she gave me $10 to take a taxi. During our visit we had mentioned that Sister Chestnut had her exit interview with President Morrise, so they were worried we would be late. We aren't supposed to accept money from people so I tried really hard to decline it but she is a Korean women and she was insisting and just wouldn't let me NOT take it. And we really didn't have any more time to like argue about it so I took it. Shame on me right? I'm terrible. But to be honest that saved us. That was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. We all split it up between us and we were able to make it 10 minutes before her interview. Perfect timing! I feel like it's a miracle mainly because we never once mentioned to the members that we didn't have enough money for our plans for the day. We were hoping we would receive our mission funds and it would all work out. However, every time we checked at the bank it still didn't come. Plus, the bank had closed by that time so I wasn't able to exchange my American 20 dollar bill anymore.So, receiving that money from the member made it possible for us to be able to travel to and from her interview and also have dinner with the elders and Brother Joon. It wasn't a ton of money, but it was just what we needed to get by that day.

We had transfers Wednesday morning and sadly no money to get there. But we knew for sure we had received money on our MMS cards by then so we checked and Hallelujah! It was finally there. No more living on the wild side! Went to transfers and said goodbye to all my former companions, except Sister Van Weezep, because they all were going home together. So bittersweet, but I got a cool picture of me and all my companions, so that was cool!
The best part of the day was going to the mission home to pick up my new greenie! Her name is Sister Courtnie Mustain. She is 19 years old and from Cedar Hills, Utah. She and I have been getting along great. I just feel bad that I've been dragging her around every where getting a tiny bit lost. We found out that we actually are over 2 areas Bupyeong and Gyesan so that's been a fun adventure so far. After picking her up and having some training, we went straight to Mayan's birthday party. It was almost over by the time we got there, but Mayan seemed really happy that I was able to come. It pretty much was just a party with Mayan, his dad, and a bunch of missionaries, but he seemed to have a good day. So that made me happy. He came to English class and also got a haircut so I think he's feeling better now :)
As for Crystal and all our other investigators. I have no clue what's going on there. Weren't able to meet any of them and Crystal didn't come to church :( But we are keeping in contact so that's good. We did, however, pick up a new investigator for Bupyeong area. She started the Family English program with us. It was a really good first meeting so we'll see how things go from here on out.
The Easter Because He Lives video has been a great way to talk to people. We're still running from one appointment to other but a few times here and there I've been trying to mention it to everyone and share my personal testimony of the Savior. This week I'll try to teach my new companion how to talk to everyone on the street haha.
Glad to hear General conference was so good. I'm really looking forward to hearing the talks by our latter day prophet Thomas S. Monson. I've been waiting and waiting for conference. I'm really hoping to receive lots of personal revelation through conference for myself and most important for all of my investigators.
Love you all so much!!!
Sister Kelly

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