Sunday, March 29, 2015


Another Transfer has come and gone, This one came with some changes!

I'm going to be training! Yay! I wasn't really shocked. In fact, I was hoping I would train. So, you'll all have to wait till next week to find out who my new greenie is.  Also, I didn't hear anything about me being over Bupyeong so that's also great news. Less stress for me! :D

Good news about this past week is that we met with Sarah Cha again. Her cute little kids were all getting sick and so we weren't able to meet but after continually following up with her and seeing how she and her family is doing she invited us over again. We were able to share the Easter video with her and her son Thomas. She liked it so much she shared it on Facebook to her friends. Awesome! Our mission is going to start focusing a lot on Jesus Christ and the #BecauseHeLives initiative. So, I'm praying and hoping we'll be able to find a lot of knew people through it and help others come unto Christ.
Also, do you remember how I mentioned that Crystal was leaving for a month for work? Well, turns out it got canceled completely and now she is back for good :) Yay! We met with her last Tuesday and it didn't quite goes as planned but was still really good. She was asked by the bishop to read Alma 32 about faith being compared to a little seed. When she came to our lesson on Tuesday though she mentioned how she read it 3 different times, but still didn't understand it. So, we changed our lesson plans and ended up just reading the whole chapter with her and talking about it as we read. By doing that, we were able to help her liken the verses to herself and I think that was key for her. She still has so many questions and she wants proof about everything, so we tried our best to help her see that she just needs to focus on prayer and reading the Book of Mormon like we taught her and she will come to know the truth for herself.
Sadly, she didn't make it to church yesterday but our ward had a music fireside yesterday and she came to that. We had 5 members from the ward share their conversion stories and in between each talk their was a video or song. The missionaries all sang my favorite hymn I Know My Redeemer Lives and the Bupyeong sisters played the violin and sang I Am a Child of God. It was a great fireside. We ended the fireside by watching the church's new Easter video Because He Lives and it was such a powerful good way to end it. I felt the spirit for sure and I know without a doubt that He lives. He died that I can feel of His love and have hope and JOY as I look back on my experiences where I had to have patience to endure trials. As I center my faith in Christ, I will have the spirit with me which will give me hope and confidence as I move forward in my missionary work and in my life. I hope you all watch the video and share with everyone your own personal testimony of Jesus Christ. I love you all so very much. Enjoy watching General Conference this weekend. Don't give me too many spoilers! ;)
Sister Kelly

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