Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It's officially been a year since I entered the Missionary Training Center and began my missionary service. Time has just flown on by. It's crazy that's it is already March 2015! In a blink of an eye it'll be June and my birthday! I'm sorry to disappoint but on my actual year mark day I didn't do anything to celebrate. But what better way to celebrate than by teaching our investigator Crystal about the Plan of Salvation. She is progressing so much!! But I'll get to her in a minute.
I actually am celebrating my year mark going to suwon hwaseong fortress with that awesome MTC group of mine. I'm so excited! And last p-day I also got a much needed haircut so that was another cool 1 year mark present to myself.

Anyways, this week was pretty great. Had interviews with the mission president, taught children's English class this week (that was cool) and met with our investigators. Time just flew on by! I say that a lot huh?? But it's true! :D We met with Crystal every day this week except Sunday and on Friday we saw her at English class. She's doing great. We've taught her the whole restoration and the plan of Salvation discussions. Today we will be focusing on helping her learn how to develop faith in Jesus Christ. She's been reading the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. She is praying daily as well and said that she feels the difference in her life. She said every day she meets with us she's happier than the day before. We also gave her the commitment of when she comes to know that what we are teaching her is true, she will follow Jesus Christ. That was our very very soft way of preparing her for the baptismal commitment. I know that if she understands why we need to be baptized she will want to, but it's still so scary because I've never had the opportunity like this of having an investigator who would potentially actually get baptized. So please pray for me to have the courage to ask her this week. I need it.

We saw a miracle this week as well. After we meet with Crystal we take a bus home. We get on the bus and the bus driver hands us a Book of Mormon and is telling us he found it. Some missionary left it on the bus. So we took it and sat down. Sister Chestnut began telling me about how this bus driver has seen missionaries come on his bus for over 6 years and he once talked to her and her last companion about English class. Then just couple minutes later as the bus gets to a red light. The bus driver parks the bus and walks back to us asks if he can have the Book of Mormon and us being confused just handed it to him and didn't care. In fact, we were kinda sad that he handed it back to us. As we approached our stop to get off, we stood by the bus exit. We got to another red light and He made eye contact with me in his overhead mirror and motioned for me to come. So, I awkwardly walked up to him and he goes off telling me about how he found it showing me how it was just sitting there under the chair. Then he asks me where it was from and I was confused mostly because I wasn't sure if I understood him correctly-you know with him speaking in Korean and all, so I asked him if he meant where it's from and he was like yeah. So I said it's about the people of ancient American Continent, etc. But I was wrong... and he had to start driving again so I was nervous.. but he explained he wanted to learn English and kept talking about where and a phone number and kept motioning for me to look at the Book of Mormon. Well, I flipped through it and saw the mormon.org pass along card with the elders names and phone numbers and it hit me! He wants to meet with the missionaries and actually wanted to know who left it on the bus like where are those missionaries serving. So just before we got off I told him and showed him the number and he was way happy!
Sunday morning we rode the same bus and learned that he is now doing the 30/30 program with the Bupyeong elders!! A miracle!!!
And lastly, the elders' investigators are doing great. One has a baptism this coming Sunday and he passed his baptismal interview!! YAY! And Sam will be baptized March 22nd! The elders said he's amazing! I can't remember if I mentioned it before to you guys but I had a prompting that Sam should watch the Earthly father, Heavenly Father Mormon message and so I told the elders about it and they ended up showing it to him and he loved it!!! He even downloaded the audio onto to his phone and listens to it while traveling to work and home and said its like a piece of heaven. I'm so glad I followed that prompting. The elders said that he asked why they picked that one out of all the other videos, and they said that God wanted him to watch it, and it's definitely true. God knows us each so personally and wants us to follow him and wants to bless us with all He has.
Sister Kelly

Here is the video I wanted Sam to watch:

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