Sunday, April 26, 2015

14 Months!

Unfortunately, there's been no progress with any of the people we've been teaching. Last week Crystal accepted a baptismal date, but now can't even meet with us because of work. However, I am trying hard for us to keep in touch through the phone. I know she has the desire to want to meet and come to church, but with her new internship all the way in Seoul she just can't. At first that was ok, I figured we could make it work,not really realizing the impact not meeting would have on her. She's now said she has no time to read her scriptures. So I started sending her scriptures through text every other day and she seems to like that. I just slip in my thoughts or my testimony with it and that gives her a little taste of what she would get from when she meets with us.
I know that doesn't make up for an actual lesson or church itself, but it's better than just dropping her all together. I just don't want to lose contact with her because I know a day will finally come that she can meet and I want us to be prepared to teach her.

With the lack of lessons however, we were still super busy. On Tuesday we had a really fun zone conference. I got to take lots of cool pictures! Also, with a new stake center being built in Incheon stake, our stake and Gangseo stake will be combining starting next Sunday. On Wednesday and Thursday all us Incheon stake missionaries were assigned a day to go proselyting around the new stake center's neighborhood. My district's day was Wednesday along with 가정 and 연수. We made a cool sticker board that had questions referring to the new building and our beliefs as "Mormons" so we did that for an hour and then ended up switching with some elders and just walked around the rest of the 4 hours. Our purpose to inform people about the fun cultural night, and open house that was going to happen that weekend. While doing that, I was able to show Sister Mustain the ropes of how we talk to people. It was really rough, because no one really cares, and most of the people were all old Harmonies( grandmas.) Most of the time it's not that great of a method to just sit and talk to old people all day, mostly because we can't understand them, but this time we had a pretty great experience.
After walking around for a couple hours I felt like sitting down so I suggested we go back to the huge park near the church that we had previously walked through. When we got there, if we were going to sit down, I at least wanted to talk to someone. So, we looked around and I spotted a cute harmoni sitting by herself. She looked at us and I took that as a sign that she was the one we should talk to. We walked over to her and introduced ourselves. Told her about who we are and about the activities going on at the church that weekend. She ended up asking us about our families and in return told us about hers and how hew son was studying English and she was waiting for him. I mentioned to her about how we teach free English as a service and then her son came and she told him to talk to us. She was funny. She got up from where she was sitting and took our flyer handed it to her son and sat on a nearby bench as we talked to him. It was a little awkward at first, but I just started a conversation and mentioned to him about the free English class. He was really interested and I got his number and told him that I'd have some elders call him with more information later. But that wasn't the end of our conversation. He wanted to practice some English with us, and during that we were able to learn more about his family and that he likes music eventually leading to me inviting to come to the cultural night that weekend. It was pretty cool.
I got a text later from the elders I referred his number to and they seemed really happy. I mean what missionary wouldn't?

Cultural night was so great! I filmed it so that you all could be apart of it, but my lame camera died and so I didn't get all of it. I did get us missionaries singing though, so that was really all I cared about. I'm not sure if dropbox will be able to upload them all today. I'll try my best though. The new stake center is absolutely gorgeous though! It's 4 stories and even has a loft thing outside! So cool! Seeing this made me wish we had building as cool as that one back in America. The church in Korea is growing. Seeing an amazing huge stake center like this just made me so happy for all the Korean saints who will be able to attend there. Following cultural night, there was the open house on Saturday morning. All us missionaries and a couple young single adults served as guides to help people take a tour of the new building. President Ringwood even came and I got to shake his hand.. again. Haha
On Sunday, the fun events ended with stake conference. It was packed! I thought our stake back home was big. They filled all the pews, the whole cultural hall, the stage, and even had a overflow room upstairs where they had to watch it on a TV. Ritchell came with her husband so I was super excited about that. Sounds like they had a good experience. During conference, they announced all the new ward boundaries and called a completely new stake presidency; President Ringwood and his wife spoke; and they ended with the dedicatory prayer of the new building. It was a really cool experience. After the prayer, we all sang together filling the room with the spirit. It was a truly powerful feeling in the air hearing all the Korean saints singing together in praise and thanks to God for what He's given us.
I know this is the Lord's work. Nothing can stop it from rolling forth. I am so grateful for this sacred opportunity I have to be serving the Lord here in Korea these past 14 months. I hope and pray that I can strive to the very end of my mission to serve to the best of my ability and be an instrument in His hands. There's so much that I have learned, it's truly been a humbling experience, and there's still lots more that I need to learn and to improve on. I'm not sure if I'll be able to help anyone be baptized, but there is one thing I know for sure, and that is that the Lord has a plan for each and every one of us. He knows us each personally and each opportunity we have is given by Him for our benefit and it's a blessing. I know that the Lord did indeed restore His true church on the earth again and that through me He has blessed lives, and will bless lives. I might not see all the results of my hard work, but I know my efforts aren't wasted.

켈리 자매

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