Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fun Week!

Hey there! I'm sure you're all wondering how Cheosok went so I'm here to tell ya.First, on Monday we spent the evening with some Russians! They were visiting their friend who is a member in our ward. One of them isn't a member so they wanted us to come along and just have fun. We went and got some ice cream at Baskin Robbins and walked around a cool park here in Ansan. Cheosok conference was a blast though! So much fun! We we had some training from President Morrise, and also a special guest. Elder Han! He's so nice! He was one of the first missionaries in Korea. He also translated the Book of Mormon into Korean, and he was made a general authority in 1991. He's also been a mission president. First one in Korea and then also other missions in Japan and in Utah I think. It was cool to be able to have every missionary in my mission all gathered together. However, I felt like it should have been a lot more missionaries there, but then again my mission is small. haha In my mind I imagined more missionaries than that that's all. So Elder Han taught us a few things about Korean culture. Some things I already knew and others were interesting and new to learn. President Morrise gave us a lot of new material for helping with learning Korean so that's way cool. The church added to the First 12 weeks booklet adding in things about learning a language. So President Morrise emphasized how the church is emphasizing the importance of learning the language. He said that Korean isn't hard. It really isn't. It just takes a lonnnnnggggg time. After training we all ate lunch together, and then had a fun proselyting activity where we went out and had to do a scanvenger hunt  about talking to people and doing service, etc, and that ended with zone skits and a talent show. It was way too long though, but so funny. I recorded the skits, however, I can't upload them to dropbox because it will take about 4 hours it says. But the skits aren't that good or funny to you anyways because it's half in Korean and it's mission inside jokes haha like about Korean taking a long time and eating spam haha. So we can watch them when I get home in August and I'll explain them to you. The talent show was mostly just missionaries singing. Some were really cool unique things though. Made me wish I had a talent that I could show, all my talents are like being a good listener or something along those lines. Anyway, we didn't end up getting home till 10:30pm! It was so great though. Best thanksgiving/Christmas ever!

Not much else to really report. However, I got my companion to exercise her faith with me. We made a companionship goal to give away 5 copies of the Book of Mormon this week. That may not seem like a lot, but we can barely give out 1 or 2 so it's a good goal I think. I just really want to start seeing some miracles happen. And I've read over and over again in the scriptures about how to do that is to exercise your faith and the only way to do that is to act. So after much convincing I got her to make the goal with me. Sister Aoyagi had shared a story about two sister missionaries who did the same thing except 10 Book of Mormons in one day.  By 8:30 they still had one copy left and so they prayed asking the Lord to provide one more person between then and when they went home for curfew at 9. And after they tried they saw a girl who was walking alone down the street and they talked to her. She wasn't really interested at first but she took the Book of Mormon when they gave it to her. The missionaries insisted on meeting again the next day to talk about why they wanted to give her the Book of Mormon and at first she had plans but she said " what you have to say seems to be more important than what I had planned so I'll meet with you and cancel my plans."  Later this same girl was baptized. Complete miracle! So I want to do exactly that! And so next week I'll let you know how it goes. Pray for me ok?  LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Kelly

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