Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun Happenings in Korea

Happy 추석! (pronounced Chew sowk) So here in Korea they don't celebrate Thanksgiving (because that's an American holiday duh!) but they have their own holiday and it's called 추석. It's much like Christmas and thanksgiving where everyone gets together with friends and family and eats lots of food and give each other gifts. My companion, Sister Jeong, even gets to call home to her family today. If only I was Korean too! :( Sorry guys! haha So tomorrow all the missionaries in my whole mission will be getting together to celebrate and have a mission training as well. I can't wait. All the older missionaries say it's super fun. But that's not all that's happening here in Korea. Last week we had a mission tour where Elder Aoyagi from the quorum of the seventy came with his wife and they spoke to us for 3 days. My zone along with two other zones met together for this meeting. So I was so excited to see not only Sister Gooch, but also Sister Johnson, AND my favorite Sister Van Weezep! They all are as sweet and as beautiful as ever. Since we first came to Korea that was the first time we were all together again. Elder and Sister Aoyagi gave such great talks-in ENGLISH too. Their Japanese and so it was powerful hearing them speak to us in broken English but nevertheless, I felt the spirit. So wonderful. We also all got to eat out at a restaurant together. So pretty much the whole restaurant was filled with missionaries haha. The last thing that's happened lately is that we picked up a new investigator!! :) And she's gospel interest!! Grrr. English interests are annoying! Haha Anyways, she was a referral from some missionaries in another zone. When we first contacted her she just asked us to pray for her, but after we texted and called her about how we are praying for her, she wanted to meet! :) Great right? So, this past Saturday we met her in person for the first time. She told us about the many trials she is having right now and as we just talked to her she just started asking questions about this church and about the Book of Mormon. We ended up reading the introduction together and she said she wants to read the whole thing! Sounds pretty golden right? I hope I haven't jinxed it -__- but there's potential and if all we do is help her come even a little closer to Christ that's all worth it. I've also starting notice how much Korean I actually know and understand. I still have lots to learn but I met one of the newest missionaries who came and they know nothing. So it was nice see how much progress I've made the 4 months I've been here.
I love you and hope you had a awesome day. God bless! <3
Sister Kelly

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