Friday, August 8, 2014

One Year More

Exactly a year from today (Aug. 3) I will be coming home. Seems super dooper far away huh? I definitely think so. Counting up rather than counting down is much better. I feel like I have been in Korea forever. But for how much Korean I know and understand, 3 months makes a whole lot more sense.

This past week had it's ups and downs, but I made it to Monday. Too bad today isn't technically P-Day. We go to the temple this Thursday though so yay! I just have to make it till Thursday. We had lessons this past week with pretty much just members and our recent converts. Whenever we taught I didn't really talk much. I wish I could say I had a really good experience where I was able to understand, but nope. I still have no clue what's said in lessons. Having a Korean companion makes that difficult. Everyone just talks so fast. Most cases, I can understand everything except one word or grammar form. But that one word or grammar form makes it so I can't understand at all what they are saying. So just picture me just sitting there quietly as Sister Jeong teaches the lesson. I really am trying though. I know I'm trying really hard because I leave each lesson with a headache. Thinking in English and then having to translate to Korean is exhausting.  Always leaves my brain on overload.
The weather seems to be having it's ups and downs too. One day it's actually a nice day, then it's super humid, and even raining the next. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MONSOON SEASON TO END!!
Last Wednesday was super humid. Just walking around outside with the blazing hot sun made me feel like I was bacon sizzling on a stove. I was sure I would probably get sunburned, thankfully I didn't! Not even a little burn :D

On Thursday when we went back to Anyang for zone training I was all sticky and sweaty by the time we arrived. Thankfully the subway trains and buses have air conditioning. Otherwise, I would have been drenched in sweat with big sweat tacos coming out of my armpits! haha
Zone training was really good though. I think I say that every time about zone training though. Why wouldn't it be good though? I was able to see beautiful Sister Gooch and my lovely ex-companion Sister companion. (hahah ex) I even received a letter! What missionary doesn't love receiving mail? Mail always makes me happy! Which I definitely needed it, because I've found myself feeling a little down lately. It's nothing really, just a few things are on my mind and adding the struggles of being a missionary to that just leaves me to start having doubts. I've come to realize I have a hard time staying depressed though. Which is really good though I guess. As soon as I start feeling down, the Lord reminds to be happy by giving me opportunities to laugh and enjoy myself. Some examples are of after zone training my district and I all went out together to advertise about our free English class. We went to this bridge where people walk or ride their bikes by the river. Elder Monk brought his ukulele and we enjoyed singing a little bit and playing it. However, it wasn't much of a success. Not that many people came by, and when they would they would be super quick hellos and we'd try getting them to take our flyer; ending in failure haha. With the lack of people and humidity it was pretty difficult, but at the same time it was fun. It was really good bonding experience as a district. The elders are hilarious! And so is Sister Jeong. Or maybe I just laugh at everything? Either way I'm so blessed to have such a fun district. Being together as a district has really helped me. Especially on Saturday.  That day was probably my lowest of the week. It started off really hot. Sister Jeong and I went and visited with this super cool fun couple who just had a baby. Who is way cute by the way! We walked part of the way there so that meant sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. But they had air conditioning in their house so it was all fine when we got there. However, I wasn't too happy, because I had to eat seafood. I'm really missing In-N-out that's all I've got to say. I ate some seafood and I'd prefer not to again.
So that left me unhappy along with not understanding pretty much a majority of the conversation. I only understood when they would help me by speaking in English to me. How great that made me feel -__- I wish I was better at Korean already. They also asked me questions to get to know me which reminded of the things I was depressed about. So I left their apartment feeling sad, trying to fake a smile. When we left we realized we were late to our children's English class and it was also starting to rain. We took a bus, got off bought some ice cream to make it up to the elders for being late and then ran to the church in the rain. And I love the rain so once again the Lord reminded me that I can be happy. Sister Jeong and I were laughing as we ran-awkwardly I might add- to the church building. And once we got to the church building we all played ping pong together. It was just what I needed to get my mind off of those depressing things.

Sister Jeong and I also ordered pizza  for dinner that a ward member had given us a gift certificate for. GREATEST PIZZA EVER! American food was another blessing that helped me feel better. However, that didn't last long until I realized I had lost my missionary support money card. So yeah I ended the night feel a little stressed. But the next day was Sunday where I felt the spirit and knew everything would be ok. I still have no idea why it's not in my wallet. I always made sure to put it back after I took out money.The office finance clerk, Elder Groesbeck, is ordering me a new one which will cost me about $15 sadly. Sorry mom and dad :(
So in the meantime I have no card. Sister Jeong and I are really good at not eating out too much and saying within our allowance. I didn't have money at the time though so that's why I took more out of my personal debit card. Elder Groesbeck told me it will take about 2-3 weeks till I get the new card so I will have to get my money through Sister Jeong. But, as annoying as that is, she is super sweet and willing to do that.

So that was my week.. there's still some rainy weather going on. Last night after our missionary weekly meeting with the ward mission leader we all walked home in the rain. Which I have no idea why, but it was relaxing even though I was soaked from the pouring rain with my small umbrella haha. I love you all and no need to worry about me.. just remember that whenever you are feeling down like I have been that the Lord will comfort you and remind you that there is always something to be thankful for. In fact, maybe even read President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's conference talk about being grateful in any circumstances:

 That talk has probably been the reason I've been able to always get my mood back up.

Sister Kelly

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