Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

This past week I was feeling a lot better. It had a lot to do with going to the temple on Thursday. I love temple p-days because not only do I get to attend the temple and be inside the Lord's house, but I only have to wait 3 whole days and then it's p-day again. Awesome right? Going to the temple was just what I needed. When we got there I had to wait a whole hour for the English session. That's the downside of having a Korean companion. But it was fine I was able to sit in the waiting room with President Morrise's wife. After my session was over, I felt so rejuvenated and recharged. I realized I didn't need to worry so much about my worries. Sounds weird,but yeah. I felt like I could just refocus my attention to serving the Lord will all of my heart again. It's still really hard and I have so much to do and learn still, but I just realized it wasn't important to focus on my doubts or worries. All that was important was helping people come unto Christ. I read an old ensign magazine on morning and there was a talk about "Enduring Well" I wrote about it in a letter to Alejandra. So, I apologize to her now for repeating it haha. I really wanted to share it with everyone because I really liked what it says.

Remember the movie Finding Nemo? One of my favorite characters is Dory. Somewhat because she's just the funny one in the movie, but also because of what she teaches Nemo's father, and us. Dory and Marlin go through obstacle after obstacle together, but Dory, being the ignorant yet optimistic fish that she is, would sing a song I know you all can quote, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim."
Dory and Marlin never would have made it through the huge swarm of jellyfish if they didn't keep swimming. They never would have met crush and squirt and got directions if they didn't keep swimming. And last of all, they never would have found Nemo again if they didn't keep swimming.

No matter what trials we each go through we must keep swimming in order to see the blessing waiting for us. I know that as I kept reminding myself to "just keep swimming" I was more confident in getting through the day. I found more confidence in talking to random people. I still had lots of hard times and I know I will have plenty more, but as long as I just keep swimming, everything will turn out ok. Which I can definitely say it's working. Sister Jeong and I picked up a former investigator again. She is interested in learning English, but we still have the chance to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. And we also will probably pick up a new investigator this week... hopefully.
I also witnessed 2 baptisms.. sadly it was just the bishop's daughter and another ward member's daughter. But hey! I was still so happy for them and it gave me hope and made me really exited to one day be able to help one of my investigators take that step and become baptized. Just gotta keep swimming is all haha ;)

Other than that, my week was good. I was able to convince my companion to go to taco bell (it really wasn't that hard haha) and we hung out with Elder Monk, and Elder Kim from my district and also Sister Chao and Sister Nebeker. It was way fun. I also visited the bishop's wife. I learned that she makes the best food ever. She made us probably the most delicious steak I've ever had. So good! She also makes some mean burritos! Oh! and last Wednesday for the first time ever, we had a really good turn out at English class. Probably about 20 came? Maybe... just 2 was nice. The weeks before we had no one show up haha. So hopefully we'll continue to be blessed with success :) Last thing is that I  helped my companion teach the young women's class on Sunday. We talked about dating haha. Since Sister Jeong has never dated she wanted me to share my dating knowledge.. ummm yeahhh it didn't go so well. My Korean sucks still that's all I have to say haha. I did a lot of cerades and pictionary haha

I hope you all are doing good. It was good to be able to hear from you all :)
Remember to just keep swimming this week ok?
Sister Kelly

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