Sunday, August 17, 2014


This week started off so great! We witnessed a miracle! Who doesn't like miracles right? A women (that the elders gave a English flyer to) called us and said she wanted to do the 30/30 program. We were super excited when we met with her the next day because she wanted to meet with us like 3 times a week.! Crazy right!? 3 times! Sister Jeong and I had planned to start off with how to begin teaching in Preach My Gospel and just get to know her better, but she saw the Book of Mormon and asked about it. Sister Jeong began to just introduce it and it seemed to go so well. I know I felt the spirit. The whole time that Sister Jeong was talking I wasn't really sure exactly what I should do. I wanted to be apart of the conversation but I just didn't know what to say, let alone did I understand anything. So I said a prayer to myself, and I received revelation! AMAZING! I felt this strong urge to give her the restoration pamphlet. We already had started to tell her everything in it, so I hesitated. But I knew it was a prompting so I gave it to her. And in the best Korean I could say, I asked her to read it and we would be talking about it next time we meet. And she said she would! Great right?  Immediately after the lesson, Sister Jeong and I began to picture this woman's conversion and we realized, if she was truly golden, she could be baptized by the end of the month! Amazing! I asked my companion if we could say a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for this miracle. It felt cheesy to ask that- realizing how much of a sister missionary I am truly becoming haha.
English class was once again a success on Wednesday night. We played charades which was a little hard for them but I had fun haha. On Thursday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I stayed in Ansan with Sister Lyman and Sister Jeong left. Boy was that a fun adventure! It just reconfirmed to me that all of you are right. I am terrible with directions. JUST TERRIBLE! We didn't have any lessons planned so we just had free time to talk to people on the street. We had planned to go with the elders but because it was raining they didn't want to anymore. Sister Lyman and I then decided we would visit a member in the ward. I had been there once before with Sister Jeong so I knew the buses to take. That was the start to our fun adventure of being lost haha. I ended up telling us to get off two stops too early. I thought we missed our stopped and so we walked until I would recognize the area. Well, I never recognized anything haha. We only walked straight down one street a long ways so we just turned around only to realize somehow we went in a circle? I still don't understand how? It's one straight street! haha But yeah, we walked all the way back to the bus stop we got off at and took that. Only to realize we took it going the wrong way. The bus went to it's last stop at a gas station where a bunch of buses were. We had a good laugh because of how random that was. I ended up calling the Elders for help and that got us going the right direction where I got us lost again by getting off the bus too soon. But we found our way home safely. Getting home at around 10pm. Yeah I had to call the Zone leaders and tell them. The elders all had a good laugh at my stupidity haha.  The next morning after exchanging back, we received a text from that one woman and she said she has completely no interest and her husband doesn't approve either. So that was a little bit of a downer. But we're doing ok. I understand it may just not be the right time for her to receive the gospel into her life.
I also finished reading the Book of Mormon yesterday. I was so happy! It only took me 3 1/2 months to read it. Fastest I've ever read it.  Reading it again only strengthened my testimony of it's truthfulness and I learned so many new things I never noticed before. I thought I had a good understanding of the stories, but now (probably because I am a missionary) they all made complete sense and I learned so much about how the missionaries like Alma, Sons of Mosiah, and Amulek were and how I want to be like them.  I can't wait to begin reading it all over again :)

Oh and I made dinner on Tuesday! With A-1 steak sauce ! So good. I miss eating delicious American food, and as soon as I admit that, the members take us to eat pizza hut. Hahah Yup on Friday we went to Pizza Hut Restaurant. It's super big and fancy here. Like it was a sit in diner. So good too. Sadly, so expensive. I ate a ton so it was worth the money. haha Anyways, that's about it this week. I loved hearing from all of you! Have a great week!
Sister Kelly

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