Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Email From South Korea!

First day in South Korea with mission President and Sis Chao
Hey everyone!! Korea is awesome! I am serving in 안 양 시 (on-young city). I have to write quickly because I spent a great majority of my time reading all of your awesome emails! Thanks though! I loved all of them! My companion's name is Sister Chao. She is NOT a native like you might think haha. She is from Utah. I don't know where exactly, but she is Chinese. My first few days here was a big adjustment. At first when I got here I was way exhausted. The plane ride was super long and I couldn't get any sleep. We actually had a lay over in Dallas from Salt Lake City. It was only suppose to be an hour but something was wrong with the plane and ended up getting delayed for 6 hours!! It sucked! But I at least got to call home and talk to my mom for that whole time. That was way cool. The mission home is WAY nice on the inside. By the time we got there it was 12am so they left us go to bed asap. I love my mission president and his wife. They are so nice and welcoming and pretty funny too.
My first area I've been assigned  looks a lot like L.A. in my opinion. Lots and lots of old looking buildings everywhere. My companion is Sister Chao. She is 24 I think. She is way nice, but I'm still getting to know her. My first days here were so hard and weird having to adjust. I couldn't understand anyone and I was already having to go out trying to talk to people. It was way hard. I still don't know what I'm doing, but everyone gets so excited when they see me, especially the old 할 머 니 들 (grandmas) haha. There was this one time we were walking through this outside market and my companion overheard these teenage girls saying they want to talk to me. So I turn around and say 안 영 하 사 요 (hello) to them. It was like I was some famous person haha. They got all excited and giggly and started to practice their English and asked me where I'm from. It was pretty weird, but helped me feel better about being in Korea. Just as those girls walked away, a couple of 할 머 니 (grandmas) grabbed my arm and just started saying a ton of stuff in Korean to me that I couldn't quite understand. I know they called me pretty a lot. They were all so happy about me being there and they said thank you in English. Then one of them even asked me to kiss her cheek. Weird right? haha
Anyway, we only have a couple of investigators so we are going to be doing a lot of finding here. Which means I will have to learn Korean fast! Boy oh boy I hope I can. Just yesterday I gave an older man a English card about our free English classes on Wednesdays. I even talked to him about the book of Mormon. The speaking isn't so bad, but the understanding what they say in response is what the problem is. I know I'll get it eventually though.
I'm having a hard time adjusting to the food as well. I've tried some things, but didn't like it. So I'm praying I'll be able to get used to it all or find something I like. I'm just grateful that my companion allowed me to order McDonalds one night. That was the best meal I've had so far. I will continue to try the foods though.
Today we are going to a Buddha temple because it's his birthday or something so that'll be way cool! I'm so sorry. I actually have to get off now. But I will tell you more next time and use my computer time better. Church was way weird. I wish I had more time to explain but I got to go. Sorry! I love you all! BYE!!
Sister Kelly<3

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  1. Thanks for posting....she is so positive...I can only imagine what she is going through.