Thursday, December 5, 2013

I thought I liked Shopping...

One of the big issues I had with the mission thing was the whole stereotype that sister missionaries had of being frumpy, plain, and boring. Because that is so not me! If you don't know me already, I love dressing cute with heels, bows and makeup. That is one of the big things that people laughed about when they heard I was going to South Korea! I am going to be not only out of my comfort zone, but I might not be able to get the make up or shampoo that I like. I definitely won't be able to bring all my cute high heels. However, with sacrifice comes the opportunity to be creative in finding ways to still be the "cute" me.
Shopping for clothes had it's ups and downs, as do a lot of things in life.The rule is that skirts/dresses have to be below your knee, but above your ankle. I'm 5'6" so finding skirts and dresses that are long enough will be tricky. Along with finding the right length, it had to be cute! Duh! Boring was not an option, so I had to do some searching.  I have been blessed to have been taught at a young age the importance of wearing modest clothes, but I still had some skirts/dresses that were borderline or just not appropritate for a mission(maxi skirts, bodycon pencil skirts, etc). As I began my search for some new outfits, I wasn't super impressed with the availability of cute, missionary appropriate, and affordable clothes. Going on a mission is voluntary; in fact, you have to pay to go! I am not in the business of spending a fortune on a whole new wardrobe. This little diagram explains what I went through.
After much searching, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I managed to break my way into the "highly unlikely" category mentioned above. Although, I must admit I did buy some modest-attractive clothes; meaning they were a bit pricey. I hope that some of the outfits I show you will give you some ideas for things to wear whether you are a sister going on a mission too, or you are just looking for some fun new modest skirts to have! All of these are going with me on my mission and I am pretty happy how my missionary wardrobe turned out.
Mika Rose is where I bought a majority of my new skirts/dresses.
I LOVE this outfit so much! I bought the cardigan and skirt. Everything else I already own.

My grey skirt is too short for me to wear with garments so I got this one to replace it.

I had like no dresses, so I couldn't resist buying some for my mission.

I didn't buy anything in this picture, but this is an outfit I plan on wearing. I own everything already!

As cute as this outfits are, this store is the "pricey" I mentioned before. So, if you think it's out of your price range that is ay-ok! You have gotta admit that they are all cute though. Right?

The next store I found clothes at is Target. I am a huge fan of Target! I dislike Walmart clothes for their cheap quality, but target clothes are great and also cheap! After buying clothes at mika rose I didn't need much more. I did need new cardigans and a coat. Target has tons of cardigans! It happened to be Thanksgiving week when I went shopping, so I got like 6 cardigans on sale! It was a great deal!
As for a coat, I ended up buying mine at Abercrombie. Korea has rain, heat, and snow. So, I was advised to buy an all season weather coat. Which is exactly what I found.
Pretty cute right? I love that it has the sherpa lining so I will stay very warm :)
Some other good places to buy a coat is at Burlington Coat Factory and Hollister Co. 
Also, Mika Rose has plain modest t-shirts. So does Downeast Basics. I got some at Downeast! Hope this helped anyone!

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