Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thrift Shop

"I'm gonna pop some tags. only got $20 in my pocket."

There's a reason I'm quoting that song and that is because I love thrifts stores here in Korea. They're amazing! Sister Chestnut was able to find a really expensive named brand coat for like $20! amazing and I got a blouse once for only $3 that I would have payed like $15 for at Target! Thrift stores not  only have some steals of awesome deals but miracles happen in them. For reals though!

This past week was super packed and we were busy, but one day we had some spare time on our way to do some less active member finding. We walked by a thrift store that Sister Chestnut tried taking me to once, but it was always closed whenever we went. But since we were in the area we tried going again. And we were so lucky, it was finally open!
As we were kind of looking at the clothing racks outside, Sister chestnut tells me about the old lady who works there. We both wanted to go in but the woman is very pushy when it comes to sales. I mean I don't blame her, if not that many people came into my store I would want whoever to come in and buy something. So Sister Chestnut warned me to not look too interested in something or else this lady would attack haha.
However, as hesitant as we were to go inside, I was really curious and wanted to and just as I stood in front of the entrance I saw a two woman maybe in their 30's with a little baby and a little girl inside. I heard the one holding the baby say to the other the word "name tag" and I gesture to where we wear our name tags. My first thought was oh great they noticed us. As soon as we walked in, the one holding the baby said to us in fluent English, "are you sisters?" and we hesitant to respond mostly unsure what to expect. And she continued, "from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" And we both were like, "yes!" just really shocked to hear the church's name in English after so long. Then we talked to her and found out that she's a member. She is from the Philippines and  moved to Korea 3 years ago when she got married to a Korean (non-member). Her whole family are members since we was about 8 or 9 years old and she is actually going to go to the Philippines this week to get her 3 month old daughter blessed by her father. She's been wanting to come to church, but her husband wasn't open to it and she just was never able to come, but she said she'll come and her husband will take her to church after they come back from the Philippines. A complete miracle!!!
After we left Sister Chestnut and I were gleaming! I'm pretty sure I was even skipping for joy. I just never thought I'd be on a mission in KOREA of all places going to a little thrift store with my former BYU roommate! Just amazing!! The Lord's hand was definitely involved. That never would have happen on our own. He lead us to her when he knew she would be there. A complete miracle!!

Also, this week we heard how Sam is doing. Sounds like he loved church and wants to bring his whole family too. Sadly, yesterday they didn't make it because he got called last minute into work which he wasn't happy about. I mean who ever is? But he told the Elders he wants to meet twice this week to make up for it. So he's doing great and seems to be really interesting in learning more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so happy for that. We were able to meet with our investigator 조민지 who is the cute little college girl who has no religious knowledge at all. Surprisingly, we witnessed another miracle. I feel so blessed to be able to witness so many in just one week. 조민지 hadn't met with us in a while so we asked her if she remembered anything we taught her about last time and she had. Her words were "yeah... a little." so cute! Turns out she even had a question she's been thinking about which was "why can't I see God?" and asked us to answer it. We were of coarse more than happy to.

We shared parts of the first lesson with her. Talked to her about Joseph Smith and how he also had a question. We tried not to get too into detail about the Restoration with her because it would be way confusing for her not having religious background, but we focused on how she too can pray to God and ask him anything she wants. We taught her how to pray and about feelings the Holy Ghost will give her when she receives an answer and here's the miracle! She said she'll try it! We were thinking she wasn't really ready right now to receive the gospel because she wasn't open to even thinking about God but now she wants to. So amazing and I'm just praying and praying she receives an answer. We did tell her it will come over time and we may not always get answers right away but God always answers and He will answer her prayers.

Only other things that happened this week were that we were blessed with another opportunity to attend the temple. I know I say this every single time, but I just really love the temple. I always look forward to it and being able to be reminded of the sacred covenants I made there. I feel as though I'm cursed though. Everyone keeps talking about the newest video but each endowment session I attend I get stuck watching the really really old version. But it's become a fav now so that's alright.
After the temple a huge group of the sisters went to Taco Bell and to get ice cream to celebrate Sister Gooch's birthday. I really hope she had a great day. Are you reading this sister Gooch??? ;) haha Love ya!<3
Our elders had to move out of their apartment so now no missionaries actually live in Gyesan. At least for now until the elders find another apartment. The contract was over for a long time, and just no one bought it and so they never were kicked out, but now someone else wanted it and they were asked to leave. So they are living with Elders in other areas of our zone. They seemed to like their new apartments though so that's cool.

Love you all so much!!
Sister Kelly

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