Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Transfer, New Beginnings

Got transfer calls Sunday morning and no surprise I will be staying in Gyesan still serving with Sister Chestnut. Which is ay okay with me, because I kind of feel special being her former BYU roommate and now I'll be her last companion. I want her to be able to enjoy her last transfer and hopefully see some more miracles together. If there's any gift I could give her it would be that she could experience one of our investigators getting baptized. What a great going away gift that would be huh? Well, just my luck! This past week we picked up 2 new investigators. One in particular has so much potential if the Lord sees us worthy enough we might just be luckily enough to help her get baptized. What a miracle that would be! :D
We met 강미정 (english name Crystal) while flyering for English class last Tuesday. She showed lots of interest in not only learning more English but also about God. She asked Sister Chestnut if she believes in God and commented that she just doesn't know, BUT she wants to know. Sister Chestnut later told me that she had felt the spirit as she talked to Crystal and it was just natural and not awkward one bit! Amazing! We called her up and made an appointment with her and met with her on Thursday. She's so great! We're actually already Facebook friends haha. So do me a favor and add her as my friend will ya?? Thanks! She has zero religious background, so she has lots of questions about the nature of God and Jesus Christ. For our first lesson we gave her a brief outline of the history of church by drawing on the chalkboard starting with Jesus Christ and talking about the time period after his death to the restoration. She accepted everything we taught her and even read the whole Restoration pamphlet we asked her to read. In our 2nd lesson, we planned to talk about prophets and God's pattern of calling prophets eventually leading up to calling a new prophet in these latter days, but she has questions about God and His plan for us so we felt it was more important for us to teach her about that and later she'll be able to understand the other stuff. She willingly accepted the Book of Mormon and we asked her to read a pamphlet called "Who is God?" and commit her to study the Bible and Book of Mormon verses that it cites in the back. We also invited her to church. To my surprise she was more than willing to come, except she ended up not being able to because her dad came home from work and they ate breakfast as a family and she got sick as well :( But she plans to meet us again and is coming to our English class on Fridays so all is well! I'll be looking forward to telling you all how she is progressing.
At English class we had a really fun time. Each week more and more people our coming to our class its so great! We probably had about 30 this week. Advanced class was the biggest I've ever seen it. We had 2 ward members there and Sam, Scott, and Erika came again. Sam is doing great. He has a baptismal date for March 22nd!! Amazing!!! Our district is seeing so much success! So keep him in your prayers for us. I'm also hoping that Crystal will be ready by then and could potentially be baptized March 22nd as well. I'm praying for it!
Scott also told some funny jokes and made class really fun. So it was great time. One joke I wanted to share with all of you  but it might not work through email. Let's try it though
Goes like this:"How do you say M-A-C  D-O-N-A-L-D ?" "and how about M-A-C  A-R-T-H-U-R" And lastly how do you say "M-A-C  H-I-N-E?"
Well if the joke worked you should have just said Mchine but it's machine ya dummy! But it probably didn't work. It worked on me though haha
Anyways, I hope you all had a fantastic week. I love you all so much and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be serving a mission. It's a hard experience, but it's sooo wonderful and I'm so happy! :D
Sister Kelly

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