Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey There From Gyesan!

Hey everyone!! I was super excited to email you all today :)
On Monday I was able to see my favorite person 김솔휘. She is the Less-active that Sister Jeong and I visited and she came back to church and it was this complete miracle. She had applied for an internship that she got thankfully, but ever since she learned she got it she got really busy preparing for it so we hadn't seen her since. We occasionally talked to her through texting but nothing big.
Because I found out I was leaving Ansan though, I called her and told her I wanted to see her, and it turned out that she was going to leave to America for her internship that following week so she was more than willing to meet with us.
She's still amazing as ever. Sister Carter and I met her at a cafe and just chatted. We are all officially facebook and instagram friends haha. What's even more amazing though is that where 김솔휘will be living is about 15 minutes away from where Sister Carter's home in Washington, D.C. So awesome! So introducing her to Sister Carter was crucial! We told her how Sister Carter's sister is the same age and how they can go to dance class together and possibly church too! AND Sister Carter goes home in April and 김솔휘's internship isn't over until August so Sister Carter plans on getting her to go to church in America.
I am just so grateful for how things are working out with her. I'm sad I won't see her ever again, but I hope that through Sister Carter and her family that 김솔휘 will stay active and at least have some friends in America for the time that she is there. She really is amazing!

So that was Monday... On Wednesday we had transfers at 10am so that was fun and exciting to finally leave Ansan. I think I was getting a little area trunky. Gyesan is great though! We don't live in our area which is the only thing that's rough. We are hardly ever home because it takes an hour or so by foot and it will get expensive if we  come home and back to our area a lot by bus.

So, we do LOTS and LOTS of walking and we also never eat at home. We try to but it's just hard with our schedule and living far away so we will spend our money eating out quite a bit. Thankfully Korean food isn't too expensive if you go to the right places. Sister Chestnut and I get along great, no surprise there. It's kind of hard not calling her Sarah though and it's weird cause we already know each other. So, we've talked about people we both know back home a lot. It's just funny. I think we will work well together though so that's great.

We have 2 investigators and a couple potential investigators. I've met with the two investigators already and both will require a lot of work helping them progress. One is catholic of about 3 years. Her English name is Esther and she is in her 40's I believe. I think she is open to listening to our gospel part of the lessons and could potentially receive baptism but she is really concerned about other people's opinions. At first she was just English interest but she told us know she is more open to learning more about the gospel from us. She even invited us over to her house(which she never wanted to do before) and she introduced us to her English class friends and we did pottery together which was way fun. I never knew pottery was so cool. I made a coffee mug! :D I'm not sure who is paying for it though... we'll see about that.. maybe she will for us?? or it was free?? Not sure yet. haha but it was a cool experience. She's definitely progressing. REALLY slowly but it's progression so we're happy. Catholics are really hard to convert I've heard though.

As for the other investigator, she is a 20 year old super cute short girl. LOVE HER! She is going to an all girls college in our area so we meet her at a cafe. She has absolutely NO religion background so she's the opposite of our other investigator. She doesn't know anything about God or Jesus Christ..So it's been difficult to teach her to her needs. Sister Chestnut and I met with her last Thursday and tried to teach her really simply about the Plan of Salvation, but turns out it wasn't simple enough. She just hasn't ever thought about religion or God before. I asked her about what she thinks the purpose of this life is and she just never even thought about it and just doesn't know. So it'll be a challenge to teach her. I'm really excited to teach her though. She's super sweet and willing to learn about God, but she has no knowledge so we have to help her learn because I'm sure right now it all seems weird to her. haha.

Friday was our English class and it is so great here in Gyesan! They have regulars that come and enough people to actually have all the separate levels so it was great. Sister Chestnut and I teach the advanced class and those students are funny. We ended up talking about terrorists and gay people. Don't remember how, but it's what they wanted to talk about. I'm excited to see what next weeks class will be like.

Gyesan ward is a nice building. There's about 50-60 members who came on Sunday so it was bigger than Ansan and maybe a little more than Anyang. The ward members were super nice to me. They all really seemed to like my name too, "Kelly" from CALI-fornia. The Koreans seem to like that about for some reason haha. I guess it's kind of cute. The elders are great and we seem like we'll be able to work well together and get along so I'm happy about that. Tomorrow is our Zone Conference so I'm excited about that. I love whenever we have training :)
That's about all for now. Sorry my thoughts are all over the place. Love you all!
Sister Kelly

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