Sunday, January 25, 2015

A So-So Week Still Has It's Blessings

Well this week was rather unmotivating. However, we did just pick up a new investigator. So, there's potential there, but all our others dropped us this past week. It's not really an official goodbye but they canceled and just don't seem like meeting with us is their first priority. We also visited our potential investigator and finally someone answered the door. We learned she doesn't live at that address and that was that. I really regret that I didn't tell the girl who answered who we are though. Maybe there was a reason we felt like we should go to that apartment turned out not to be for the potential we thought, but if I had just introduced who we are maybe that girl would have interest. She answered the door and I asked if 김미선 lives there but she said no. Then we were all disappointed and just said never mind and she closed the door we turned to go on the elevator. It wasn't until  after she closed the door that I realized that we should have just talked to her even though she wasn't who we were looking for. It was too late and just way awkward to knock on the door again so I just gave up, but I really regret that and don't want to let another opportunity like that pass ever again.
Our investigators like I said canceled on us for every appointment this week that we had planned so we did some calls and asked some members if we could meet with them and thankfully some said yes. We met with Sister Lee (이선희) who is an older sister of Sister Lee (이금희) from Ansan ward. So that was really cool when I learned that. I love 이금희 so it was really easy to love her sister as well. When we planned for our lesson with her I felt like teaching her the personal conversion lesson that I once emailed you about would be a good idea. I shared that idea with Sister chestnut and it was a go. Ended up being a really really great lesson with her. I learned about her because it was the first time I had to actually get to know her one on one and she ended up sharing her experience of when she became a member of the church when she was younger. She at first didn't want to but when her family was praying with the missionaries she saw a good light or figure around one of the elders and she just knew that a humble person couldn't lie and that what they were teaching was true. She was brought to tears, almost even making me cry as she shared her story and it lead perfectly into the lesson that we planned. She is such an amazing person and has such strong faith and I think that she really needed to have the lesson with us that day. We closed our lesson by singing Lead kindly light and she commented on how she felt the spirit and such a peaceful warm feeling in her heart. She seemed really grateful meeting with us that day. She even offered to meet weekly with us! So awesome!
I didn't really notice how the strong the spirit was in the room until she left it. I guess as missionaries we are blessed with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and are living in such a way that we can feel it all the time, so unless it's really strong we don't really notice it anymore, but after she left Sister Chestnut and I felt it overwhelm us and it was just a great amazing feel. I was smiling the rest of the day for sure! :D
The other plans that we had with members got canceled last minute but we were also able to visit former investigators (a mother and daughter) and they finally answered the door and we got to chat with them. I really get annoyed when less active members say that they will go to church when we visit them because we don't care much about that. I mean yeah that's part of why we are visiting them, but we really just want to talk to them and help them in other ways than just reminding them to come back to church. So when we visited her we gave her some brownies that we made and she said she knows she needs to go to the church.. and we tried to not make it be that way and show that's not all we care about, so when she invited us in we just chatted about completely random things. It was relaxed and we didn't even share a message, but we did leave them by praying with them so we at least built a better relationship with them and brought some of the spirit into their lives that day. Hopefully when we contact them again they'll be more likely to answer.
I feel like Korea is kind of in the middle of the pride cycle and my job is just preparing the people for later when they will be ready to receive the gospel.Which is totally ok, but I just hope there's more than just that. And I really don't want my mission to be for me. That's selfish and I already have a testimony..I just really want to help other people not myself and because it's hard to find people, the ward wants us to work a ton with finding less actives so my companion and I are trying our best to start doing that, but it's just so tiring. I work out and stuff but I just feel exhausted and sore every single day by the end of the night. So, right now I'm just trying to make it day by day, working hard and hopefully see some success. Even though this week had it's really bad stats for lessons we were still able to have some miracles happen which I'm really grateful for. Hopefully as we start working with more less actives that we will be able to witness more miracles!
Sister Kelly

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