Tuesday, February 18, 2014

7 days left

I spoke this past sunday in the young single adult Chaffey branch. I was so nervous and my papers all got out of order so my talk didn't go how I would have liked. I'm hoping and praying my "real" farewell talk will be a whole lot better. Also, I really hope I can bring the spirit. It's really important that I do. Chaffey branch talk I didn't feel the spirit at all and I feel embarrassed that my talk was kinda bleh and not very spiritual. I don't know.. maybe I just think to much.

This has and will be the hardest week for me. It's barely Tuesday and I still feel time rushing on by. I hate goodbyes, especially to people I love.
On sunday I went to my last ysa fireside for a while. It was good. I got to hang out with two great friends who I'll miss a lot. It wasn't till I got home that night that I realized this week is going to be hard. There's a certain few people I'm going to have a tough time saying goodbye to. I mean I know it's more like a "see you later" kind of thing, but there's a chance they may not write me very much while I'm away or they may move on and just forget all about me. It's just sad to think about what if.

I haven't packed anything in my room. My room is a complete mess! Clean clothes all over the floor and books and stuff. Just a huge mess! Which is one reason I'm so hesitant to pack, but the main reason is because I'm not ready. I mean I know I am but I don't want to go and pack because that means I'm really leaving. It's sad and really scary. It's different packing and moving away to college; this is me going on a mission. I can't call my mom whenever I want to. I guess I could write her a letter but I can't just text or call people when I miss them.

I'm trying my best to make this week a good and memorable one. I want to have the chance to hang out with everyone I care about. Some I wish I had more time with, but I can't cause I need time with everyone. It's tough :( but I'm taking it one day- hopefully a slow day- at a time.
Geez! Today is already half over! I was watching The Bachelor this morning and then when I watched next week's previews I realized I won't be able to watch it because it's the night I'm getting set apart as a missionary. Big bummer. I know tv is not that very important, but it made me sad and kinda frustrated actually haha because I really want to watch the dates the hometown dates where he gets to meet the families. It looked like there would be a ton of drama too! UGh! I gotta get over it.
I think I'm done getting all I need to, all that's left to do is write a better talk and pack it all up.

eek! 7 days!

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