Tuesday, January 28, 2014

VISA Smeesha!

Why is it that every single place I've gone to doesn't have the right measurements for the visa that I need? My mom and I went to a couple places and everywhere that has passport pictures they only offer 2x2 inches. No wonder some missionaries are waiting for the visa so long! It takes forever just to find a place that you can get it taken. I have to send them to the MTC Travel office  by my dad's birthday Feb. 7th. I'm hoping and praying that we figure out something soon. I don't want my mission being delayed. Cross your fingers for me!

Also, we went shopping today for all my necessities like medcine, shampoo, etc. Spent about $300! Crazy!! Just know that it was so expensive because I'll be in Korea for 18 months. I need to buy everything in bulk (deoderant for example) that I won't find as easily while there. I can't believe I have 29 days left!!

I will be speaking twice for my farewell. One a week before in the singles branch and then in my homeward the week I leave. To be honest I wish I was only speaking only in my homeward. It seems a lot more special to me that way, but it's okay. I'm just thinking of the singles branch farewell as a practice for the real thing the following week. My mom keeps telling me about all my old teachers that she's invited to the open house we're gonna have. My response is well that's great I'm happy, but what really matters more to me is that my family and close friends are there. I know not all my aunts, uncles, and cousins can make it. They all don't live around here, but it would be great to have them there if they could.
Gosh! 29 days!! Soon to be 28! I'm anxious and excited, but at the same time very very nervous. I don't feel prepared one bit. I'm sure a lot of missionaries start off that way though.
Oh well! I'll keep you all updated about the visa!

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