Saturday, March 29, 2014

MTC Week 4

So, this week seriously week by so fast. I seriously feel like it was just P-Day and now it's here again. I guess that's a good thing though. Can you believe I've been on my mission for a month now? It was a month yesterday. So weird! I realized that and was just blown away because the days go by slow, but the weeks just fly on by. I guess that's just because my whole day is planned out so I'm busy almost every hour of the day. Not much really happened. I've had a lot of stupidity "blonde moments" unfortunately. I always knew I was dumb but not this dumb. The other day it was sunny and we were all sick of our classroom so we sat outside our classroom which is just by the entrance of the MTC. While out there we noticed some ducks and I was like,"how did they even get here?" And then we started to mess with the ducks and try getting as close as we could to them. Then here comes my stupid moment... they fly away and I said the stupidest thing ever, "I didn't know ducks could fly!" I'm so dumb!! haahah I mixed them up with penguins. The whole time I was wondering why they were there was me thinking they were penguins but really they were ducks. Dumb right?? Yeah... totally.
On Sunday, I got called on to speak. IN KOREAN!! On Saturday I had a prompting/feeling that I would get called on so I made sure to prepare a better talk than usual where it's just simple. So when I got called on I turned to my companion and was like, "I told you! I knew it!" It wasn't too bad. Very very short. It had to be on repentance so I just said a few things about that. Read a scripture in English and then just bore a short testimony in Korean. I was pretty glad I was prepared. We got 9 natives again. They are pretty intimidating because I still feel like I hardly know that much to hold a conversation so when they try talking to us it makes me nervous. Luckily, they kinda understand English. One Elder is hilarious! He says he hates children, but loves babies and the youth haha. Oh and his favorite color is pink, but he isn't gay. He even flat out said that haha it was hilarious with how honest he is. It's also funny to see he has a pink camera and water bottle. He even shared some pink M&Ms with all of us. The native sister missionaries are way nice and funny too. As I was brushing my teeth last night I watched in the mirror as I saw one of them was trying to figure out how to get the paper towel out of the thing. It was one of the motion ones where you wave your hand and it will come out. So she is like feeling the sides looking around at it. Then as she did that she motioned in front of it without knowing and it came out and she jumped cause it scared her. It was pretty funny to watch.
Yesterday I had my first opportunity to host new missionaries coming in to the MTC. It started raining on us and was cold, but it was a fun experience be a host. I got the chance to help two sister missionaries. One was way shy, but seemed super nice. I could tell she was nervous, so I tried my best to make her feel okay and help her know where to go. The other sister was so friendly and way cute. She brought 4 HUGE SUITCASES! I'm not even kidding! I only brought 2 suitcases and I thought I had a lot of stuff! But 4!! Wow! So, I probably should repent because I was kinda judging her a little, but she really was nice. She just brought way more than she needs but whatever. If she wants it she can pay for the extra ones I guess. At dinner we had this random "mtc guest" sitting with us. Just asking us about what we do all day in the MTC, and why we decided to serve missions and what things are we sacrificing. She said she wasn't a member and she sure didn't seem like it. We all ended up writing our emails done and saying we could meet with her on Friday to talk to her. It was so great! I really felt like a missionary. At least that was until we went and told our teacher Sister Allen about it and she said it sounds similar to the same person her last students told her.. So, this lady must be a really good actress! :( UGH! made me frustrated that the MTC does that. I want to really teach a real investigator and just stop role playing! I'm done with role playing! I want the real thing. She may not be acting though, we'll know for sure once we meet with her. I'm really hoping she isn't a member, and we can help her, but at the same time she might be.. we'll see.
This morning was a fun experience too. Every P-Day we have the chance to do a session at the temple, which I love. Today was well still rainy though. Because I'm on main campus though don't give us a bus ride over to the temple so while walking it started pouring rain on us... then it started to hail a little. So we were running like idiots trying to get there as fast as we could. My companion even lost her name tag in the process. It like fell off I guess. lol
By the time we got inside the temple my companions hair was drenched and my coat was soaked haha. After the temple, on our way back down to the MTC we tried looking for my companion's name tag, but no luck. We said a prayer hoping they would let her get back into the MTC and to find it. So, we were able to get in and then we went and printed our emails and we met the other two sisters in our district and they had her name tag! So prayer works. Just saying haha.
Last story of something that happened is that since I've been here a month they had us do a language study assessment. We take it on the computer and we get asked questions and scenarios and we have to talk into the microphone in Korean as it records us. It was super-dooper hard! Man! I am so thankful for the spirit in my lessons and for the PMG because honestly just being asked to say something off the top of my head is hard. I feel like I know nothing!! Everything I know requires me to practice it or just write it and read it. It's hard to form sentences only in my head. One day I'll get it though... just hopefully sooner than later.

That's all for now, I will answer questions and stuff in my hand written letters. LOVE YOU!!!

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