Monday, November 18, 2013

Serving with heart and "Seoul"

It's crazy that I got called to Korea! Deep down I knew the Lord would call me to a place so out of my comfort zone! I mean the Lord does have a sense of humor right? haha I had been praying to go certain places and not go somewhere I won't like. But nope, the Lord knows me better than I know myself and He is sending me to a place where I will be challenged more than I'd like. I will be honest. I was pretty disappointed when the words Korea Seoul South Mission ran out of my mouth when I opened my call in front of my friends and family. That's one of the last places I ever wanted to be called to go. If you've read my post the day I got my letter I even mentioned I didn't want to go to Korea! But after praying about it and going to church yesterday, I know the Lord called me there for a reason. It's just great and amazing how the Lord knows me. The lesson in relief society on Sunday was about doing good unto others. I felt the love of my Savior as I was reminded that I was called to serve the people of Korea for a reason. I love the Lord more than anything. It is the first and great commandment to love the Lord with everything we are and have. To me that means sacrificing. It's very scary. I am a very picky eater. I hardly know anything about Korea. I'm a girly girl and I like having my essential girl type things like makeup and cute clothes. I'm not saying I can't have that while in Korea. I just know I will be out of my comfort zone and the only way I can get through it is by having faith that the Lord will watch over me. He will help me get through it. I must give all I have to Him. Face my fears for Him. He atoned for me and so I know He knows my thoughts and my feelings. He is the only person I can rely on to help me live in Korea for 18 months.
When I came to this realization I knew I could do it. My college roommate/best friend Sarah also had told me that she knows this will be so worth it. The feeling of accomplishment I will feel after serving the Lord in Korea will show to myself my potential. She reminded me of something said in my patriarchal blessing and I know more than ever that I want to go to Korea now. As scary as it is, I know I can do it. I'm going to KOREA guys!! :D

P.S. As I was doing research about South Korea I realized I know two people serving their own missions there right now. One is a sister missionary Sister Chestnut. She and I were college roommates at BYU. I can't wait to one day see her again. It's a relief to know there is someone there I will recognize and know well enough. It'll help me feel a little better I think. Also, the second missionary is Elder Champion. He and I went to EFY Santa Barbara together. He may not even remember me, but we're still facebook friends haha. So if I see him while there that'll be very cool!
My friend Amber and I at church. I love how cute we both look!

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